Written by Bob Hummer
Work of Bob Hummer
17 pages (Spiralbound), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
8 entries
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Martin Gardner Introduction
Bob Hummer The Four G Men card is divined, name of cards printed on four cards, with newspaper black art
Also published here 3
Bob Hummer The Card on the Window Pane card through window
Related toAlso published here 5
Bob Hummer Clubs/Spades Gaff used to make a card vanish
Bob Hummer Double Thought two cards are located, edge marked deck with razor blade
Also published here 7
Bob Hummer A Rare Coin Stunt coin in closed fist, other hand on top, quick upward motion and coin lies on top of fist
VariationsAlso published here 11
Bob Hummer A Possible Impossibility deck under handkerchief, packet cut and shuffled, bottom card remembered and packet replaced on deck, card is located, nail edge mark of entire deck
Also published here 12
Bob Hummer Imagination spectator throws invisible die and deals deck in that amount of packets, back of performed turned divines amount of packets
Also published here 14
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