Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
248 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
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Steve Beam Introduction
Tony Cachadiña Elusive Riser cards are pivoted from behind the deck and taken away, selection moves away and is apparently harder to grab
Steve Beam How to Read This Book
Steve Beam The Queen Doesn't Know Jack spelling multiple words to find selection, humorous presentation
Inspired byAlso published here 15
Mick Ayres Subliminal Message words on white board are erased, some letters remain and form name of selection
Inspired byRelated to 17
Mick Ayres Cue-Cards words on whiteboard are erased, some letters remain and form other message, humorous routine
Inspired by 18
Alex Gutierrez The Great Spellini named is found in a small packet by spelling characteristics of the card
Inspired by
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, New Invocation #43, Feb. 1988)
Alex Gutierrez, Brother John Hamman The Rolling Control Variation as a force
Inspired by 20
Allan Slaight Cards and Letters cards used to spell a name, three predictions, duplicates
Also published here 21
Marty Kane Spelling Bee Round only thirteen cards used, three phases
Inspired byRelated to 24
Marty Kane Practical Joker characteristics of cards are spelled, sucker element
Inspired by 26
Steve Beam Your Secret Number using the two packet principle, with variations
  • Impossible - Single Selection
  • Doubly Impossible - Two Selections
  • The Not-So-Secret Number
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Digging Deeper two selections, silently spelled and spectator think stop
Inspired by
  • Paul Hallas' "Magic" in "Son of Totat"
Steve Beam Even Deeper two selections, silently spelled and spectator think stop
Steve Beam Journey to the Center impromptu version of Digging Deeper
Scott Robinson Choice Cut to force two cards
Steve Beam Turning Heads on effects using the characteristics of the spade court cards looking into the other direction than the rest
Marty Kane Getting It Right spectator deals eight court cards in two piles, picks up one pile and deals it in two again, until one card remains, it is the only court card looking into the other direction
Steve Beam Disoriented slop shuffle triumph with court cards, selection also is the only card looking into the other direction
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Steve Beam Twisting the Faces ending for Twisting the Aces done with court cards, one court card looks into other direction
Also published here 46
Steve Beam Court Case court cards are dealt in three piles, one is selected and apparently heads of the four cards turn into other direction
Steve Beam Mirror Mirror chosen Queen is placed above mirror, the reflection remains on the card and it is the only Queen looking into the other direction
Alex Elmsley Mechanic's Grip Elmsley Count
Steve Beam The Force forcing one of four cards, named number
Steve Beam Turning Heads chosen Queen suddenly looks into other direction, credit information
Also published here 52
Steve Beam Pure Math chapter intro
Reinhard Müller Mixed Cards and Feelings sixteen cards are cut into two piles and spectator turns the same amount of cards over in each pile, performer takes cards behind back, turns some cards over and tells how many cards are reversed
Related toVariations 58
Reinhard Müller Feeling the Same court cards and a Joker are shuffled, a four of a kind is chosen and cards put in spectator's pocket, a pile is handed to the performer and he is able to announce how many of chosen quartet are in that pile and if the Joker is there as well
Inspired by
  • Tom Craven's "Selected Suit Divination" in Tony Miller's "Channel One" Vol. 3, #10. 2003
Related to
Steve Beam Predecktion spectators get seven cards each and turn some over, cards are shuffled and turned, number of reversed cards match prediction
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 60
Tom Craven Selected Suit Divination suit chosen, cards put in pockets of spectator and on packet handed to performer who is then able to announce how many cards of named suit are inside the pile
Related to 63
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Noah's Ark (Two By Two) two piles of fifteen cards, two selection are found by using an elimination deal
Related to 64
Allan Slaight Perfected Strangers mathematical monte, with Jacks and a Joker, eliminated cards can always be named
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 65
Rajneesh Madhok Strangers in the Dark using four cards and the card case, cards are named while being removed
Inspired by 68
Steve Beam Candy From Strangers instruction game using candies, with seven objects
Inspired by 69
Steve Beam Card Manipulator and Babe Magnet humorous article
Tom Craven Raising Baby Hummer selection is reversed, variation with odd-colored back
  • Off-Color Baby Hummer
Inspired by
  • Charles Hudson's "Baby Hummer" in "The Linking Ring" December, 1967.
Steve Beam The Ways of the World chapter intro, on Out of this World
Steve Beam All is the Right with World clean up for Out of this World
Steve Beam World Series Fan clean up for Out of this World
Steve Beam World Class Joker one card is removed and stapled to the body, turns out to be the Joker
Steve Beam Gravity Versus Resistance card switch inside pocket
Boris Wild Out of this Deck performer removes card and spectator knows if they are red or black
Lewis Jones Rack and Bled second phase with updated handling from the routine in Ahead of the Pack
Related toAlso published here 90
Steve Beam World Piece
Also published here 92
Steve Beam Worldly Processions
Steve Beam Countdown Simulator ten cards of a suit are removed after shuffling the cards, spectator can decide if cards are put down or switched, then cards are in order and last card is selection
Related to 97
Paul Curry Swindle Switch
Mick Ayres Rescue 2000 number divination
Inspired by 100
Steve Beam Mating Season VI multiple phase matching routine, as a climax all cards match
Steve Beam Bon Voyage group of cards shown to be mixed, then later all paired up by mates
Related toVariationsAlso published here 107
Steve Beam Educational Supplement - Dealing with the Crimpers humorous article
Steve Beam Cartomagia chapter intro, magic of Spain
Rafael Benatar Royal Liaisons
Inspired by 114
Larry Jennings Rhythm Count
Rafael Benatar Spring Insertion placing card in the center at known position, apparently haphazardly
Jesús Etcheverry Prediction Bilbo's Version prediction of a card, card is formed with dealing cut off heaps, using the Matsuyama principle
Juan Esteban Varela This Might Be The Night single card prediction, thought of number is counted, flexible method
Inspired byVariations 123
Juan Esteban Varela This Might Be The Night II single card prediction, thought of number is counted, flexible method
Inspired by 126
Doug Canning I'm Okay, You're Ok single card prediction, thought of number is counted and word spelled, flexible method
Inspired by 127
César Fernández Spectator Plays Magician selection found in deck shuffled by spectator, returns to stack, interlocking chains
Related to 128
Juan Tamariz Deflation red deck is placed on blue deck, then the decks are squeezed together ending up as one deck
Martin Gardner, Jerry Andrus Airing the Deck
Steve Beam Comparing Yourself to Copperfield - A Morale-Raising Analysis humorous article
Steve Beam Lewis Jones chapter intro on Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones KHAN I performer can name card at chosen position, pseudo memory
Lewis Jones KHAN II prediction of a card at chosen number
Lewis Jones KHAN III helper only has to remember two cards
Lewis Jones The Director's Cut cutting named number from deck
Inspired by
  • James McKnight's "Fast Counting the Cards" in Joe Berg's "The Berg Book"
Lewis Jones Blindsight spectator covers eyes of performer, cards are selected from deck and performer is able to name them
Lewis Jones Yes Men five people either lie or tell the truth, one has a watch hidden, spectator finds watch by asking questions, liar's paradox
Lewis Jones Anything Goes spectator selects a card by using his birthdate, questions are asked and performer locates card
Lewis Jones Value for Money betting game trick, dealing through cards and naming values in a row, every hit costs a dollar, spectator has some hits and performer has none
Inspired by
  • Tom Bowyer's "The Frequent Miracle" in "The Sphinx" Vol. 39, Nr. 3. P. 67. 1940.
Lewis Jones In Control two packets of five cards, word is spelled and spectator can chose where to transfer cards, cards always match
Inspired byRelated to 152
Lewis Jones The Wheel of Fortune selection is found using a watch, using Bob King's idea of comparing the differences of performer's and spectator's watches
Lewis Jones, Don Wyatt Through the Looking Glass chosen card turns out to be only reversed card on a picture with a deck spread face up
Inspired by 156
Ronald J. Dayton Crescent City Rooftops folded card is placed on second folded card to form a house, top and bottom card transpose
Martin Cox King of Warped off-beat method, one card also penetrates other
Also published here
  • "King of Warped" in Martin Cox's "H.R. Pub & Stuff" 1999.
Scott Robinson The Willies card vanishes and reappears when pushed perpendicular through two cards, visual
Inspired by 169
Scott Robinson Willie's Sub Sandwich card pushed through Kings vanishes and appears in pocket, when repeated Kings are found inside pocket
Steve Beam Important Dates in the History of Card Magic Part 1 humorous article
Max Maven Mirasqueal
Tony Griffith Premonition in Reverse either 51 cards or 53, selected card is found twice in the deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • "Premonition in Reverse" in "The Gen" September, 1959. P. 124.
Doug Canning Joint Banking card in pocket
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 183
Scott Robinson Choice Cut value added to amount of cut cards, total is predicted
Inspired by 185
Scott Robinson Choice Cut Force with two cards
Inspired byVariations 187
George Jones See Through Prediction prediction on paper, placed in glass
Boris Wild Double Personality a card is reversed in the deck and matches reversed card in second deck
Steve Beam Unbelievable humorous prediction of five chosen cards, with a photograph
Also published here 190
Steve Beam Proctologist Switch variation of Vernon's Strip-Out Addition
Also published here 191
Steve Beam Log Roll Switch variation of Vernon's Strip-Out Addition
Also published here 193
Steve Beam Unmarked Cards spectator selects five cards from deck, those are the only normal cards, rest are double backers
Also published here 194
Steve Beam So, Beverly - How Would you like to Proofread Volume IV humorous article
Steve Beam Woody Aragon chapter intro
Woody Aragón Si Senór setting up deck from New Deck Order to Si Stebbins, while locating selection
Woody Aragón Si Fry performer ascertains a packet of cards chosen by spectator
Also published here 201
Woody Aragón In-ESP-Licable using ESP cards, all ESP cards with same symbols come together and deck is sorted as climax
Woody Aragón The Man with Three Hands spectators get same hands again and performer has a royal flush
Woody Aragón Omega Equals Alpha number of cut of packet is used to remember a card, tantalizer deal
Woody Aragón Australian Poker placing a bill inside some cards, down under deal with three people and performer ends up with bill
Related toVariations 207
Woody Aragón All Winners alternative ending for Australian Poker, all end with Royal Flushes
Steve Beam A Few Reasons Why Magicians Prefer Cards over Women humorous article
Ken Krenzel Finesse on the Killer Count handing cards to the spectator
Inspired by 213
Bernard Weller Color Injection card is turned over in packet, matching pairs win
Inspired by 213
Necktie Glide
Steve Beam Fish Stew thought-of cards are divined, three phases
Inspired byAlso published here 216
Steve Beam Shiftless aces apparently lost in the deck end up on top, four piles, way of taking cards together
Also published here 221
Steve Beam Downright Shiftless two-handed variations of Shiftless
  • In Unison
  • Expedited Aces
  • Lost in Space
Bob Swadling Si's Secret observation of the Si Stebbin
Bébel Cross-Cut Shredder cut force, in the hands of the spectator
Marvin Leventhal The Suction Cut using incomplete faro
Steve Beam Northern Ireland Shuffle variation on the Ireland Red/Black Overhand Shuffle, minimising single card run
Variations 229
Steve Beam The Transparent Index pocket index for small amount of cards, using poker and bridge cards
Steve Beam The Invisible Index ungaffed pocket index, packet
  • Face-In or Face-Out
  • Filling the Bank
Also published here 232
Steve Beam "Thanksgiven"
Steve Beam Routine Builder
Steve Beam Errata
Related to 245
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