Written by Eric Mead
Work of Eric Mead
22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Eric Mead A Proper Introduction "First Impressions"
Also published here 5
Eric Mead Tie One On performer's tie hidden, one chosen from several matches
Also published here 7
Eric Mead Transitions
Also published here 9
Eric Mead When Children Walk With Canes presentation for appearing cane with picture cards
Also published here 11
Eric Mead 52 on 1 to One fifty-two on one gag, then named card is actually predicted
Also published here 13
Eric Mead Say Anything
Also published here 15
Eric Mead Puddle Jumper three packets, staged with glasses
Inspired by
  • Ace Goram's "Cards Across"
Also published here
Francis Carlyle Walking Finger Count
Tony Kardyro, Elmer Biddle Kardyro-Biddle Steal
Eric Mead, Ernest Earick Rotary Reverse Handling
Karl Germain The Flash Card Change
Eric Mead The Desired Effect essay on purpose and intention
Also published here 21
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