Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Peter Duffie
16 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
No illustrations
Language: English
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Peter Duffie Welcome to Open Secrets
Peter Duffie Psychographicalisationalism unknown card between spectator's hands, signed card lost, two blank cards are also inserted between hands, unknown card is shown to be signed selection
Peter Duffie Directorial
Peter Duffie Dustinct chalk mark from between two coins to spectator's palm
Peter Duffie Oversiter two eight-card packets, two cards travel across, Biddle counts
Peter Duffie Flouncing Kings in pocket, Aces in hand, first one King transposes with an Ace, then the others at once
Peter Duffie Hilarry card from one half to sandwich cards in tabled half, Visitor adaption
Peter Duffie Sametric two wrong cards end up sandwiching the reversed selection
Peter Duffie Swatta card chosen and removed, Aces cut to one by one and vanished again, they end up collecting the other three mates of chosen card
Inspired by 12
Peter Duffie Jaxaphonic four Jacks turn over in the deck at once and sandwich selection
Inspired by 13
Peter Duffie Habitutonic predicting with two cards for suit and value
Inspired by 14
Peter Duffie Prodection "Bonus Item!", card named and removed, wrong gag prediction removed from pocket, turned over and the card is written on back of prediction
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