Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

53 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Gordon M. Howatt.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Author's Remarks 2
Russell T. Barnhart Barnhardt's Fan Steal right hand classic palmRelated toVariations 3
Ron Johnson Johnson's False Cut one-handed on tableVariations 3
Bill Gusias Gusias' Fancy Lift push off method with forefinger count 4
Edward Marlo Marlo's Two Card Throw from deckRelated to 5
Edward Marlo Middle Finger Count 5
Edward Marlo Push-Off 5
Edward Marlo The "S" Shaped Turn Over multiple lift for ca. five cards, S-crimp 6
Edward Marlo Push-in Ace Control bevelRelated to 7
Edward Marlo Imperfection Force under-the-spread forceAlso published here 8
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Spread Cull of single card 9
Edward Marlo Best Two Card Pushoff thumb at edge of top sideRelated to 9
Edward Marlo Marlo's Gambling Routine no set-up, faro shuffle
- Poker-Rummy-Pinochle
- Black Jack
- The Sucker Hand
- Bridge Honors
Edward Marlo In-the-Hands Packet Weave small packets, fanned 11
Edward Marlo Marlo's Miracle Routine: Cards By Weight multiple phases, ace-king set-up, faroRelated to 13
Edward Marlo Miracle Location part of "Marlo's Miracle Routine"Related to 14
Edward Marlo The Prediction performer knows card at named number, partial stack, part of "Marlo's Miracle Routine" 15
Edward Marlo A Straight Flush part of "Marlo's Miracle Routine" 16
Edward Marlo Perfect Bridge Hand part of "Marlo's Miracle Routine" 16
Edward Marlo The Rummy Game part of "Marlo's Miracle Routine" 16
Edward Marlo Faro Aces aces placed thirteen cards apart, brought back together via faro shuffle 16
Edward Marlo Just Imagine deck shuffled, number named by spectator, card predicted, effect description, solution on page 19 17
Edward Marlo The Punch Deal bridge deal application 18
Edward Marlo Marlo's Miracle Prediction deck shuffled, number named by spectator, card predicted, punch dealRelated toVariations 19
Edward Marlo Poker Prediction outcome after shuffled deck predicted, punch deal 20
Edward Marlo The Perfect Stack without adjustment, three aces are dealt to a player for two to eight players, punch deal 21
Edward Marlo The Three Packets performer announces how many aces & kings are in a certain pile, punch deal 22
Edward Marlo The Blind Fold Stack punched cards as safety measureVariations 23
Edward Marlo Super Memory presentation for royal flush punch deal 23
Edward Marlo Super Reading apparently magician can read marks extremely fast, punch deal 24
Edward Marlo Putting in the Work putting punch work in cards 25
Edward Marlo For Cheaters Only punch deal 26
Edward Marlo Pseudo Stacking combining riffle stacking and second deal 26
Edward Marlo The Sucker's Stack combining riffle stacking and second deal 27
Edward Marlo Impossible to Follow crimp 27
Edward Marlo Side Crimp 27
Edward Marlo Under the Table crimp 28
Unknown Deck Crimp 28
Edward Marlo What? No Crimps? 29
Edward Marlo Nail Gauge Placement 29
Edward Marlo Ace Opener using incomplete faro condition, but with even riffle shuffle 30
Edward Marlo 1 Out Of 52 30
Unknown Double Lift Reverse 31
Bob Nelson The Nelson Quickie card drops onto table from deckRelated to 32
Edward Marlo Everywhere & Nowhere (at the table) ungaffed 32
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change 32
Edward Marlo The Vanishing Card: I. Vanishing Thought one of six 34
Don Diavolo, Stuart Towne Diavolo Hide-Out Fan fanning six cards as five 35
Edward Marlo II. Double Deal Vanish of named card, stacked 35
Edward Marlo III. The Named Vanish named card, reappears at named number, stacked 36
Edward Marlo IV. Saliva Methods A. Cut Method
B. In Spread
C. The Peek
Edward Marlo V. Double Lift A. From the Peek
B. Key Card
C. Imperfection
D. One Hand
Russell T. Barnhart, Edward Marlo Clipped card is paper-clipped, clip finds selection 39
Bob Miller Bob Miller's Tricks spectator stabs card next to selection 40
Bob Miller Slip Force 41
Edward Marlo Mar Locato two cards 41
Edward Marlo Crimp Placement out of hands 41
Jerry Kogan Jerry Kogan's Indicator reversed card's number indicates position 42
Jerry Kogan Side-Jog Glimpse 43
Edward Marlo Aces over Kings aces turn over among other cards, kings appear 43
Edward Marlo The Good Magician Related to 44
Edward Marlo Marlo's Triumph aces 46
Edward Marlo Spade Shuffle blocksRelated toVariations 46
Al Keene, Edward Marlo Super Count Routine long combinationVariations 47
Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller Buckle Count see credit on page 50 48
Edward Marlo, George Sands Upside Down kings turn face up, then down, change to aces, placed in deck, back to kings, aces from pocket 50
Edward Marlo Aces over Kings Aces and Kings, third quartet comes in, should be named "Aces, Kings & Tens"Related toVariations 52