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Bob King Introduction preferring tricks in lectures instead of theory or philosophy
Bob King If At First spectator cuts deck into four piles, top cards are not Aces but instantly change to Aces
Also published here 2
Edward Marlo Scoop-Up Addition
Bob King Pinnacle Aces Revisited
Also published here 2
Flip-Over Reverse packet flipped over onto deck, a card is transferred to its face when it is picked up
Bob King Controlled Surprise three shuffles and Aces are back on top
Bob King Shuffle/Cut Ace Control Aces cut to one by one, position of last Ace announced
Bob King Order Please deck shuffled face-up/face-down, performer arranges half the deck to match face-up/face-down sequence of other half
Inspired byAlso published here 5
Bob King Impromptu Stunner card at position of cut-off number thought-of, this is made to turn over
Variations 7
Bob King Ten Hand Poker Stack "(the real work)"
five riffle shuffles
Bob King Pseudo Ten Hand Stack one shuffle, free cut principle
Also published here 9
Bob King Easy Jennings with four Aces
Inspired by 9
Bob King Dual Count-Down two cards chosen in two piles out of hand, both deal in unison and performer calls "stop", both selections are there and performer names one of them
Inspired by 11
Bob King Comeback
Bob King Flight Four Ace through Four from corners of newspaper or mat to under jumbo card
Also published here 14
Bob King Under Your Spell spectator cuts to any card and loses it, performer spells to it underneath handkerchief and it shows up at last letter
Also published here 16
Bob King Double Revelation two-card variation
VariationsAlso published here 17
Bob King This and That collection of ideas, see following four items
Bob King Dice Stacking Final Load
Bob King Cig Through Quarter Get Away
Bob King Slush Vanish vanishing glass with liquid
Bob King Sniff Vicks inhaler vanished up the nose instead of cigarette
Bob King Chinese Surprise four half dollars taken from box, they change into copper, halves back in box, then four Chinese coins appear in box
Bob King Poker Mental three spectators, last card also reversed in another deck, mis-calling mates
Related toVariations 20
Bob King Monte Nightmare only three cards, they change a few times back and front
Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus outjogged
Bob King Triple Decker three-phase sandwich routine, card appears between Jokers twice cleanly, than vanishes and appears reversed in deck
Bob King Holdout odd-backed
Inspired by 26
Bob King Four Card Monte ungaffed Sidewalk Shuffle, three phases
Bob King Drunken Black Jack two cards, transformation into black jack, flap gaff, reprinted from referenced
Also published here 33
Bob King Anytime Ace Cut using tabled slip cut, quick, reprinted from reference
Also published here 34
Bob King Ace Catch Aces change back color and find selection, reprinted from reference
Also published here 35
Bob King Simplex Reverse Matrix reprinted from reference
Also published here 36
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