Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
16 pages (Stapled), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
11 entries
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Steve Beam The Widow Maker color change in card case
Also published here 2
Steve Beam Boxing Triumph Updated half the deck without selection, in card case using the Widow Maker
Inspired by 3
Cardini, Steve Beam Cardini Snap Color Change as a reversal of one card
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve
Steve Beam Red & Black Widow red half transpose with black half, with card case
Related to 5
Steve Beam Cutting Class four ace production
Also published here 8
Steve Beam One in a Bazillion a card is constructed in the mind of a volunteer, it is shown reversed in a pictured spread of playing cards, and then removed from magician's pocket
Also published here 9
Steve Beam Predicting the Past magician predicts a card to be freely chosen by a member of the audience
Related toAlso published here 11
Steve Beam PreDecktible prediction on photo, spread with one card face down, opposite arrangement on the other side
Related to 13
Steve Beam Five Spot five selections
Related to 15
Frank Shields Four Card Display Move flourish turnover of four cards after Hofzinser Card Catch
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