Written by Frank Simon
Work of Frank Simon
154 pages (Hardcover), published by Magical Publications
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
73 entries
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Cy Endfield Introduction
Frank Simon Preface
Frank Simon Versatile Spread Controls intro, credit information
  • The Cards
  • Spreading the Cards
  • The Bevel Spread
  • The High Grip
  • The Low Grip
Frank Simon Versatile Outjog Control to second from bottom or bottom
  • At the Table
Inspired byVariations 13
Frank Simon Pass the Sandwich sandwich cards vanish from top and bottom and reappear around selection
Also published here 19
Frank Simon Catch the Sandwich way to get into Three Card Catch
Inspired by 21
Frank Simon Toss the Sandwich two face-up cards tossed into dribble catch selection
Inspired by 23
Daryl Martinez Toss Card Change card tossed through tabled deck, then it is shown to have changed
Variations 26
Rich Marotta A.P.E. (Another Penetration Effect)
Frank Simon Versatile Even Control cull as control, no out-jogged card, to second from bottom or bottom
Frank Simon The Card that Finds Itself reversed card shows up and is used to count to selection
Inspired by 32
Frank Simon Cut and Count spectator cuts and value of that card used to count to selection
Frank Simon Casual Control bottom card of right-hand spread shown, immediately hands brought together and deck squared, with or without out-jogged card
Frank Simon The Informers cards on either side of selection turn face up to sandwich it
Frank Simon Versatile Re-Entry Control inserting the culled selection near the bottom, then cut, or cut and palm
Frank Simon You Shuffle as I Shuffle card remembered in upper half, another reversed in lower half, both halves shuffled by performer and spectator, then both halves riffled together, the reversed card's value indicates position of selection
Frank Simon Odds on Triumph
  • Alternate Handling
Frank Simon Spread Half Pass with out-jogged card
Frank Simon Handmade Triumph without table
Inspired by 47
Frank Simon Varieties Part Two intro
Frank Simon Benihana Aces
Henry Christ Kiss Reversal
Ken Krenzel, Frank Simon Pivot Pop-Out Variation
Inspired by 52
Frank Simon Pop-Out Production
Inspired by 53
Piet Forton Forton/Ravelli Pop-Out
Piet Forton Double Ace Production variation of part of previous routine
Jeff Semel Pirandello False Cut triple in-the-hands swing cut
Related toVariations 58
Frank Simon Pirandello Undercut variation to transfer bottom cards to top
Inspired by 60
Frank Simon About Faces Aces II "(the other version)"
Kings put in deck, Aces twist and then change into Kings, Aces now in deck
Inspired byVariations 61
Frank Simon Elevated ATFUS
Frank Simon The Teaser Bluff Shift
Frank Simon Cutiltillusion card cut into center comes to top, despite an out-jogged marker card, cut/tilt combo
Related to 69
Frank Simon Reverse Kick Lift starting with heel break
Inspired by 70
Art Altman Altman Trap heel break
Frank Simon The Collectavator Aces distributed in fan, the come to top with selection between them
Frank Simon, Paul LePaul Bluff Spacing Fan
Inspired by 73
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move "correct handling"
Piet Forton The Ultimate Pop-out Move see also p. 57
Frank Simon Keep on Cloning
Inspired by 79
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Brother John Hamman, Frank Simon Gemini Count Modification
Frank Simon All Alike Display diminishing, finished with kind of covered bottom deal
Frank Simon Topsy Turvy Faro card peeked in incomplete faro condition, one half pushed through the other in this condition, it comes out reversed with only the selection face down
Frank Simon Incomplete Faro Transfer card pulled into other half
Frank Simon Two Spread Sleights intro
Frank Simon The Spread Double Lift double flipped over onto lower half with right hand which holds upper half in spread condition
Frank Simon Christ-Kardyro Spread Switch
Inspired by 88
Frank Simon The Spread Cull
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3
Frank Simon Quorum Quota card of same value and suit of card are found after dealing in two piles, then card itself
Inspired by 94
Frank Simon Odd Color Out transposition of back of two odd-backed duplicates, in the end deck changes color
Inspired by 98
Frank Simon Advanced Versatile Spread Techniques Part Three intro
Frank Simon Versatile Cull Switch culled card switched for culled card, spread condition retained
  • A Variation
  • Straight Force Variation
Variations 105
Frank Simon Numerical Affinity value of touched card determines position of selection
Frank Simon Riff-Spell mate of selection spelled to, then other two cards of same value found as well
Frank Simon Classical Slickie wrong card located in face-up spread and turned over, left out-jogged, it changes into right one
Inspired by
  • "Classical Quickie" (Ed Marlo, Future Classic)
Frank Simon The Thinking Touch spectator removes some cards and remembers card at that position, later touches a card and it's his selection
Frank Simon Turnover Cull Switch
Inspired by 117
Frank Simon The Holding Position utility grip with unsquared deck and culled card held underneath ready for some of the upcoming sleights
Frank Simon, Jim Danielson The Versatile Bottom Reverse from "The Holding Position"
Frank Simon Spread'em deck spread face up and selection not seen, deck flipped face-down and selection is face-up in middle
Frank Simon Don't Forget to Remember two-way out, one spectator, using Versatile Bottom Reverse
Inspired by 123
Under-the-Spread Crimp
Twirl Flourish out-jogged card is spun 180 degrees with right first finger
Frank Simon The Versatile Cover Steal intro
Frank Simon The Open Cover Steal card touched and out-jogged, a few cards from top removed in right-hand End Grip and selection stolen underneath
Frank Simon The Deep Cover Steal card touched and out-jogged, a few cards from top removed in right-hand End Grip and selection stolen underneath, different grip
Related to 130
Frank Simon Guesstimation Special
Inspired by 132
Frank Simon Hot Zinger
Inspired by 134
Frank Simon Tré Choice
Inspired by 137
Frank Simon Elevator Sandwich selection out-jogged, sandwich cards on top shown, selection pushed flush and appears between sandwich cards
Related to 140
Frank Simon A Stranger Coincidence
Inspired by 142
Frank Simon The Versatile Spread Palm culled card palmed under spread
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Inspired byRelated to 145
Frank Simon A Parting Shot
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