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Gary Kurtz Introduction
Also published here
Gary Kurtz Further Intentions
Gary Kurtz Direction
Gary Kurtz Misdirection
Gary Kurtz Your Physical Instrument
  • Corporal Space and Staging
  • Physical Movement (Basic Strengths and Weaknesses)
  • Corporal Staging - Framing for Effect
    • Visual Noise
    • The Open Position
Gary Kurtz First Example: The Misers Dream
Gary Kurtz Second Example: Producing a Card From Your Pants' Pocket
Gary Kurtz Third Example: The order in which you have three cards chosen and revealed
Gary Kurtz Psycho-Physical Techniques
  • Active and Relaxed States
  • The Off-beat
    • Creating the Off-beat
    • Regaining Attention
  • Coordination of Actions
    • The Priority of Actions
    • Economy of Motion
Gary Kurtz On the Carlyle Card to Pocket
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Gary Kurtz Performing a One Hand Top Palm
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Gary Kurtz Example: A Coin Vanish lapping with fake back-and-forth tossing
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Gary Kurtz Another example: The Top Change
Also published here 13
Gary Kurtz False Transfer of a Ball
Gary Kurtz Palmed Aces from Pocket as gag
Also published here 15
Gary Kurtz An extravagant example: Magician Changes into Tiger; Magician Reappears in Back of Theatre
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Gary Kurtz A Challenging Example: The Card Under Spectator's Glass (across the table)
Gary Kurtz Focal-Interactional Techniques
  • Focus - The Eyes
  • Focal-Interactional Misdirection (The Eyes - The Voice)
  • Focusing on the Effect
    • The Yo-Yo Dilemma
    • Focusing on Essential Elements
    • Focus and The Intention of Magic
  • Focus - Your Audience and You - The Eyes that Bind
Gary Kurtz Coin under Shaker à la Goshman
Related to 22
Gary Kurtz Palming Culled Cards Out and handing deck out
Gary Kurtz Purely Psychological Techniques
  • Openness
  • Spectator Affirmation
    • The Nod Technique
    • Affirmation = Involvement
    • Affirmation and Memory
    • Affirmation and The Distortion of Memory
    • The Nod Technique and Psychological Manipulation
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Gary Kurtz Example: The Classic Force
Gary Kurtz Another Example: A Vernon Key Card Placement see also p. 34
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Gary Kurtz A Detailed Example: An Ambitious Card Routine five phases
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Gary Kurtz Random Thoughts
  • Preparing Material for Performance
Gary Kurtz Final Words
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