Written by Paul Swinford
Work of Paul Swinford
12 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Virginia Pringle
Language: English
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Paul Swinford Serpentine Thoughts silk that ties itself, reel
Paul Swinford Dice Routine no details, just references
Paul Swinford A Chop Cup Routine with small opaque glass as part of routine
Related to 1
Paul Swinford Chinatown Finale China coin wrapped in Chinese silk and put into glass, transposes with silver coin in white silk in second glass
George Mackenzie Coin Switch with Handkerchief
Related to 2
Paul Swinford Royal Flush Mini-Stack fifteen-card packet shuffled via reverse-faros and cutting, then Royal Flush dealt
Related to 3
Paul Swinford Time on my Hands twelve chips with numbers on one side and letters on other side, five color coded control cards (CCCC), clock layout, a chosen number is eventually revealed
Paul Swinford Poker Chip Chicarnery eight chips with numbers on one side and letters on other side, three counting and spelling tricks with them
  • Spell-A-Number
  • The Widsnorf Mystery
  • The Challenge of Iros
Paul Swinford Thoughts on Vernon's Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, double facer
Inspired by 5
Paul Swinford The Automatic Joker two cards chosen via automatic placement procedure found on either side of Joker, faro
Inspired by 6
Paul Swinford Color Changing Knife Routine
False Transfer with Knife
Paul Swinford Thoughts on the Elevator
Larry Pringle One-Card Strip-Out Addition buckling bottom card
Paul Swinford The Berland-Gardner-Judah-Swinford-York Vanishing Bill Trick bill folded to simulate two bills
Inspired byRelated to
  • Scarne's Magic Tricks, p. 73
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