Written by Steve Beam
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46 pages (Paperback), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Steve Beam Introduction
Steve Beam The Layover Aces appear one by one when the deck is turned over in hands
Also published here 3
Jerry Andrus, Steve Beam Back Jog Turnover Variation
Inspired by 4
Steve Beam Card Compression four Aces compressed into two Tos, into a Four, then card vanishes
Also published here 6
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish
Don Morris Prayer Production hands held in prayer production and card is produced
Also published here 8
Steve Beam The Queen Doesn't Know Jack spelling multiple words to find selection, humorous presentation
Also published here 9
Steve Beam World Piece
Also published here 11
Steve Beam Quick Change Aces change to Kings and back
Also published here 14
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition brief
Steve Beam Flashpoint production of four Kings
Related to 18
Steve Beam The Third-Finger Buckle
  • The Partial Packet Switch
Related toAlso published here 19
Steve Beam Twister color change using Tenkai Palm
Also published here 22
Steve Beam Visual Transposition using the Twister move
Also published here 24
Steve Beam Progressive Mating Season (VII) multiphase routine
Related toAlso published here 27
Steve Beam The One-Handed Gloviczki production of a card, sticking out of a fan
Inspired by
  • Peter Gloviczki's "Pop Out Aces" in "Genii" June, 1971.
Also published here
Steve Beam The Ripper two cards are lost and found using Mary Kinson's "Fan-See Card"
Inspired byAlso published here 33
Steve Beam Recommended Reading bibliography
Steve Beam Three-Piece Combo combination of One-Handed Gloviczki and The Ripper
Also published here 36
Steve Beam X-Change two cards change to selections when halves are rubbed against each other face to face and perpendicular
Inspired by
  • Mark Aspiazu's "Easy Kelly Change" in "The Second Deal"
Also published here
Steve Beam No-Filler Killer using the principle of Miracle Mix-Up / Remote Control
Inspired by
  • Jack Yates' "Miracle Mix-up" in "Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic Vol. 3"
Also published here
Steve Beam More than Just a Snappy Dresser selected card vanishes and reappears printed on the Joker card, being held by the Joker
Also published here 44
Steve Beam Ground Control combination force and control based upon Hindu Shuffle Force.
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