Written by Jason Womack
Work of Bob White
61 pages (Spiralbound), published by Scapegrace Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
31 entries
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Jared Kopf Preface
Kevin Oliver Foreword
Jason Womack Author's Introduction
Bob White Uniformity of Action
Also published here 5
Bob White Some Things in Magic are Important and Others are Not
Also published here 9
Bob White Some Random Thoughts
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Quotations on Presentation
Bob White Handling a Single Card
Also published here 15
Bob White Flash Double lift without turnover
  • White's Comments
Also published here 17
Bob White Gemini Count Alternative
Also published here 20
Bob White Magic Cards two unknown cards and two selections brought together, the unknown cards are then shown to be duplicates of the selections, Gemini Count
Also published here 22
Bob White Ace Transposition
Also published here 23
Bob White, J. B. Bobo A False Count for example five as six
  • White's Comments
Also published here 24
Bob White Twenty Card Trick
  • White's Comments
Also published here 26
Bob White Small Packet Palm left thumb motionless on top
  • White's Comments
Also published here 28
Bob White Managing The Depth Illusion
Also published here 30
Bob White Double Card Change a card changes visually on top of the deck, it is turned over and removed, then changes into a third card
Also published here 31
Dai Vernon Top to Bottom Reverse card wrapped around with fingers
Also published here 31
Bob White Bob White's One Hand Tilt get-ready
Also published here 33
Bob White Lie Detector
Also published here 36
Bob White Slow Motion Jazz Aces
Also published here 38
Bob White Revisiting E. G. Brown's Spelling Trick Ace to Ten are spelled to, several times a Seven turns up instead of the card, last card turns into Seven again as a surprise after it was discarded
Also published here 40
Pressley Guitar Pressley Guitar's Two Copper & Silver
Also published here 43
Bob White Torn & Restored Tissue Paper with sucker explanation
Also published here 45
Jason Womack Introduction to the Supplements 2003
Bob White The Ambitious Classic Revisited
Inspired byAlso published here 49
Bob White White's Skip Trick cards displayed without deck in hands
  • White's Comments
Also published here 53
Bob White Ladies and Gentlemen eight cards and seven cards removed in two groups, they can be paired somehow
Related to 55
Bob White Copper and Silver Transposition
  • White's Comments
Variations 57
Eric DeCamps Copper and Silver Transposition Handling
Inspired by 58
Bob White The Homing Card
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