Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

159 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Peter Kane Signature Transposition two cards signed on back by two people, signatures transposeVariations 5
Ian Baxter The Promise of your Choice Ace to Three, chosen value changes into previous selectionInspired by 7
Paul Swinford Thought on the Elevator 10
Dai Vernon, Larry Pringle Strip-Out Addition for single card 11
John Quine Center Reverse spread reverse similar to Larreverse 13
Tony Kardyro Locomaster Joker joker stabbed in deck next to selection by performer 16
Tony Kardyro T.K. Mental Card from Pocket two cards, one placed in pocket one in deck, spectator names which one is where 17
Charles Aste Jr. Transformation Transposition visual with Goldin Change 19
Jerry K. Hartman Free Trade two cards in bottom half transpose with 1 card in top halfVariations 20
Jim Surprise Surprise Collectors Related toVariations 21
Bert Allerton Allerton Change 22
Horace E. Bennett The Clock two selections 26
Walter Rollins, Jerry Mentzer Unexpected Surprise four of five cards vanish, with odd-backed card variationRelated to 31
Eddie Fechter Small Number Faro Stack faro slough-off handling 39
Eddie Fechter Fan Positioning placing a card at certain position from top, using fan shuffle 41
Eddie Fechter Double Lift from Tabled Pack 43
Eddie Fechter A Fechter Force packet cutting timing force with outVariations 45
Eddie Fechter Peek Reverse 46
Eddie Fechter Quick Reverse using palm 48
Eddie Fechter Cover for the One-Handed Top Palm tapping deck on table 49
Eddie Fechter Tabled Transfer tabled double undercut, bottom to top 50
Eddie Fechter Swivel Cut Transfer bottom cards to top 51
Eddie Fechter Control cuts and a faro shuffle 52
Nick Trost Jumbo Two Way Split matching routine with cut-in-half jumbo cards, based on Stewart James' "Split Second" (Tops) 57
Dr. Richard Cook Roadrunner Card Trick color changing back kicker, gaffed 58
Gerald Kosky Coincidence ?? rough smooth 63
Howard Flint Marked Cards packed trickRelated to 64
Larry West Black and Blue weird packet trick with letters 66
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Suprising Jokers four jokers change backs, then deck 68
Frank Pemper Ricardo's Triumph 75
Jim Lee, Edward Marlo Triumph Plus with four-of-a-kind productionsInspired by 78
Jerry Mentzer Variation - No Turn Triumph Inspired by 83
Mack Picknick Picnick's Aces aces to topVariations 89
Jim Surprise Surprise Aces: Spectator Cuts The Aces Variations 91
Jim Surprise Magician Cuts the Aces 93
Jerry Mentzer Quick Nomad Aces 94
Jerry Mentzer Rear Palm Steal from small packet 97
Mike Rogers Paddle Wheel Flourish kind of running cut, falseVariations 101
John Quine Key Card Throwoff #1 riffle shuffle despite key 102
John Quine Key Card Throwoff #2 104
John Quine Quine's Key Placement Variations 104
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Glimpse 106
Dan Tong The Pad Spread throwing several cards on table, some of which are a doubleRelated to 106
Dan Tong Further Notes on The Pad Spread: B) collectors subtlety 108
Jim Lee Packet Switch 110
Sydney Bergson Another Force bottom slip force with beveled deck 112
Jerry K. Hartman Not So Simple Force half pass 114
Jerry Mentzer Double Undercut Variation 115
Jim Lee Lee's False Cut 116
Tony Binarelli Abracadabra three odd-backed cards are inserted in deck, spectator chooses just those cards face-upVariations 119
Tony Binarelli Trick 123
Tony Binarelli Coloring 125
Tony Binarelli Crystal Ball spectator sees card in crystal ball 129
Tony Binarelli Change of Color gaffed 131
Tony Binarelli Three Cards and a Newspaper newspaper is used to devine three selections by tearing parts out of it, includes a restoration phase 133
Dan Tong Spectator Sandwich 139
Dan Tong Tilted Sandwich 141
Jerry Mentzer Black Jack Sandwich 142
Jerry Mentzer Another Black Jack duplicate, adhesive 144
Jerry Mentzer Sandwich Spread 146
Ian Baxter 3V Sandwich 147
Karl Fulves, Dr. Jacob Daley Notes on a Daley Problem exchanging a sandwiched card with riffle shuffle 148
Kirk Stiles Gambler's Goldmine card to pocket with "four card monte" presentation 155
Bob Hummer Bottom Placement Load credited to Hummer 157
Nick Trost High Card Poker Deal stacked poker deal, spectator shuffles, gilbreath 157