Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

325 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by David Bendix, Joe Hartel.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Marlo's Deal Switch Thought of Card appears between Mates, using a switchRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1
Edward Marlo Marlo's Deal Switch 3
Edward Marlo Marlo Technique for Minus Multiple Inspired by 4
Edward Marlo Mental Minus Multiple named Ace at named Position, false Dealing 5
Edward Marlo No Break Marlo-Curry Change thorough discussion 7
Edward Marlo The Related Deal New Theory related 11
Edward Marlo Stop Trick using "The Related Deal" 13
Edward Marlo Card Substitution similar concept, several variations 15
Edward Marlo Flexible Switch Out in the deck, spreadswitchRelated to 15
Edward Marlo Unit Upjog Addition thorough discussion 25
Edward Marlo Filling the Hand Aces on top and Deal, repeatVariations 32
Edward Marlo The Choice Elevator several Choices are made by spectator 36
Edward Marlo K.M. Move - with Reverse Fingering Action Move and Variations
- Single Card Exchanges
- Double Card Exchanges
- Exchanging Two of Four (three procedures)
- Exchanging Three of Four (two procedures)
- Exchanging Four for Four
Edward Marlo Red & Black Aces Transposition using deck 47
David Solomon Buffaloed KM Transpo 49
Edward Marlo Ace Assembly Application 53
Edward Marlo As Applied to Devilish Miracle applying K.M.Move Variation 58
Edward Marlo This is a Four King Trick Aces change to Kings 59
David Solomon Surprise Transposition one Quartet changes at the end 61
Edward Marlo Direct Transposition 64
Edward Marlo Mental Card Across unprepared 65
Edward Marlo "Packet for Packet Transpositions" three Methods 67
Edward Marlo Sandwich Card Sandwiched Card is though of, double backer 71
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 72
Edward Marlo Succession Aces thorough study, impromptu and gaffed methods 73
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety brief 74
Edward Marlo Duck and Pull especially useful with double facer 90
Edward Marlo, David Solomon "Technicolor" Succession Aces odd backed Progressive (!) Ace AssemblyVariations 121
Edward Marlo Scoop up Palm small packet is brushed aside, one card palmed 138
Edward Marlo Marlo Side-Jog Glide brief 138
Edward Marlo Dissertation on Oil and Water credit information 143
Edward Marlo Oil and Water plus Climaxes 4&4, routine with all black climax 148
Edward Marlo "Cutesey Climax" 156
David Solomon "Conditioned Oil and Water" 4&4 158
Edward Marlo "Further Dissertation on Oil and Water" more on crediting and history, with letters to George Sands, Bruce Elliott 160
Edward Marlo 3rd Phase (Oil and Water) 4&4 165
Edward Marlo, David Solomon "Oil and Water" 4&4, three phasesInspired by
  • "Wild Root" (Ibidem)
Edward Marlo The Synchronized Clock card at chosen Hour matches with valueRelated to 174
David Solomon Synchronized Clock Set up Version 176
Edward Marlo The Piano Duet 1 card, strange handling, with repeat 177
Edward Marlo The Pellet Classic number from ten to twenty-five named, three cards chosen and written on pellets, cards lost, pellet chosen, this card is at named positionVariations 183
Edward Marlo Deep Dunbury 187
Edward Marlo Deep Face Up Switch 190
David Solomon Quick Deep Dunbury 191
Edward Marlo Logical Faced Triumph Faced Deck, nice SubtletiesRelated to 192
David Solomon Simple Right Handed Triumph Faced DeckVariationsAlso published here 193
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Double Barrel right handed Triumph two Selections 194
Edward Marlo Right Handed Triumph with repeat 195
Edward Marlo Improved Procedure for the Invisible Toss card is tossed "invisibly" at the right positionInspired by 197
Edward Marlo Making a Straddle Faro In or Out tabled 197
Edward Marlo Gaffed Mental Trap Thought of Card appears between Mates 201
Edward Marlo The Mental Secret thought of Card matches card chosen from another pack, rough smooth menetekelRelated to 204
Edward Marlo Think as I Think with thought of Cards, gaffed, red-blue double backer, red-blue menetekel, three approaches 208
Edward Marlo "No Palm Climax" - 1964 cards to pocket climax 209
Edward Marlo My Best Number spectator places four Cards face up in deck, next to a Quartet 213
Edward Marlo Hofzinser would have loved this same as "My Best Number", Queens change to Kings, to Pocket Climax 219
Edward Marlo Notes on Packet Switches five Methods, stripper deck approach with regular deck
- By Pass Packet Switch
Edward Marlo New Sandwich Switches five Methods 226
Edward Marlo The Vanish method for Vanishing a Sandwiched Card 233
Edward Marlo "Devils to Witches" with repeat 234
Edward Marlo Sandwich Switchout - (Off the Face) also as a steal 241
Edward Marlo The Motel Mystery kind of travelling effect, seven methodsVariations 245
Edward Marlo The Prodigal Card three methods, Card is in Case from the start, miscallingRelated to 264
David Solomon No Doubt About it signed card variationInspired by 269
Edward Marlo Marlo Strip Cuts tabled, for one or several Cards 271
Edward Marlo Top and Bottom Card Transfers tabled, reversing position of top and bottom card(s) 274
Edward Marlo The Tabled Cover Up Cut 278
Edward Marlo The Tabled Block Slip Cut tabled, from two peeked at cardsInspired by 281
Edward Marlo Illogical Bottom Slip Cut single or block 284
Edward Marlo A Switch on the Ten Hand Poker Stack 285
Edward Marlo Additional Ten Hand Stacks three Methods with one Riffle Shuffle each 288
Edward Marlo Double and Triple Peek Controls 291
Edward Marlo The Secret Incomplete Faro very fine unsquared condition 295
Edward Marlo Insertion Type using Secret Incomplete Faro Condition 297
Edward Marlo Secret Incomplete Faro Condition "Marlo's Peek Deck" 297
Edward Marlo For the Fingertip Peek Applying Secret Incomplete Faro Condition 298
Edward Marlo Two & Three Card Control using Secret Incomplete Faro Condition 301
Edward Marlo Double & Triple Fingertip Peek using Secret Incomplete Faro Condition 302
Edward Marlo Combination Control various Methods 305
Edward Marlo Obvious Suggestion using Secret Incomplete Faro Condition 307
Edward Marlo Marlo on "The Marloesque Peek" Variations 309
Edward Marlo The Marloesque Peek after Peek & fan 309
Edward Marlo Lapping Moves while cutting the deck 313
Edward Marlo Marlo Card Secrets two Items, how to have locators in new decks (switching cards between two different decks) 316
Edward Marlo Marlo Card Secrets - The First Item one-way principle in new deck, looking at edges, also mention of belly stripper & n-stripper principle (see Second Note) 316
Edward Marlo Which one was Brighter? tips on Bottom Deal Demo 322
Edward Marlo Cheat to Cheat Poker 324