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Robert Cassidy preface and acknowledgements
Robert Cassidy introduction
Robert Cassidy An Overview of the Act thoughts on structuring a mentalism show, Theory of Major and Minor Effects
  • The Logic of the Program
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Robert Cassidy The Psychological Forces objects found outside, with script
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Robert Cassidy The Name Place Routine name and place are written on two pieces of paper, both are divined even though one has been destroyed
VariationsAlso published here 8
Billet Swtich using a lighter
Robert Cassidy The Book Test with two spectators
Also published here 15
Robert Cassidy The Three Envelope Test name, name of pet and drawing are put on three pieces of paper and sealed in three numbered envelopes, all is divined, technical variation of routine in The Art of Mentalism
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Robert Cassidy Card Memory deck is shuffled and memorized, two spectator get half the deck and performer names every card
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Robert Cassidy The Challenge Tarot Reading names of famous people are written down and sealed in envelopes, one is selected and divined with the use of Tarot cards
Robert Cassidy Equivoque brief
Robert Cassidy The Card in the Window card through window, in a bar
Robert Cassidy Magician's Guilt, its Causes and Cure (Including the Real Secrets of Mentalism)
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