Written by Robert Cassidy
Work of Robert Cassidy
32 pages (Stapled), published by Bob Lynn / Tony Raven
No illustrations
Language: English
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Robert Cassidy Foreword
Robert Cassidy Presidential Portraits American president is named, dummy picture is shown and name show on the back of picture as a kicker
Variations 7
Robert Cassidy The 35mm Die Can Test die in film can, number is divined / forced, two methods
Related to 9
Robert Cassidy A 35mm Triple Test die, ESP card and bill are placed into three film cans, number, symbol and serial number are divined
Robert Cassidy The Telepathic Diary birthday is looked up in book, card written next to the date is found inside envelope as a prediction, see PEA News and Information Service #2 for corrections
Related toVariations 12
Robert Cassidy Beating the Book Test a book test with three phases and three different methods
  • The Pencil Point Prophecy
  • The Impromptu Impression
  • The Phone Book Finale
  • A Brief Diversion
Robert Cassidy An Experiment with Time watches are collected and placed inside a bag, later they are found that all handles have moved and they don't show actual time anymore
Robert Cassidy Ultimate Fourth Dimensional Telepathy three pieces of information are written down, sealed in envelopes and later divined
Also published here 25
Robert Cassidy The Shirt Pocket Mindreader with pile of envelopes
Robert Cassidy And in Conclusion on being real vs. admitting to use trickery, disclaimer
Anthony Raven Backword
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