Written by Curtis Kam
Work of Curtis Kam
54 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Curtis Kam
Language: English
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Curtis Kam All The World's A Stage...
Curtis Kam ...And All Stages, Worlds
Curtis Kam Coercive Purse purse frame routine, copper and silver coins transpose with one in purse, jumbo coin from purse finale
Also published here 1
Curtis Kam Snap Back Vanish in Purse
Curtis Kam Tenkai Tossover coins shown in both hands, they are secretly switched, one a copper/silver
Inspired byAlso published here 4
Curtis Kam Inverted Spellbound spellbound routine, including an "inverted" (filed-down) coin, nine changes
Related to 10
Richard Kaufman Visual Drop Switch brief
Richard Kaufman Touch Change One brief
Curtis Kam Flat on Fingers Change
Curtis Kam Relentless, But Honest three Chinese coins transpose with half dollars one by one
Inspired byRelated to 18
Curtis Kam Out any number card thought of is divined
Curtis Kam "E-Z Magic" Between your Palms ungaffed method
Inspired by 24
Paul Taylor, Tom Prete Heatwave burn mark appears on card
Curtis Kam, Chris Kam The VCCC Cleans Up Its Act case stuck to deck, gag routine with case as vacuum cleaner
Inspired by 30
Curtis Kam Condens-ace-tion
Inspired by 33
Curtis Kam Overdunn indicator cards change into mates of selection, missing sucker element
Curtis Kam Inverted Matrix I
Curtis Kam Pick-up Move Variation coin slided in finger palm
Paul Taylor Retention Scoop coin apparently scooped up and put in other hand
Related to 42
Frank Paglia Shovel Coin Shuffle
Curtis Kam Inverted Matrix II using two coins glued together
Curtis Kam Frozen Concentrate chapter intro
Paul Taylor Flip-Down Vanish
Related toVariations 49
Curtis Kam Flipdown-Popup combination with pop-up move
Inspired by 51
Curtis Kam In the Side Pocket
Curtis Kam Half-Baked section intro
Curtis Kam The Cannibal Closer idea
Curtis Kam An Ambitious Problem problem posed of culling mates of ambitious card during routine
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