Written by Jerry Mentzer
Work of Curtis Kam
110 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Bartram, Jr.
Language: English
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Curtis Kam Dedication
Jerry Mentzer Introduction
Chapter One - Professional Coin Routines
Curtis Kam Twisted Trio
  • Three Coin Production
  • Visible Coins Across
  • The Reproduction of Three Coins
  • The One-at-a-Time Vanish of Three Coins
Inspired by 5
Curtis Kam Twist Production hands twisted back and forth, suddenly coin appears
Curtis Kam Twist Shuttle Pass coins turned over between hands a few times
Variations 8
Curtis Kam Utility Switch one of a fan of coins
Geoffrey Latta, Curtis Kam French Pop One Handed French Drop Vanish
Curtis Kam Rolling Shuttle Pass coin roll as shuttle pass
Richard Himber Click Pass Vanish
Curtis Kam Downs Palm Transfer to finger palm of other hand
Curtis Kam Framed Wild Pocket three coins from purse frame, smaller Chinese coin contacts coins and they change one by one to Chinese, then one shrinks
Spellbound Change
Curtis Kam Twist Change Twist Shuttle Pass as transformation
Inspired by 27
Curtis Kam Coercive Purse purse frame routine, copper and silver coins transpose with one in purse, jumbo coin from purse finale
Also published here 29
Curtis Kam Snap Back Vanish in Purse
Curtis Kam Tenkai Tossover coins shown in both hands, they are secretly switched, one a copper/silver
Related toAlso published here 32
John Ramsay The Ramsay Subtlety
Curtis Kam The Flying Shuttle Pass
Also published here
  • "Make Your Money Work for You" lecture notes, 1993
Curtis Kam Chick-a-Chink diamond layout
Thumb Flick
Curtis Kam Copper/Silver Flurry copper coin given to spectator, flurry routine with silver coins, then transposition
  • Handling A
  • The Flurry Sequence
  • Handling B (gaffed coin)
Curtis Kam Hopping Half Hopping Half routine with only copper/silver coin, guessing game, with pocket
Also published here 45
Chapter Two - Professional Card Routines
Curtis Kam Kamnibal Cards
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer
Curtis Kam Shrink a Card diminishing cards in stages, miniature card removed from fan which is selection, deck grows again
Curtis Kam Timing Hindu Shuffle Force not the usual bluff
Curtis Kam Move to the Front of the Glass signed card travels to face of deck that is in glass with handkerchief cover, repeat, card appears in stages (blank, faded, ...), SBS
Variations 64
Curtis Kam About Face! deck with selection handed to performer behind his back, when performer turns around he has the card on his forehead
Curtis Kam Hard Boiled Detective
Curtis Kam Greensleeves four cards vanish one by one from hand and reappear in different pockets
Inspired byAlso published here 73
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Cliff Green Coptomania palming cards off double or multiple card
Cliff Green Free-Handed Vanish
Also published here 77
Chapter Three - Professional Close-up Routines
Curtis Kam A Girl's Best Friend Jumping Gems stick routine, made to look like ear rings
Inspired byAlso published here 85
Curtis Kam Ring, Ring & Rope using extra ring with slit
Curtis Kam The Twenty One Cent Murder Mystery presentation for 21 cent trick
Also published here 103
Curtis Kam Tablehopper's Salt Trick idea for getting a tip for salt vanish from hand
Curtis Kam The Las Vegas Dream Routine one of three cards chosen, multiple out prediction
Also published here 105
Curtis Kam Coffee and Dough bill torn and both halves crumbled up for short cups and balls routine, restoration and load of coins
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