Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
100 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Phillip Young
Language: English
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Steve Beam Introduction
Steve Beam Fool I two cards are pushed out from spread, location of one card can be named
Also published here 4
Steve Beam Fool II two cards are pushed out from spread, identity of one card and location of other card are named
Steve Beam King Charlier I four Ace production, at once
Steve Beam The Shuffle distribution of four cards
Also published here 7
Steve Beam King Charlier II production of four cards using Charlier Cuts with both hands
Also published here 9
Steve Beam Secrets combination lock on card case, gag
Steve Beam Split Cutting The Aces
Steve Beam The Maeb-Y Count (Pronounced "Maybe") right hand buckle as cards are counted from right to left, Veeser concept
Also published here 13
Steve Beam Split Fan fan splits in the middle as soon as spectator tries to take a card, gag
Also published here 15
Steve Beam The Non-Sandwich Jack Trick two Jacks places into the deck, number is called and performer cuts deck into two piles, both Jacks are found at named number
Steve Beam I.O.U. gag, spectator has to sign a contract, as a cover to load card into wallet
Steve Beam, Randy Tanner Flipper card is flipped face up between two halves
Steve Beam, Phillip Young, Terry Turner Late Show puns with playing cards and gag for chinese wands
Also published here 21
Marshall Pope Pop Up perpendicular between two halves, without table
VariationsAlso published here 22
Steve Beam Mathematical Card Trick calculator is used to find position of selection, humorous presentation
Also published here 24
Steve Beam, Dennis Slice Spare Change card face up in ribbon spread, spread is turned over and reversed card removed, change into selection
Steve Beam Level With Me gag using a carpenter's level
Also published here 27
Steve Beam Set-Up gag to set up deck, apparently quickly counting the cards
Steve Beam Gone! single card vanish in the hands, as an ending for the Piano trick
Steve Beam Kings and Aces Aces change to Kings and back
Also published here 32
Steve Beam Cutting Match two decks cut, they are both cut between the same two cards, criss cross type handling
Also published here 36
Steve Beam On the Subject of False Shuffles humorous article
Steve Beam Double Choice two selected cards, same position in both halves
Steve Beam Change-Up faces and backs of four cards change
Related to 42
Steve Beam Cards Are People Too as soon as card is touched by spectator is jumps from deck, gag
Steve Beam Simple Coincidence card removed as prediction, another chosen card matches via Turnover Change
Also published here 46
Steve Beam Dissertation on Magic with Bodily Functions using saliva and earwax etc. for card magic, humorous article
  • Natural Force
  • The Ultimate
Steve Beam Push Thru Dollar coin penetrates cased deck, selection is found to have a hole in it
Phillip Young Coin Box Copper / Silver move with copper / Silver coin and coin box
Inspired by 53
Don Morris Copper / Silver Toss showing both sides as the same
Steve Beam Interlocked Coin Vanish balancing coin on thumb
John Murray Murray's Handwash
David Brumble Brumble's Cow hand wash sequence, fingers interlocked
Steve Beam Endorsed Advertisement humorous article
Steve Beam Color Changing Comb
Steve Beam Flash Flowers ball of fire changes to bouquet of flowers, then doves are produced from dove pan
Steve Beam Eyeglasses glass vanishes, and is produced from eye
Steve Beam Brush Off out when something goes wrong, using a brush
Also published here 82
Steve Beam For Collectors Only humorous article, how to get autographs of famous people
David Brumble Fly Down magician's zipper slowly opens by itself
Related to 84
Steve Beam Impromptu Pen Suspension
Steve Beam The Care and Handling of Doves humorous article
Steve Beam Spirit Genetilia nut and string, routine
Steve Beam The End humorous article
Mark Kiger Pickpocket sight gag, using Eddie Joseph's book How to Pick Pocket
Steve Beam Beam's 'ye Ole Tricky But Trustworthy Magic Shoppe Emporium Catalog humorous article
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
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