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Curtis Kam Curtis Kam
Curtis Kam About These Notes
Curtis Kam Overview & Toolbox following routines are meant as one long set, on the flipper coin
Curtis Kam Production Sequence: Three Coin Monte production sequence using Twist Production
Curtis Kam First Verse: The Dance of the Thumbs three coins across sequence
Also published here 5
Juan Tamariz Click Pass requires at least three visible coins
Also published here 5
Curtis Kam The In Closing Steal coin in left hand tapped with coin in right hand and left hand closes, coin stolen out, edge grip
Curtis Kam Second Verse: Seeing Things
  • First Flight, Freedom Flight
  • Second Flight, Test Flight
  • Third Flight, Delayed
Inspired by 7
Curtis Kam Third Verse: Dance with Coins flurry that starts with three coins, ends with one
Curtis Kam Fourth Verse: Leave 'em Laughing comment on "Thru and Thru", no details
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  • "Thru and Thru" (Curtis Kam, Palms of Steel 3: Silverado)
Curtis Kam Onward
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