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Curtis Kam By All Means, An Introduction
Curtis Kam Remain in Light Hanging Coins routine with a small flashlight as part of the routine
Inspired by 4
Kainoa Harbottle Edge Flip Placement
Also published here
  • Coins on Edge, 2003, p . 22
Kainoa Harbottle Edge Grip to Edge Grip Transfer
Also published here
  • Coins on Edge, 2003, p. 27
Curtis Kam Plural Pushthrough Variation
Inspired by
  • "Plural Pushthrough" (Kainoa Harbottle, Cointopia, 2003, p. 3)
Curtis Kam Silk de Soleil routine comprised of the following parts
Curtis Kam Transfer to Third Finger Curl Palm with handkerchief, nowhere palm
Curtis Kam Seven the Hard Way slight rehandling, in-the-hands production of seven coins
Inspired by 13
Curtis Kam High Flying Coins Across six coins across à la balls and net with stretched-out handkerchief
Juan Tamariz Click Pass requires at least three visible coins
Also published here 17
Curtis Kam Going Down coins through stretched-out handkerchief held by spectators
Inspired by 18
Ross Bertram Multiple Click Pass
Also published here 18
Curtis Kam Take Us Home coins change to set of keys, gypsy switch
Curtis Kam Minimillion three coins taken from purse, they change to brass, three gold coins are in purse, then they come out of a pen, three red coins in purse, silver coins come out of pen
  • Who Ordered Chinese?
  • The Teller's Pen
  • Seeing Red
  • A Bic Finish
Inspired by
  • "Tiannamen Square" (Curtis Kam, Palms of Steel 2: Fists of Fury)
Curtis Kam Fingerpalm-to-Fingerpalm Change with two stacks
Also published here
  • Palms of Steel 2: Fists of Fury
Curtis Kam Tales of the Wandering Magician
Curtis Kam Move to the Front of the Glass simplified handling, signed card travels to face of deck that is in glass with handkerchief cover, repeat, card appears in stages (blank, faded, ...), SBS
Inspired by 28
Curtis Kam Spot, The Wonder Shell card ends up folded inside of sea shell
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