Written by Lennart Green
Work of Lennart Green
51 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Patrik Stenberg
Language: English
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Lennart Green Acknowledgement
Lennart Green Introduction
Lennart Green Definitions and Terminology
Lennart Green Communicating in Magic: Sender, Receiver and Message
  • What Kind of Magic?
  • The Secret Move
  • How to Finally Reveal the Card
  • Difficult Move - Great Effect?
  • Male - Female. Is there any Difference in the Appreciation of Magic?
  • Icebreaker
  • Jack of Diamonds (An Example of Simplicity)
  • Effect
  • Performance
  • Conclusion
Lennart Green A Few Presentational Tips
  • The Story
  • Props
  • Coincidences
Lennart Green Love - Hate - Admiration three-card location, using George Sands's Prime Deal
Also published here 10
Lennart Green Index Intuition spectator shuffles, first separation with small packet, then Kennedy's with rest
Inspired by
  • "Red and Black" (John Kennedy, Genii, Vol. 52 No. 9, Mar. 1989)
Also published here
Drop Spread spreading red-black alternating cards unevenly on table to hide pattern
Lennart Green Undoing Alternating Riffle Shuffle spectator riffle shuffles deck in red-black alternating order, then up-jogging and taking out some card resets that pattern.
Lennart Green The Rosetta Shuffle (The Chaos Shuffle)
  • Analysis: Surviving a Shuffled Arrangement
Lennart Green Rainman "Except the Seven of Clubs"
VariationsAlso published here 17
Lennart Green XO-Rainman different shuffle sequence
Also published here 19
Lennart Green XXO-Rainman impromptu version
Also published here 21
Lennart Green Numerology 13-3-1 three piles made with counting procedure, three numbers added to count to predicted card
  • An Alternate Ending (involving down/under deal)
Variations 24
Lennart Green Comments on "harmonic variation" of down/under deal
Lennart Green Numerology 13 + 13 two packet version
Inspired by 28
Lennart Green The Bloodhound tantalizer deal with thirty-two cards, a face-up card and a selection remain in last pile
Lennart Green The $26.000 Bet bet with matching or un-matching pairs
Lennart Green The 4 Card Bet shuffled deck dealt in four piles, bet on whether the top cards have one of each suit, four-category Gilbreath
Lennart Green The Remote Control I color guessing together with spectator, performer is always right
Variations 34
Lennart Green The Remote Control II version with all four suits
Inspired by 35
Lennart Green I'm Not Peeking I packet spread face-up and spectator remembers card and its position, performer notes top card
Related to 36
Lennart Green I'm Not Peeking II similar to Rosini's effect
Related to 37
Lennart Green The Terrorist (CNN, BCC, FBI, CIA, KGB)
  • I. The Escape (spelling, Double Replacement)
  • II. The Hunting
  • III. The Capture
    • 1. The Da Vinci Code (simple spelling of a phrase to reveal the card)
    • 2. The Scanning Machine (anti-faro elimination)
    • 3. The Puzzle-Master (tapestry)
    • Other Alternatives to Find the Card
Related toAlso published here 38
Lennart Green Placement Piles Deal card at specific position retained despite carelessly dropping piles from the hand onto the table, like Jordan/Ireland shuffle onto table
Lennart Green S M L - Small Medium Large three-card location, located by spelling or other means
  • Alternative Endings
  • Down/Under Deal
  • The Turbo Down/Under Deal (3D/1U)
  • More Ideas
Lennart Green E-Force & E-Deals on elimination-forces and elimination-deals
  • 1. E-Deal / 2 (tantalizer deal)
    • Turbo-Versions (tantalizer deal with multiple cards at a time)
  • 2. E-Deals / Heap Elimination
  • 3. E-Deal / Anti-Faro
    • Applied on Different Amounts of Card e.g. "Spectator Hands You a Packet"
Lennart Green The Scanning elimination procedure alternative for Oracle type location
Related to 47
Lennart Green Technical Addendum intro
Edward Marlo Olram Count
Lennart Green The Mirror Move
Also published here 49
Lennart Green Angle Separation very brief
Lennart Green One for the Road
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