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249 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
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Harry Lorayne Foreword
Harry Lorayne PPP - Powerful Powers Presentation five cards found by making packets with reverse faros, moracle
Inspired byVariations 17
Harry Lorayne Peel Placement simple method to control a card to a small number from top
Harry Lorayne Pied Piper two selections and "pied piper card" turn over, deck momentarily under table
Also published here 22
Harry Lorayne Covered Deck Turnover deck turned over one-handed under cover card, under the table
Harry Lorayne Reversed Card Transmission spectator reverses card under table while performer holds the deck, which performer divines or forces
Harry Lorayne Narrower Sandwich
Harry Lorayne Color (Not So) Quickie
Inspired byAlso published here 30
Harry Lorayne Bottom Stet Overhand Shuffle bottom stock remains, block slip shuffle handling
Harry Lorayne Angle Ribbon Spread
Harry Lorayne Your Favorite Card quick throw-away transposition, a bit like I've Got a Surprise For You
Also published here 35
Harry Lorayne Amazing Location selection lost, a few cards taken from deck, selection found with Reverse Faro Ending
Harry Lorayne Utility Mixer for small packets, Charlier Shuffle type action
Harry Lorayne HaLo Aces
Also published here 41
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut
Harry Lorayne Quick Mate cut production, showing that card is not on top or bottom before
  • HaLo Thumb Drag/Thumb Push-up
Also published here 44
Harry Lorayne Optically Controlled llogical cut control, showing that card is not on top and bottom, with Convincing Control addition and pocket finale
Also published here 46
Harry Lorayne Stab-Two between two selections, deck wrapped in paper, estimation
Also published here 53
Harry Lorayne The Spread/Gather Reverse top card turned over during ribbon-spread turnover on table
Also published here 56
Harry Lorayne Surprisingly Good four Ace revelation, HaLo Cut application, Somersault Revelation
Also published here 59
Harry Lorayne Bonus Royale Royal Flush Production
Also published here 61
Harry Lorayne A Much Better Chance Power Poker type, no bottom deals, spectator always gets Royal Flush
Also published here 63
Harry Lorayne Quick And Easy selection lost, spectator cuts deck in five heaps, top cards taken, Reverse Faro Ending to locate it
Also published here 66
Harry Lorayne Status Quo Shuffle keeping top card on top
Harry Lorayne Fantastic Ace Assembly
Also published here
  • Best Ever DVD set
Harry Lorayne I'll Read Your Mind shuffled deck cut in three piles, spectator remembers top card of one pile, divined, one of three
Harry Lorayne Slip Shuffle Control using slip shuffle to keep three cards on top and bottom in place in no particular order
Related to 72
Harry Lorayne Really! four-of-a-kind ends up reversed after CATO/TOAC procedure
VariationsAlso published here 75
Harry Lorayne A Sweet 4-Card Change
Also published here 78
Harry Lorayne New Royal-O-Cation four Tens on table, spectator locates the Ten of Spades, then that Ten reappears in deck and four tabled cards complete the Royal Flush
Inspired by 81
Harry Lorayne Universal Reversal
Also published here 82
Harry Lorayne Double Trouble card pivoted/twirled around right thumb and second finger changes, near deck
Harry Lorayne Jacks Are Better selection lost, four Jacks found instead of selection, then sandwich of selection
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force
Harry Lorayne Another Three Does It Three spot as locator, one of five
Harry Lorayne Preferred Take Five five cards touched and outjogged, reverse faro to selection
Inspired by 97
Harry Lorayne Push-In Strip-Out Switch outjogged cards pivoted out and put on top
Harry Lorayne Toss! quick royal flush production, using friction toss
Harry Lorayne Milky Ways selection lost, Aces are around selection (without turning over), featuring a slip shuffle similar to reference
Related to 102
Harry Lorayne Instead of the Pass overhand shuffle from break as control
Also published here 104
Harry Lorayne Much Better H-S Force Hindu Shuffle force, bottom card dropped during tapping gesture
Related to 106
Harry Lorayne The Push-Through Change
Harry Lorayne That's The Truth! small packet
Also published here 111
Harry Lorayne Spread Control Impossibility three cards lost, three three-card packets on table, spectator choses one, it has all three selection
Harry Lorayne Spread Control table spread, bold
Harry Lorayne Magician's Choice one out of three
Harry Lorayne Silly Cut tabled straight cut, one-handed, first finger pushed back top half, effect in which the performer names a card and cuts to it
Harry Lorayne An Ear Full of Cider Jack of Spades jumps out of deck during reciting of the story
Harry Lorayne Lorayne Spin off the deck
Harry Lorayne Take Me To Your Leader other three Ace packets are cut into deck, crimped Aces
Also published here 127
Harry Lorayne Billustrious bills are put next to Aces during deal onto table, Royal Flush kicker, Gemini Twins
Also published here 130
Harry Lorayne Miraculous Coincidence five cards chosen, one of those reversed, matches previously removed prediction, miscall
Inspired by 133
Harry Lorayne RTP - Reverse To Position Braue reversal variation
Harry Lorayne Stabbed In The Pack card really thrown in deck
Also published here 136
Harry Lorayne Bass Ackwards Slip-Cut bottom card to center for tabled stab force
Harry Lorayne Twirl Change switch in which a packet is switched as it is placed on the deck, both packet and deck are turned over during switch
Harry Lorayne (R)Evolutionary card in spread chosen, shown with right hand, transferred to left hand and thumped to table, Transfer Second Deal, then lapped
Also published here 141
Harry Lorayne Triplocation locating three selection with randomly selected indicator cards, impro
Inspired by 147
Harry Lorayne What's Mine Is Yours! no duplicate, does not start with a double lift, with John Scarne's glass staging
Also published here 150
Harry Lorayne Palm From Double palming second card the instant the top card is removed
Inspired by 153
Harry Lorayne Two Over Easy 4&4
Also published here 156
Harry Lorayne Hokus Pokus four Ace production
Also published here 160
Harry Lorayne Hokus Pokus Royal royal flush production
Also published here 164
Harry Lorayne Mental Vibrations spectator thinks of one of five cards, majority fishing (one no), with lead-in effect
Inspired by 166
Harry Lorayne The Family Unit all court cards, marriage effect with the packet
Also published here 170
Harry Lorayne The Broken Count two spectators remember cards at their thought-of numbers, controlled to fifth from top and bottom, impro from there
Also published here 175
Harry Lorayne Fake Faro partial, top and bottom not shuffled
Harry Lorayne Choice!
Harry Lorayne Salt-Less deck divides at chosen card when thrown, crimp
Also published here 184
Harry Lorayne Fourced Match
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift
Harry Lorayne Suitable Blackjack Jacks placed on top of Aces and squeezed, instantly dealt off in pairs
Inspired byVariations 191
Harry Lorayne Killer Sandwich chosen card sandwiched and placed in center, Ace of Spades lost, Ace now sandwiched and selection in pocket
Also published here 196
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut Cop
Harry Lorayne Keep Your Eye On It card copped out during convincing control type action
Related to 199
Harry Lorayne Two To Reverse two cards pushed reversed into other half, they turn out to be previous selections, Rosini's Double Reverse
Inspired byRelated to 202
Harry Lorayne Royal Take Royal Flush version
Inspired by 207
Harry Lorayne Not Quite ACAAN card and position remembered, then found at named number between 25 and 40
Harry Lorayne Lazy Man's Card Trick
Also published here 213
Harry Lorayne Lorayne's Poker Deal Plus
Inspired by 217
Harry Lorayne Best Impromptu Linking-Card Effect
Also published here 222
Harry Lorayne Mated Updated spectator finds two mates by putting cards next to them in deck
Also published here 227
Harry Lorayne Royal Update spectator finds two Royal Flush cards by putting cards next to them in deck
Also published here 229
Harry Lorayne In The Flush one of ten cards thought of, it turns out to be a Royal Flush card and the royal flush to match shows up as well
Harry Lorayne Set-Up during Location building a small set-up while locating a card
Harry Lorayne Two Magic Cards two cards are mated
Harry Lorayne Spectator's Choice spectator stops four times during deal, those cards turned over, next to the four reversed cards are the Aces, or the mates
Harry Lorayne Magical Appearance twelve cards removed, after a few anti-faros in pairs with turnovers, the Aces are reversed
Harry Lorayne Amazing Tracking moracle type effect to re-find royal flush
Inspired by 243
Harry Lorayne Pinpointing An Era list of famous people that Lorayne knew
Harry Lorayne Last Word
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