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Ryan Schlutz Introduction
Also published here 3
Ryan Schlutz I Love You out-of-hand selection procedure, grease daub
Also published here 5
Ryan Schlutz Secret Sauce Switch sandwich switch without deck
  • Further Thoughts ("mystery card" routine outline)
  • Additional Tip (ambitious card finale)
Also published here 10
Ryan Schlutz Strange Gift spectator gives twelve cards to performer, he knows number of red cards and sorts them under table
Also published here 14
Ryan Schlutz My Handling for Out of this World
Also published here 20
Ryan Schlutz Flow vs. Sequential on performing several tricks in a flow
Also published here 23
Ryan Schlutz In-Air Transpo duplicate
Also published here 25
Ryan Schlutz Double Spring Unload
Ryan Schlutz Coordinated Chaos intro
Also published here 32
Ryan Schlutz Bottom Stock Control in-the-hands spread shuffle
Also published here 33
Ryan Schlutz Top Stock Control dropping bunches on table
Also published here 34
Ryan Schlutz Equifinality card composed of chosen suit and value from multiple tabled packets is predicted
Also published here 37
Ryan Schlutz The Double Out Box card removed from card case, two-way out
Also published here 37
Ryan Schlutz Forget to Remember (Updated) spectator thinks of a card that is related to a chosen card, card predicted, three-way out
Also published here 46
Ryan Schlutz Somewhat Touched incorporating two-way-out strategy
Also published here 54
Ryan Schlutz Counterpoint using group shuffle to place selection at certain position, with or without sticky tape
Also published here 57
Ryan Schlutz Card at Any Sum number cards in envelope, sum made of them, selection found at that position
Also published here 61
Jeff Pierce Number Divination numbers written on both sides of pieces of paper, sum made and divined
Ryan Schlutz Sprung Location deck bound by rubber band, card pops out at right angle, multiple cards ideas
Also published here 66
Ryan Schlutz, Aldo Colombini Fireworks Control Variation cards biddle counted in left hand, spectators say stop multiple times
Ryan Schlutz 6 Covers 6 hands-off selection and riffle shuffle by spectator
Also published here 73
Ryan Schlutz Boxy Waltz selection travels into case, then transposes with second selection, then fusion finale
Also published here 77
Gary Ouellet Touch Force
Joel Givens Card Vanish apparently openly palmed, unload on deck
Robert Moreland Riffle Force and Control top card, bold revolve, pulp friction type follow-up
Ryan Schlutz Before the Thought eight to ten cards selected from table wash, highest card thought of, predicted in envelope
  • Marking the Deck
  • Reveal Using Wallet
Also published here 89
Ryan Schlutz Presentation Idea: Bill and Ted variation of "Before the Thought" in which thought-of card vanishes and reappears in wallet
Also published here 95
Ryan Schlutz Box Switch card slid into case, later dumped out, using cellophane
Also published here 98
Ryan Schlutz The One With The High Five card torn in half and halves mixed in paper carton, two halves chosen by spectator, they match
Also published here 101
Ryan Schlutz Edge-Mark Pencil Dot about a special key card ant uses with it
  • Single-Card Control
  • Single Card Control Borrowed Deck
Ryan Schlutz Cut-Shuffle-Cut sequence to keep a key card next to a selection during in-the-hands riffle shuffle and cut sequence
Ryan Schlutz GAP "Grab Any Pile", introduction
Ryan Schlutz Clearly See-Through shuffled deck, spectator takes a pile from it, remembers one card and pile is replaced, card becomes invisible and reappears reversed in deck, GAP principle
  • An Alternative Way to Handle GAP Selection
Ryan Schlutz Other Ways to User the GAP Principle
  • Borrowed Deck Handling - Key Card
  • Borrowed Deck Handling - Multiple Key Cards
  • Borrowed Deck Handling - Multiple Key - Mental Selection
Ryan Schlutz Mind the GAP fair version of GAP principle with borrowed deck, chosen card is reversed in other deck
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