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Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rhumba Count Display
1 Mar. 1993 1
Jon Racherbaumer Odd Card Out six red backed cards and one blue backed card change into six blue backed cards and one red backed card
Inspired by 1 Mar. 1993 5
Lee Freed Klaatu, Barada, Nikto folded bill jumps up the ladder of two rubber bands between fingers, finessed initial set-up
Inspired by 1 Mar. 1993 9
Jon Racherbaumer Slip-Less Clip Force
Related toVariations 1 Mar. 1993 17
Jon Racherbaumer Sacramento Stealth Steal from center into right-hand Tenkai palm
1 Mar. 1993 21
Edward Marlo Invisible Palm Festival two methods
1 Mar. 1993 27
Bernard Bilis, Jean Philippe Total A-Band-A-Ment rubber band around deck, finger put through, selection jumps face-up onto back of fingers, with locking feature, Hiro Sakai not mentioned
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2 June 1993 1
Flimpse "A Third Rendition", flicker glimpse, credit information
2 June 1993 8
Daniel Rhod Rhod Show variation of the D'Amico Spread
Related to 2 June 1993 12
Jack Birnman Sharper's Image after some shuffling (also by spectator) a two-handed game is dealt, performer receives a Full House with Aces and Kings, faro
Variations 2 June 1993 15
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Royal Rollover
2 June 1993 19
Jon Racherbaumer Kick-Counting On It!
Inspired by 2 June 1993 21
Edward Marlo Kick-Count
2 June 1993 22
Jon Racherbaumer Professional Color Vision intro and credit information
3 Sep. 1993 1
Edward Marlo Marlo Vision four phases
  • Marlo's Undercover Aright
  • Optical Revolve
Related to 3 Sep. 1993 3
Jon Racherbaumer Psychic Leap Frog card chosen, a few cards tabled, origami frog from card produced and it locates a card (with Card Hopper parity principle) with funny message, frog unfolded and it is the selection
Inspired by 3 Sep. 1993 15
Jeff Busby Discrepancy Deal Force
Related to 3 Sep. 1993 16
Biddle Switch card switched as a few are biddled into left hand
3 Sep. 1993 18
Edward Marlo Subtle Scoop Addition adding card under a packet as it is scooped off table edge, deck remains in left hand
Related to 3 Sep. 1993 20
Jon Racherbaumer Stranger Succession Aces credit information
Inspired by 4 1994 1
Doug Conn Chameleon Sandwich sandwich effect followed by color changing deck surprise
Also published here 4 1994 4
Reinhard Müller 3-Card Catch
4 1994 9
Jon Racherbaumer Eddie Marlo Lives! card chosen with mathematical procedure, packets counted and digits added, selection found by spelling the trick's title, faro
Inspired by 4 1994 13
Tony Slydini Slydini's Presentation of 9999 Miracle
Inspired by 4 1994 14
Simon Lovell, Gary Plants Jacked Black! card and position remembered, then another value added and card ends up at this position, switchless switch placement
4 1994 14
Jon Racherbaumer Bravura Transposition two tabled cards transpose
Inspired by
  • "Pushover" (Gordon Bruce, Half an Hour with Gordon Bruce, 1986)
Also published here
4 1994 16
Dai Vernon Double Laydown nail finesse
4 1994 17
Steal from Tabled Double hand drags top card away
4 1994 18
Edward Marlo Push Switch as tabled card is pushed forward
4 1994 20
Bob Sheets Killer Kitsen Miracle Dutch Looper gaff, three phases
  • Flap-Flip Move
Inspired by
  • "Kitson Miracle" (Patrick Page)
5 1994 1
Jon Racherbaumer The Curse of Scotland card chosen (Christ force), another card chosen and put reversed in center, then match and reversed card is between other cards of that value
Inspired by 5 1994 9
Doug Conn Conn's Opening featuring addition from card case's cellophane with slit
Inspired by 5 1994 10
Jon Racherbaumer Playing the Light on using a shiner, Eddie Fay, with red-black location effect with hidden clocking
5 1994 14
Jon Racherbaumer In Situ Glimpse spectator cuts off packet and remembers bottom card
5 1994 19
Paul LePaul Natural Jog Control top half tossed on bottom half
5 1994 19
Gerry Surma Swivel Change card on face of deck changes, is pivoted off Ovette master move like
Related to 5 1994 20
Edward Marlo Wrist-Turn Swivel-Change card on face of deck changes, is pivoted off Ovette master move like
Related to 5 1994 25
Doug Conn Travelers Two every suit named before travel
Also published here 6 1995 1
Jon Racherbaumer Calculated Invisible Toss card among five chosen, it becomes invisible and reappears reversed in deck at position that equals sum of remaining four cards
Inspired byVariations 6 1995 10
Thom Huxley Janus Card to Wallet named card, Bendix Bombshell
6 1995 11
Peter Duffie Incomplete Surprise two cards chosen, packet cut off and counted, then card chosen in incomplete faro condition, another card chosen by counting to original number, an indicator turns over with both selections on either side
Related to 6 1995 13
Jon Racherbaumer Banded Together rubber band around deck, vanishes and reappears in case, banded deck face up on table, face card changes
Inspired by 6 1995 15
Edward Marlo Tabled Flat Palm off tabled deck
6 1995 20
Doug Conn Subtle Tabled Reverse deck can be turned over
Inspired byRelated to 6 1995 22
Brad Henderson Universal Mexican Joker changes into two signed selections one by one, then other cards change into Jokers, full deck becomes Jokers
6 1995 25
Warren Stephens One-Handed, Cold Double-Lift
6 1995 26
Doug Conn Plastic Surgery monte type routine with Bizarre Twist, stretching and shrinking
Inspired byRelated to 7 1995 1
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rhumba Count
7 1995 2
Philip T. Goldstein Transferloss Toss reappears in the deck at specific position after Invisible Card themed effect
Inspired by 7 1995 14
Peter Duffie Re-Calculated Invisible Toss card among five chosen, it becomes invisible and reappears reversed in deck at position that equals sum of remaining four cards
Inspired by 7 1995 16
Jon Racherbaumer Pocket Interchange only discussion of outer reality of following two versions, not actual method details
  • Carpenter's Method (Jack Carpenter)
  • Racherbaumer's Facsimile Method
Related to 7 1995 17
Jon Racherbaumer Graduate's Interchange
7 1995 20
Jon Racherbaumer Carribean Assembly
Inspired by 7 1995 21
Jon Racherbaumer Don't Be Superstitious typo "Superstition", four key cards throughout deck
Inspired by 7 1995 23
Jon Racherbaumer The Spectator Works Harder to Triumph tapestry routine with sixteen cards, only selection remains reversed
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie routine
7 1995 25
Chad Long Trans-Assembling Jokers named four-of-a-kind put under ashtray, four Jokers put under three-card packets for an assembly, after assembly the Jokers transpose with quartet under ashtray
7 1995 27
Edward Marlo Flutterless Bottom Deal left fingers remain extended
8 1996 1
Doug Conn Coincidice
  • four dice rolled, each number counted off top of deck, last cards match all four numbers
  • Second Phase (four dice used to count down to cards, they are the four Aces)
VariationsAlso published here 8 1996 4
Lollapalooza Prediction "except for the Four of Clubs"
8 1996 5
Peter Duffie Laurel & Hardy Card Trick two cards chosen from deck with names on the backs, they are Stan and Ollie and prediction is Laurel and Hardy photograph
8 1996 8
Doug Conn Another Invisible 21-Card Trick spectator pockets card, it is named
Inspired byAlso published here 8 1996 9
Christian Chelman Blind Sighted card approximately in center, then dealt into six heaps
Related to 8 1996 11
Edward Marlo Shifting, Whispering Thoughts two cards and their positions thought of in ten-card packet, both divined
  • Preferred Handling (ten memorized cards)
Inspired by 8 1996 12
Edward Marlo Observation Test
8 1996 14
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio's Floating Double double moved forward on deck one-handed with left thumb and first finger
8 1996 17
Jon Racherbaumer Whispering Snitch
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie version of The Whispering Queen
8 1996 19
Jon Racherbaumer Allerchrist Fix four cards added to count down to previous selection
Inspired by 8 1996 20
Steve Reynolds On the Clip Palm looks like LTP is meant
8 1996 22
Steve Reynolds Miracle Steal Replacement partial LTP steal before replacement
Related to 8 1996 23
Steve Reynolds Loadless Sandwich/Load LTP steal and backwards pivoting
8 1996 23
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