Written by Barrie Richardson
Work of Barrie Richardson
251 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
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David Berglas Introduction
Barrie Richardson Preface
Barrie Richardson Chapter I: A Banquet Program chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Choices Have Consequences
Barrie Richardson Envelope Switch palm switch
Barrie Richardson Mesmer's Pencil
  • Phase I - The Rise (pencil stands up on hand, small thread loop)
  • Phase II - The Heavy Pencil (spectator cannot lift pencil off the performer's hand)
  • Phase III - The Feather Test (variation of Phase II with feather on top, Chuck Smith idea)
Inspired by 13
Barrie Richardson My Second Spot with bags, paper or cloth
Inspired by
  • "Second Spot" (Maurice Fogel, In Search of the Sensational, 2007)
Barrie Richardson The Propensity to be Influenced prediction in balloon, spectator's writing is switched in for prediction
Inspired by 26
Barrie Richardson Quartet deck is shuffled, four spectators get a quarter the deck and performer names every card after apparently memorizing them, using Rounders
Inspired byRelated to 34
Barrie Richardson Concluding Thoughts on the program presented in the last few items
Barrie Richardson An Unforgettable Night about a performance for George and Barbara Bush
Barrie Richardson Chapter II: Mind to Mind chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Zebra2 presentation for Magic Square
Barrie Richardson All Gone spectator writes name on one paper, the other have the word "Gone", miscalling
Also published here
  • The Magician, Spring 2007
Barrie Richardson The Eye of the Target imaginary book test, spectator names books and makes up page number and word on billet, word matches prediction and page number divined by a spectator, spectator's billet switched in for prediction
Inspired by
  • "Mental Target Practice" (Barrie Richardson, The Magician, Feb. 2005)
Related to
  • "Dead Name Duplication" (Theodore Annemann, Thayer's Trick of the Month Club, 1932)
Barrie Richardson Billet Switching Rod pencil with two caps
Related to 75
Barrie Richardson Giuoco Piano three psychological forces (carrot, two-digit and three-digit number), then one number with nail writer
Barrie Richardson Eric Mason - A Man For All Seasons
Related to 85
Barrie Richardson Chapter III: Intimate Mind Games chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Symbologic Revisited coins with colored stickers, two sets of five, spectator matches colors unseen in two phases
  • Phase I - Three Matches
  • Phase II - Five Matches
Inspired by
  • Hen Fetsch's "Symbologic"
Also published here
  • The Magician, Aug./Sep. 2006
Barrie Richardson A Glimpse of Milton fairly "thought-of" card divined, slippery powder/glass microbeads instead of salt
Inspired by 100
Barrie Richardson The Devil's Dictionary peek deck principle with a book
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The Magician, Dec. 2004
Barrie Richardson Spoo-Key thread loop
  • The First Rotation
  • The Crawl
  • The Gravity Rotation
Inspired by 111
Barrie Richardson The Bhutan Key on the performance of Spoo-Key in Tibet
Barrie Richardson Chapter IV: Card at Any Number chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Impromptu Card at Any Number (Close-Up Version) selected card, faced deck
Bluff Pass
Classic Pass Half Pass top section pulled around to bottom
Barrie Richardson Card at Any Number (For Platform Performance) selected card, faced deck
Barrie Richardson David Berglas
Barrie Richardson Chapter V: Modest Miracles with Business Cards chapter intro
Barrie Richardson, Allen Zingg Zingg's One-Handed Billet Switch (A Standing Handling)
Inspired by
  • switch in Allen Zingg's "Billets - Naturally", 2005
Barrie Richardson A Color, a Number and a Letter getting two out of three right, nail writing on palmed billet
Related to 151
Barrie Richardson Spooky Writing initials of deceased person appear on billet
Barrie Richardson A Dessert and a First Love billet routine
Inspired byVariations 155
Barrie Richardson The Happy Peek one-handed, special fold and part is squeezed open
Also published here
  • The Magician, Mar. 2007
Barrie Richardson The Triangle Peek special fold and billet is squeezed open to glimpse four writings
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The Magician, Jan. 2007
Barrie Richardson Double Deception Billet Routine glimpsing method for folded billet with information written in special places, audience is not aware of what is asked for on billet
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The Magician, July 2006
Barrie Richardson Anthony Blake - An Unforgettable Day
Barrie Richardson Chapter VII: Osmosis chapter intro
Barrie Richardson The Osmosis Envelope gimmicked pay envelope, spectator can seal message inside, yet performer can access and glimpse content
Barrie Richardson The Happy Story one person reading with Osmosis Envelope
Barrie Richardson Memories of the Sun and Moon two persons reading with Osmosis Envelope
Barrie Richardson Daley's Delight Switch Variation with envelopes
Barrie Richardson Fourth Dimensional Osmosis using Osmosis Envelope
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Fourth Dimensional Telepathy" (Theodore Annemann, marketed 1930)
Barrie Richardson Gil Eagles - The Best of the Best
Barrie Richardson Chapter VII: Hidden Devices chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Devious Deck Switch - A Modest Renovation using a card case
Inspired by 209
Barrie Richardson The Click Switch using pencil with clip
Barrie Richardson Forcing Flip-Pad
Also published here
  • The Magician, Jan. 2006
Barrie Richardson Slippery Jack's Side Steal card from center into left cop, application for card through rubber banded deck
Related toAlso published here
  • The Magician, Mar. 2005
Barrie Richardson The Stranger's Trick spectator deals, stops and remembers card, loses it again, performer divines it, description of a trick seen at a convention and method guess
Also published here
  • The Magician, Dec. 2007
Barrie Richardson The Bluff Riffle Force bottom instead of top half is removed before offering top card of remaining half
Also published here
  • Club 71, Sep. 2003
Barrie Richardson Pants on Fire two phases
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Club 71, Sep. 2003
Dai Vernon All around Glimpse
Barrie Richardson Divine and Conquer card chosen after spectator's shuffle, it is divined
Also published here
  • Club 71, Sep. 2003
Barrie Richardson Derren Brown - Does "The Best Card Trick" of the Year with description of performance of verbal force
Also published here 233
Barrie Richardson Chapter VIII: Water & Frost chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Birches story and poem presentation
Barrie Richardson Palmero Ranch - A Report from a Magician's Heaven
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