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Space Force spectator holds hands out, distance and imaginary object predicted, using measuring tape
Matt Baker Poker Lesson three-phase routine with Aronson stack, bottom deal demo
Also published here 18
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight Switch spectator apparently shuffles both halves
Lee Benzaquin Surprise Ace Collectors collectors as finale of Triumph
Inspired by 26
Tyler Wilson, Lee Benzaquin Braue Reversal Variation
Inspired by 27
Jorge Betancourt Collectors Edition
Also published here
  • Arcana Magazine, May 2017
Derek Dingle NoLap Switch
Simon Black Über selection vanishes from packet, reappears in the deck at specific position
Inspired byRelated to 36
Simon Black See-Saw Swing flourishy swing cut
Cameron Braxton Sure Shot Sandwich with one shuffle
Tony Cabral Two Routines - One: The Braue Poker Deal Redux faro stacking demo, spectator choses type of poker game
Inspired byAlso published here
  • “Cheats & Deceptions” column in M-U-M Magazine
Your Moment of Zen naming value missing four-of-a-kind after riffling through the deck
Tony Cabral Two Routines - Two spectators cut off packets and remember bottom cards, which are divined
Inspired byAlso published here
  • “Cheats & Deceptions” column in M-U-M Magazine
Luis Carreon Grillo card vanishes between two Kings, travels to between another two Kings
Inspired by 70
Cody Clark Using Magic for Social Advocacy
Lauren Cohen Meaning in Magic
Nancy Colwell Narrow Minded approach with three selections, with discussion of think-a-card methods
Related to 89
Michael Feldman Victory in-the-hands
Also published here 110
Michael Feldman Shrug Half Pass one-handed
Scott Green Survivor spelling with four-card packet, remaining card predicted
Inspired by 119
Mike Helmer Scythe Cut moves bottom stock to top
Also published here 124
Carisa Hendrix Bugs Bunny Theory
  • 1. When you are lucky, the antagonist appears
  • 2. Sometimes you have to create an antagonist
Carisa Hendrix The Polite Pickpocket five coins in spectator's hand, one vanishes and appears on spectator's shoulder, another vanishes, then four coins penetrate coin box and magician's hand
Inspired by 139
Fake Count into Spectator's Hand
Al James This Trick Is A Real Lifesaver life saver candy penetrates off string
Nathan Kranzo A Free Kiss production from shoe of air freshener and Hershey's kisses
Inspired by 152
Edward Marlo Miracle Ace Routine last Ace found at named number
Also published here 156
Ryan Matney It's Alive miniature card comes out of torn Queen with spectator's name written on its back
Also published here 164
Sebastian Midtvaage FlashBack follow-up for Shake Change, double snaps over
Also published here
  • Shaken, Not Stirred (Sebastian Midtvaage, circa 2018, p. 15)
Sebastian Midtvaage One Shot folded card dumped out of shot glass and switched in the process
Sebastian Midtvaage The Fourth Favorite Card strategy to have less obvious cards named
Harapan Ong Travellator four Aces, three cards put on each, one by one the the Aces travel to top of their packets, last Ace travels to card case
Michael Powers Goin’ Fishing two selections lost, Jokers appear on deck, Jokers pushed sideways through deck, selection between it, then switching sandwiches phase
Inspired by 185
Justin Purcell Out with Four-intine four coins from Okito box to hand
Inspired byAlso published here 194
Jon Racherbaumer Maximizing Mama whole deck changes to Jokers as finale
Jon Racherbaumer Miraskill to the Max starts with dealing off twenty-six cards face up, several prediction phases
Related to 206
Steve Reynolds Marked Seconds second deal demo, Aces make surprise appearance
Colin Robinson My Ice Pick Is in the Mail coin through performer's hand, three phases, coin apparently stuck in hand in last phase
Inspired by
  • "Carpal Tunnel" (Scott Robinson, Pure Imagination, 2019)
  • "Vertical Thumb Palm Muscle Pass" (Tomoya Horiki, DVD Sprout: Ideas for Coin Magic, 2016)
Fred Robinson Pick-Up Vanish
Daniel Roy Playing Heavy three cards travel from black pile to into red pile under spectator's hand, repeat with specific positions
Inspired by 228
Danny Rudnick Quick Flip 2 unknown card reversed, performer knows card and the ones around it, x-ray glasses presentation
Jamie Sanden Triple Erdnase Erdnase Color Change extension, with routine suggestion
Eric Stevens Final Cut Pro deck mixed face-up/face-down with spectator, yet selection instantly cut to
Suzanne An Unexpected Connection on a Castle performance with an unresponsive audience
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, October 2013
Ben Train 192020 selection lost, spectator reverses a card under the table, its value used to count to selection
Nick Vlow DMC-12 handling for time machine, using Raise Rise
Inspired by
  • "The Time Machine" (Steve Freeman, Genii, Vol. 34 No. 7, 1981)
Glenn West Moving Hole punched holes move on card
Inspired by
  • "Holy Terror II" (Michael Powers, marketed)
Also published here
Caleb Wiles Premonition and Déjà Vu prediction matches selection, repeat phase with Daley's Last Trick
Inspired by
  • "Color Blind" (John Guastaferro, DVD Brainstorm Vol. 1)
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