Written by Vanni Bossi
Work of Vanni Bossi
26 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Vanni Bossi
Language: English
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Vanni Bossi Dear Friend "Escorialist"
Vanni Bossi Double Lifting Again
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Vanni Bossi My Colour Change two methods
Also published here 2
Vanni Bossi An Idea for the Pass as card is pushed in the deck, Herrmann Pass type
Also published here 4
Vanni Bossi Little Finger Side Steal After the Peek (Techniques: Real Time or Delayed), to Gambler's Flat Palm or as Multiple Lift
Vanni Bossi The Use of the Little Finger in Positioning Exactly the Card in the Palm on the little finger for the DPS
Inspired by 6
Vanni Bossi V.B. Variation on Kaps Handling of the LePaul's Color Change Using the Side Steal from Bottom
Inspired by 7
Vanni Bossi A Different Push Through Technique diagonal insertion variation
Vanni Bossi From "Tamariz" Control Perpendicular to Erdnase's Shift and Palm to Diagonal Palm Shift position
Vanni Bossi Brother John Hamman Method of Double Lifting and Vanni Bossi Variation on Juan Tamariz's Turnover ( Volteo Sobresaliente) reverse finger action of Tamariz Turnover
Inspired by 10
Vanni Bossi Gambler's Rest Grip of One or More Cards stealing top card(s) into left hand from small packet as it is removed with right hand
Also published here 12
Vanni Bossi The "Open Fingers" Hold of a Secretly Palmed Card on Table Edge table edge position for classic palm (1980)
Also published here 13
Vanni Bossi Charlier Pass Maintaining Bottom Card buckling with first finger
Vanni Bossi Position of the Hand Palming a Card, Resting on Table Top tip on palming
Vanni Bossi Secret Subtraction of a Card (or More) a few cards fanned in right hand, fan closed and taken into other hand, face card(s) stolen into left hand low lateral palm
Also published here 15
Vanni Bossi Secret Addition to the Tabled Pack of One or More Cards a few cards fanned in right hand, fan closed and taken into other hand, face card(s) stolen into left hand low lateral palm and unloaded on deck
Vanni Bossi The Vanni Bossi's Buckle Fan (1971-72) one-handed fanning of small packet with one double card, with lay-down, two handlings
Also published here 16
Vanni Bossi A Further Idea: "4 As 3" in the Hands and on the Table with one-handed lay-down
Also published here 18
Vanni Bossi The V.B. "Pneumatic" Double Lift (1976)
Vanni Bossi Secret Fold of a Card in Sixth while deck is turned over, into sixth
Related to 21
Vanni Bossi A Tip for Riffle Shuffle Push-Off Little Finger Technique tip
Vanni Bossi One Hand Top Palm of More Cards
Vanni Bossi Bent Card Palm
Related toAlso published here 23
Vanni Bossi The Pivot Palm
Vanni Bossi A Flourish Cut (False) After Erdnase's Fancy Blind Cut N° 1
Inspired by 24
Vanni Bossi A Second Deal, Second to None... sucker stop trick, Second Deal gag, card sticks to thumb
Related to 25
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