Written by John Northern Hilliard

Work of Various

1005 pages (Hardcover), published by Carl Waring Jones

Language: English

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John Northern Hilliard Billiard Balls 621
Unknown Palming classic and finger palm 622
Unknown Palming a Ball in Apparently Taking it in the Other Hand 623
Unknown Palming a Ball in the Act of Apparently Placing it in the Other Hand 624
Unknown The Change Over Palm two methods 625
Unknown Billiard Ball Gimmicks - The Shell 626
Unknown Ball Holders: 1. Individual Holders
2. Holders for Several Balls
two individual and four multiple ball holders 627
Unknown Pockets topit, application for billiard ball or deck of cards 628
Unknown Pulls for billiard ball vanish 628
Unknown The Cuff Servante sleeve cuff servante for billiard ball 629
Unknown Table Wells and Servantes 630
Eric Peterson Special Balls - Pin Ball 630
Unknown Thimble Ball 631
Unknown Ball with Hole 631
Unknown Needle and Cork Ball 631
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Billiard Ball Stands - Conradi Stand to vanish and produce balls 631
Unknown Wooden Stand to hold and produce balls 632
Unknown The Lozenge dummy part of a ball for a convincing vanish 633
Unknown The One to Four Multiplication with shell 634
Unknown Filtration Through a Handkerchief 636
Unknown A Billiard Ball Phantasy four different colored solid balls 637
Unknown Playing Card Changed to a Billiard Ball 640
Unknown Production of a Billiard Ball from a Playing Card 641
Unknown A Subtle Vanish 642
Unknown The Best Dminishing Billiard Ball Trick gaffed 642
Laurie Ireland The New Multiplying Golf Balls description of set of balls 644
Unknown Multiplication to Four Solid Balls two shells used, "modern" 644
Unknown Simultaneous Production of Four Balls in Each Hand four shells and four solid balls, roll-out with both hands 646
Henry Gordien Knee Penetration 647
Laurie Ireland The Diminishing Golf Ball gimmick applied to golf ball 649
John Northern Hilliard Sponge Balls 651
Unknown The Fist Vanish for several balls one by one 652
Unknown To Palm a Sponge Ball 653
Unknown A Sponge Ball Routine several phases, hollow egg or lemon finale 654
Henry Gordien Another Sponge Ball Routine Variations 656
Unknown Gimmicks for Sponge Balls holders and comments 657
John Northern Hilliard The Cups and Balls The Wand
The Balls
The Cups
Unknown The Vanish 659
Unknown Loading a Cup tip over load 660
Unknown Removing a Ball Secretly from Under a Cup 660
Unknown Routine 661
Laurie Ireland No-Sleight Sponge Ball Method 663
Dai Vernon A Coin Vanish 666
Martin Chapender The Chapender Vanish see reference for credit informationRelated to 667
John Northern Hilliard A Hilliard Vanish Related to 669
John Northern Hilliard Another Hilliard Vanish back palm 669
Unknown A Complete Vanish coat pocket drop 670
Unknown A Vanish with a Pencil pencil clip 671
Jardine Ellis A Jardine Ellis Vanish 671
Unknown A Novel and Easy Coin Change using double backed card 672
Unknown A Change for a Small Coin sleeving 672
Max Malini A Coin Multiplication three coins 673
Harry Kellar Coin Holders - The Kellar Holder 673
Al Meiner The New Coin Holder 674
Unknown New Coin Dropper 674
Unknown Paper Clip Holder single coin 674
Unknown Fountain Pen impromptu holder 675
Unknown Folded Newspaper as a Tray impromptu coin tray 675
Unknown The Wand vanish with wax 675
Unknown Coin on Thread 676
Unknown Folding Coins construction and use including: To Make One Coin and a Folded Coin Appear as Three Coins, Formula for Silver Cement to Fill the Gap 676
Harry Blackstone The Half Dollar and Ginger Ale Bottle folding coin 677
William H. McCaffrey, S.S. Blodgett The Penny and the Dime one of two coins vanish 678
Unknown A Coin Vanishes from Between Two Glasses 680
Charles A. Leedy Coin to Pocket from hand to trouser pocket 681
Al Baker Dime Under One of Three Cards spectator puts dime beneath one of three card, performer divines which card 681
Unknown The Coin in the Handkerchief marked coin into handkerchiefRelated to 682
Unknown The Vanishing Dime 683
Unknown False Turnover 683
Unknown Another Vanishing Dime simulated pick up from pile of coins 684
Unknown A Trick at the Counter 685
Unknown Two Cards and a Coin coin appears between two cards 685
Unknown The Dime and the Penny 685
John Northern Hilliard A Date Divination with cards the date of a borrowed coin is divined 686
Unknown Coin Changed to an Alarm Clock 687
Unknown A Coin Penetration through cloth bag, using a wire ring 688
Yank Hoe The Sympathetic Coins corners of handkerchief assembly, shell 689
Unknown Coin Through a Handkerchief shell 690
Unknown Invisible Flight of Six Coins 690
Unknown Gold and Silver 692
Unknown The Rising Coin up in glass and over lip, thread 693
Unknown The "Perfect" Coins Through Table Trick ungaffed 694
Arthur Sherwood The Coin and the Chocolate Box coin from chocolate box to envelope and back again 697
Unknown A Coin Producing Fan gaffed 699
Unknown The Coin Easel for vanish and reproduction 700
Unknown The Miser's Dream - Coins from the Shoe sequence to fit into routine 701
Unknown The Hooked Coin sequence to fit into miser's dream routine 702
Unknown A Very Good Method of Holding a Load of Coins is This hole through stack of coins 702
T. Nelson Downs Mysterious Date Changing date increases by number thought of 703
T. Nelson Downs Reading the Dates of Coins with Finger Tips 703
T. Nelson Downs A Neat Coin Fold 704
T.J. Crawford Migratory Coins coins on corners of black cloth, with 2 postcards 705
T.J. Crawford The Okito Coin Box coin from box transposes with coin from hand 708
T.J. Crawford The Brema Coin Box six coins in box penetrate box and hand 710
T.J. Crawford Using the Sleeves coin travels from hand to hand, two methodsRelated to 712
T.J. Crawford Curious Coins three coins in each hand 713
Unknown Click Pass 715
T.J. Crawford An Old One Revised coin from coin box on top of book on top of glass into glass 716
T.J. Crawford The Illusive Coin Pass 1 or several coins 717
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Coin Star on tips of fingers 719
Unknown The Thumb Grip 722
Unknown The Passage of a Cigarette from One Hand to the Other Through the Knees 724
Unknown Method of Showing the Hands Empty by Means of the Thumb Grip 724
Unknown Production of a Number of Cigarettes from the Thumb Grip unlight 725
Unknown The Pinches palming positions 726
Unknown The Finger Hold palming positions 727
Unknown The Finger Palm 727
Unknown The Tiptilt 728
Unknown The Vanish, Real and Apparent 728
Unknown The Push Vanish and Recovery 729
Unknown "Tongue"-ing a Cigarette 730
Unknown Switching a Lighted Cigarette for a Dummy 732
Unknown Production of Five Lighted Cigarettes, Full Size 733
Unknown Production of a Lighted Cigarette from the Air 734
Unknown Producing Sparks 735
Unknown A Routine Using Lighted Cigarettes and Dummies 735
Unknown A Finale. Production of a Pipe 737
Unknown The Dropper 737
Unknown Tanks for Lighted Cigarettes 737
Unknown Vest Holder 738
Unknown The Finger Clip 738
Unknown Preparation of Load for Production of Several Cigarettes at Once 739
Unknown Cigarette Switch two methods 741
Unknown Vanishing a Cigarette with a Pull. Correct Method 741
Unknown Another Vanish of a Lighted Cigarette thumb tip 742
G. W. Hunter Continuous Impromptu Production of Cigarettes Variations 743
Unknown The Growing, Glowing Cigarette stretched to double length, then diminished and vanished 745
Glenn G. Gravatt The Cigarette Rising from a Package 745
Unknown Another Method impromptu method for cigarette rising from a package 747
Unknown A Cigarette Rising from a Bottle 747
Al Baker The Reborn Cigarette with initialed cigarette 748
Unknown Lighted Cigarette Passed Through Handkerchief 750
Unknown The Phantom Cigarette lighted cigarette through handkerchief 751
Unknown Half a Cigarette from hand to hand 753
Unknown A Cigarette Interlude magical lighting of cigarette, impromptu 753
Unknown Bending a Cigarette Double bending without breaking 754
Unknown The Knotted Cigarette 754
Unknown The Pantomime Cigarette 755
Henry Gordien Cigarettes and Hats matrix with four cigarettes and two hats 756
Samuel Berland The Immortal Cigarette broken in three pieces 758
Samuel Berland Cigarettes Through a Handkerchief full contents of package 759
William Larsen, T. Page Wright The L.W. Card in Cigarette 760
Unknown The Levitation of a Cigar at the fingertips 762
Unknown Another Levitation at the fingertips 763
Unknown With Three Borrowed Cigars rolling on their own, thread 764
Unknown The Travelling Cigar Ash from hand to hand 764
Unknown The Torn Bill 767
Unknown Switching a Bill I 768
Unknown Switching a Bill II 769
William H. McCaffrey Cut and Restored Bill 770
Dave Roberts The Climbing Bill climbing up the wall, reel 771
Unknown "The Perfect" Lemon and Bill Trick 771
Unknown A Good Wrinkle for Rolling Bills method for a tight roll for insertion into lemon etc. 774
Bluey-Bluey The Bill in the Envelope burned in envelope, reproduced from spectator's sleeve 774
William H. McCaffrey The Five Dollar Bill Trick $5 to $1 bill, humorous presentation 777
Dai Vernon The Short Change with the Long Green Variations 779
Carl Brema Dollar Bill and Tube Trick Bill Tube 781
John Northern Hilliard Magic With Ropes 783
Karl Germain Cut and Restored String 785
Harlan Tarbell Cut and Restored Rope with Snap Fasteners 786
Harlan Tarbell Caesar Gimmick connection 786
Harlan Tarbell The Tarbell Hindu Rope Mystery - Loop method. Simplified form 787
U. F. Grant Impropmtu Method 790
Mihlon Clayton Mehlon Clayton's Method Variations 792
Henry Gordien Henry Gordien's Method 793
Milbourne Christopher Stretching a Rope 794
Unknown Second Method 796
Harry C. Bjorklund The Slow Motion Restoration 797
Herman Hanson The Climax Rope Trick 799
John Northern Hilliard The Chinese Rings 803
Jean Hugard For Parlor or Club Presentation full routine 804
Jean Hugard Stage Presentation full routine 810
Unknown Various Artifices of Modern Invention - The Large Ring secretly using a slightly smaller ring for some moves 814
M. Odin The Odin Count false count with the rings 817
Victor Farelli Mr Farelli's Variation Using Two Large Rings false count & routine 818
Dariel Fitzkee The Small Ring false count with the rings 820
Eugene Laurant, Chung Ling Soo, Charles Waller Methods of Obtaining the Key Ring Secretly With a Silk
With a Japanese Basket
On the Back of a Chair
J. N. Hilliard's Method
Eugene Laurant's Method
Charles Waller's Method
With a Vest
Chung Ling Soo's Method
Unknown The Opening in the Key Ring construction methods 823
Unknown Bibliography list of publications of Linking Ring Routines 823
Unknown The Four Sugar Cubes matrix type assembly 825
Unknown The Travelling Matches hand to hand 825
Unknown A Pretty Match Flourish "The effect is that of a lighted match suddenly materializing in the air." 826
Unknown Divination with Matches number of matches moved is divined by performer 827
Unknown The Linking Matches between the fingers and thumbs, two methods 827
Unknown Striking a Match in the Air flourish 828
Unknown The Flying Matches matches from matchbook to pocket 829
William H. McCaffrey The Jumping Match or Toothpick Related to 830
Unknown Vanishing Matches vanishing from box 830
Unknown The Floating Match up and down on top of matchbox 830
David E. Swift The Pencil Fountain water is produced from borrowed pencil 831
Unknown The Three Cigarette Papers paper with dead name moves by itself 832
Unknown The Butterfly on the Shoe butterfly from paper flaps its wings 832
Unknown The Tricky Thumble match appears under thimble with gag presentation 832
Unknown A Novel Thimble Vanish 833
Unknown Three Useful Wrinkles - With a Matchbox as memory aid 834
Unknown To Tear Cellophane you can tear cellophane and the spectator can't 834
Unknown New Prepared Envelope 834
Unknown To Number the Sides and Yet Have a Message Written on One Side 835
Unknown The Empty Frame Idea 836
Stewart Judah Slate Writing Without a Flap writing appears on slate 836
Unknown The Rolling Golf Ball rolling itself up in a borrowed handkerchief, ungaffed objects 837
Unknown The Rising and Falling Tube. A Genuine Hindu Trick bamboo tube travels up and down a cord 838
Al Baker The New Rice Bowls 839
Petrie Lewis The New Die and Hat Trick large die from tube to hat 842
Edward Massey Glass Through Glass glass rod through glass in frame 843
Ludwig Krug The Penetrale Glass rod through glass in frame 845
Unknown The Hindu Thread Trick 846
Don White The Chinese Prayer Vase vase on rope 847
Unknown The Porous Broomstick rope through broomstick 850
Unknown The Flying Ring I ring from right hand to any finger on left hand 851
Unknown The Flying Ring II ring from right hand to any finger on left handVariations 853
Percy Abbott The New Vanishing Glass "Squash", with rubber ball pull 854
Unknown The Wooden Block Divination Trick four numbered blocks in box are arranged, performer divines their arrangement 856
Unknown The Divination Candles four candles, one is put in tube, performer divines it 856
Henry Gordien A Compact Divination Trick spectator sets clock to any hour, performer divines it 857
Henry Gordien The Salt Trick salt from hand to hand 858
James Wobensmith The Afghan Bands wellknown topological thing 860
Ellis Stanyon The Evolution of the Afghan Bands extension for wellknown topological thing 861
Ellis Stanyon The Miracle Torn and Restored Paper 863
Eugene Laurant The Sands of the Desert method of preparationVariations 865
Charles Bertram The Sands of the Desert - Charles Bertram's Method 867
Unknown The Sands of the Desert - Wax Paper Method 868
Unknown The Sands of the Desert - Veterinary Capsule Method 868
David Bamberg The Sands of the Desert - Fu Manchu's Presentation 869
Harlan Tarbell The Sands of the Desert - Harlan Tarbell's Presentation 869
Don White Piff, Paff, Pouf!! The Magic Safety Pins Related to 871
Baffles Brush Tricks of the Trade - Magician's Wax 873
Baffles Brush Elastic 873
Unknown Flesh Color Paint 873
Dave Roberts A Novel Pull for birdcage 873
Unknown A useful Pull 873
Unknown Hand Levitation 873
Unknown Flash Paper recipe 874
Unknown Thread or line 874
Unknown Bent tube for thread 874
Unknown Beer fake beer recipe 874
Unknown Ropes fixing ends 874
Unknown Egg Stains cleaning for nickel, copper, brass 874
Unknown Grease Spots cleaning 874
Unknown Silk Stains cleaning 875
Unknown Pulls tip 875
Unknown Candle Shells tip 875
Unknown Velvet tip 875
Unknown Colored Fluids tip 875
Unknown Gold paint tip 875
Unknown Plush goods tip on cleaning 875
Unknown Feather Flowers tip on cleaning 875
Roy Chapman A Practical Flashpot 875
Caryl S. Fleming Inflating Balloons for Production 876
Eugene Bernstein the Spirit Grip spectator feels two hands, while only one is touching him 877
Theodore Annemann Diabolo Pellet Reading 881
Unknown The One Ahead System 883
Wm. Hewitt Modern Mind Reading Related to 884
John Mulholland The Telephone Book Test 885
Jean Hugard The Dictionary Trick 887
Sid Lorraine The Sealed Message sealed and burned message is divined 889
Sid Lorraine The Magic Blotter answer to question appears on paper 890
William H. McCaffrey Geomancy drawn design is duplicated, carbon 891
Carl Waring Jones Divination with Marbles color is correctly named 893
Theodore Annemann The Three Pellet Trick three cards written on billets are divined 894
Unknown Billet Switch 895
William H. McCaffrey Magic Addition 896
Frank Lane Mind Reading at a Distance assistant in other room names cards touched by spectator 897
Unknown The Best Impromptu Mind Reading Trick 898
Bert Allerton Mind Reading with the Finger Tips as Bert Gustafson, two thought-of-cards are removed behind back 900
Bert Allerton Deck Switching Gimmick for a switch behind the back... 900
Bert Allerton Card Index for twelve cards 901
H. Adrian Smith Mnemonics with Cards - An Outline of the System
- The Table of Fixed Ideas
- The Card List
- Association of Ideas
- Memorizing a Shuffled Pack
H. Adrian Smith A Unique Mental Problem missing cards are named, real memoryVariations 906
H. Adrian Smith Memorizing a List of Objects 907
H. Adrian Smith A Method for a Set-up Deck mental aid to keep track of suits while dealing for cyclical stacks 908
Unknown Concluding Observations 909
Royal Vale Heath Magic Squares chapter on Magic Squares, discussing
- The Three Square
- The Five Square
- Odd and Even Cell Squares
- The Eight Square
- The Six Square
Unknown Fun with Magic Squares 915
Unknown Transposing Magic Squares 916
Unknown The Birthday Magic Square Trick 920
Unknown An Historical Magic Square 921
Unknown Segregation of the Odd and Even Numbers Routine 922
Unknown A Mathematical Magic Square 923
Unknown An Intersting Curiosity 924
Unknown Old and New Apparatus from the Charles H. Larson Collection with pictures of:
- The Vanishing Cannon Ball
- A Magic Periscope
- The Magic Kettle
- The Silks Stand
- The Mysterious Disc
- The Mysterious Case
- The Inexhaustible Barrel
- Cord and Books
- The Ivory Card Blocks
- The Hut of Madagascar
- The Umbrella Table
- Pack of Cards Changed to Silk
- The Latest Block and Cord
- Silk Production Balls
- Silk Production
- The Card Table
- Latest Mirror Glass
- The Cigarette Candle
- The Penetration of Matter
- Other Collections
David Bamberg Stage Presentation tips on stage presentation, discussing:
- Stage Entrance
- Settings
- The Opening Illusion
- The Follow On
- Patter
- Balance
- Assistants
- Audience Work
- Routining
- Apparatus
- Working to Magicians
- The Climax
- Résumé
Jack Gwynne The Turn-Over Box 949
W.J. Nixon The Floating Ball thread 950
Russel Walsh The Vanishing Cane 953
Silent Mora The Vanishing Lamp 954
Unknown The Sword Box 955
Unknown The New Sword Cabinet 956
U. F. Grant The Head Pincushion 957
Fred Culpitt The Doll's House 958
W.J. Nixon Where do the Ducks Go? 960
Unknown Burning a Woman Alive skeleton remains 961
Amac Find the Lady 963
Lester Lake, Percy Abbott The Chinese Chopper for head and both arms 966
Chung Ling Soo Shooting an Arrow and a Rope Through a Woman 968
Unknown Walking Through a Ribbon 971
Herr Boelke Creo kind of puppet becomes personRelated to 973
David Devant The Ghost 975
Charles Waller Transmogrification one person becomes another 976
Torrini Sawing a Woman in Half 978
P. T. Selbit Selbit's Version of Sawing a Woman in Half 980
Horace Goldin Horace Goldin's Version of Sawing a Woman in Half 982
Unknown Method Using One Girl of Sawing a Woman in Half 986
Unknown A Living Miracle - The Circular Saw Method of Sawing a Woman in Half 988
Unknown The Headless Woman 989