Written by John Northern Hilliard

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1005 pages (Hardcover), published by Carl Waring Jones

Language: English

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Unknown The Master of the Playing Cards brief history & information about playing cardsRelated to 1
Unknown Riffle-Shuffle Positioning of Crimped Card near top 6
Unknown How to Make the Fan 10
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Diminishing Cards fans 12
Unknown The Reverse Fan 13
Unknown The Giant Fan 16
Unknown Butt Shuffle brief, no details 17
Unknown The One-Hand Fan 19
Unknown Vanish and Recovery brief 20
Unknown The Fan "Steal" from packet in hand in preparation for production 21
Unknown Fan Shuffle as false shuffle 25
Unknown The Fan Location: By Means of the Regular Fan Related to 27
Unknown By Means of the Reversed Fan "a favorite of Vernon and Horowitz" 28
George Pughe The Third Fan Location card is crimped as spectator removes it from fan 30
Unknown The Peek two methods 32
Unknown Heel Break 33
Paul LePaul A "Side-Steal" Location 34
Unknown The Pick-up Location End Grip Transfer 34
Unknown The Push Location Tap Injog 35
Unknown The Push-Back Location setting injog when placing two halves together 36
Tom Sellers Another Push Location key next to free selection 36
Unknown The "Slap" Location drop injog when two packets are placed togetherRelated to 36
Unknown The Slip Location placing key under spread next to selection 38
Unknown A Reversed Card Discovery spectator pushes reversed card next to selection 40
Unknown The Shuffle Location jog-shuffle 41
Unknown The Crimp Location - First Method. (With both hands) in the spread 46
Yank Hoe Location with Crimp magician inserts card 47
Unknown Second Method. (With one hand) as card is pushed in deck 49
Unknown Third Method. (With both hands) as card is pushed in deck, "End Crimp" 50
Dr. James William Elliott Fourth Method. (With both hands) crimp in middle of short side 51
Sid Lorraine Addition to Elliott's Crimp nail nick 52
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon Subtlety distant crimped key card 52
Unknown Fifth Method. (Card control by means of the crimp) crimping bottom section 53
Theodore Annemann Sixth Method. (Crimp and table spread) crimped distant key 55
Jack Merlin Jack Merlin Crimp Technique crimping selection while pushing spread forward 57
Jack Merlin Jack Merlin Wax Technique 57
John Scarne Seventh Method. (The "Snap" crimp) 57
John Scarne Scarne Ridge Technique 59
Unknown Crimp Trick 59
Ben Erens, Henry Gordien, Louis Zingone Nicking the Edge of a Card three methods by those three people of nicking a selection, one with pencil 61
Unknown Nail-Pricking the Surface of a Card 63
Unknown "It's Up to You" using nail pricking 64
Unknown The Knife-Blade Detection scratching the face 65
Unknown The Pencil-Line Detection one-way via edge markRelated to 65
Unknown The Daub Location 66
Al Baker A Problem in Plumbago stacked and daub 67
Unknown Carbon-Paper Daub & Carrying Daub tips 69
Unknown "Golden Glow" Daub 70
John Scarne Ace-Cutting four packets cut to and dropped, top ace turns over, daubed edgeVariations 72
Dai Vernon Daub Application with Cardcase 72
Unknown Air Pressure Turnover brief 72
Unknown Newspaper-Piece Daub 73
Paul Rosini A Problem in the Fourth Dimension daub 74
Unknown The Warring Principle permanent metal tab at card 77
Unknown Removable Metal Clip adaption of The Warring Principle 78
Unknown Crescent Locator Card piece cut out and glued on card 78
Unknown Double Locator Card Court Loator Card ("Master Card") and Pip Locator Card, pieces glued on card 79
Unknown Silk Locator Card 79
Unknown Eclipse Locator Card shallow card glued on normal card 79
Alfred Caroselli Celluloid Key Card transparent celluloid card as locator card 80
U. F. Grant Reversed Key Card The "Whoops!" ControlAlso published here 81
Unknown Off-Tone Key Card Sun-Marked Key Card
Worn-Back Key Card
Unknown The Inked Card 82
Unknown Double-Backed Key Card 83
Unknown The Divided Pack: The Red and Black Location with note of mixed-suit separation 85
Unknown Color Separation while looking through the deck 86
Unknown Red-Black Riffle Shuffle 87
Unknown The Odd and Even Location 88
Charles T. Jordan The Improved Odd and Even Location 88
Unknown The "Reversible" Location using one-way feature of faces 88
Unknown The Bottom Card Location featuring several key card placements and strategies:
Joker Discard to Locate Key
Face-Dwon Ribbon-Spread Key Placement
Face-Up Ribbon Spread Key Placement
Deal-Down Key Placement
Distant Key Card
Cardcase Load of Key Card
John Northern Hilliard Experiment in Mind Reading key and shiner 92
Jardine Ellis Reducing Mirror 93
Unknown Shuffling with a Key Card 94
Unknown The Top Card Location key card starts on top 95
Unknown The Top and Bottom Location having two key cards 96
Unknown Shuffling despite Key Cards - The Overhand Shuffle
- The Dovetail Shuffle
Unknown The Master Card Location two key cards, spectator riffle shuffles 97
Unknown The New Pack Location key card tricks using new pack order 99
Unknown The Perfect Card Trick full deck stack 100
Charles T. Jordan Interlocking Chain Principle 101
Unknown Reverse Order Location 101
Unknown Under Which King, Bezonian? card predicted on billet 102
Unknown The Incomprehensible Detection full stack 103
Unknown The "Slick Ace" and Some Tricks Therewith information about the slick ace principle 105
Unknown, Frank Lane "The Master Card" handling of slick aces, four methods (in the hands and on the table) 109
Unknown Trick Wherein a Packet's Number of Cards is Divined 113
Dai Vernon Trick Wherein a Card is Thrust Beside a Predicted Card two methods, one by Vernon 113
Unknown Footnote on "Slick Ace" Principle 117
Rupert Slater, John Northern Hilliard Mutus, Nomen, Dedit, Cocis pairs honestly shuffled and switched for duplicates in order ready for dealVariations 120
Mahendra The Miracle Divination - The Problem of the Three Coins three coins are pocketed by three spectators, performer divines themVariations 128
S.S. Blodgett The Problem of the Four Aces four aces are pocketed by four spectators, performer divines them 136
Unknown The Problem of the Three Poker Chips three chips are pocketed by three spectators, performer divines them 139
Sam Leo Horowitz The Twenty-Five Card Trick twenty-five duplicatesVariations 142
Sam Leo Horowitz The Mystery of the Penthouse four distributed Jacks come together with one cutRelated to 145
Unknown Bottom Card Jog bottom card injogged with first finger under deck, step 27Related to 149
Al Baker The Incomprehensible Divination Row of Ten Cards, see original longer introduction on page 1128 150
Al Baker Another Baker Twist on the old Ten-Card Trick Row of Ten Cards 153
Ralph W. Hull Magic Number Revealment Row of Ten CardsAlso published here 154
Unknown A Matter of Debit and Credit "I have as many cards as you have, and enough....", magician twice divines correct number of cut off cardsVariations 157
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Positioning of Four Cards context (OOSOOM setting?) 164
John Northern Hilliard Cards. The Best Kind to Use 164
Unknown To Keep Certain Cards in View overhand and basic riffle shuffle methods for:
1. The bottom card
2. The top card
3a. A number of cards (jog shuffle)
3b. A number of cards (lift shuffle)
G. W. Hunter To Retain the Whole Paock in a Certain Order: 1a. By means of the overhand shuffle Variations 167
Unknown 1b. By means of the overhand shuffle 167
Unknown 2a. By means of the riffle shuffle "zarrow" type 169
Unknown 2b. The inverted V Shuffle "zarrow" type 169
Charlier 3. The Hay-mow or Charlier false shuffle 171
Unknown 4. The weave or Greek shuffle 171
Unknown 5a. The push through 172
Unknown 5b. The strip out 173
Unknown 6. False riffle shuffle 174
Unknown 7. Red and black location featuring Jordan's false shuffle 174
Unknown False Cuts on the Table: a. Three Cuts on the Table 175
Unknown b. Three Cuts to the Table 176
Unknown c. Multiple Cuts on the Table 176
Arthur Finley d. Three Cuts 176
Unknown e. Two Cuts to the Table straight cut 177
Unknown f. Three Cuts on the Table 178
Unknown g. Running Cut 179
Unknown a. Three Cuts in the Hand (Riffle-Shuffle Grip) 180
Unknown b. Three Cuts in the Hand (Riffle-Shuffle Grip) 181
Unknown c. Three Cuts in the Hand (Hindu-Shuffle Grip) 181
Unknown The Pass information about practicing, covering and delaying the pass (via end crimp) 182
Unknown The Herrmann Pass 184
Unknown Wandering Jacks Fragment jacks from middle to top and bottom 185
Unknown The "Bluff" Pass 185
Unknown Substitutes for the Pass: I. Misdirection Mahatma Overhand Shuffle Control 186
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle genuine shuffle and as single/multiple card control 187
Unknown The Optical Shuffle back-and-forth false shuffle applied to card control 189
Unknown The Break and Shuffle overhand 189
Sam Leo Horowitz The Fan selection is controlled via jog, with finesse by HorowitzRelated to 190
Unknown The Force Advice on the Classic Force 191
Stanley Collins Contingency Correction as an out for the classic forceRelated to 193
Jean Hugard The Handkerchief Force Variations 195
John Scarne Forcing Cards Behind the Back 196
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser To Force any Number from One to Eight 196
Stewart Judah A Card Force 197
Unknown A Psychological Force 198
Unknown To Force the Number 9 198
Unknown To Force the Second Card of a Row of Four 198
Unknown For Forcing One of Two Cards or Piles on the Table 199
Unknown A Psychological Force miracle if ace of hearts is named 199
Unknown Modern Methods of Palming Cards - An imperceptible method of palming the top card(s) 199
Judson Cole, Jean Hugard The Top Card, One Hand Only 200
Morris Loewy The Top Card with Left Hand Only 201
Tenkai Ishida Palming One Card. Tankai's Method "Tenkai"Related toVariations 202
Unknown A Number of Cards left thumb pushes up, possible Horowitz credit on page 1105Related to 203
John Northern Hilliard Holding a Break in the Pack 204
Unknown The Base of the Thumb Break greek break 204
Unknown With the First Joint of the Middle Finger flesh break 204
Unknown One-Hand Pass from Flesh Break on the Deal very brief 204
Sam Leo Horowitz Holding the Break After a Spectator Peeks at a Card 205
Capt. J.E. Stone Switching the Pack: I. Using Well in Table Related to 206
Capt. J.E. Stone II. Using a Hat and Blindfold 206
Capt. J.E. Stone III. Using a Handkerchief and Coat Pocket Related to 207
Capt. J.E. Stone IV. Using a Cardcase and Coat Pocket 207
Capt. J.E. Stone V. To Exchange Decks During a Trick two methods 207
Capt. J.E. Stone VI. Using a Prepared Cardcase deck shell 208
John Northern Hilliard Final Observations and Caution 209
Unknown One Hand: a. Dealing face upwards Related to 209
Unknown One Hand: b. Dealing face downwards 210
Dai Vernon By Means of a Faked Card hole in top card 210
John Northern Hilliard Caution 211
Unknown With One Hand: a. Dealing face upwards 211
Unknown With One Hand: b. Dealing face downwards 212
Unknown A Chosen Card Is Discovered at Any Selected Number bottom deal 212
Tenkai Ishida The Tenkai Color Change 212
Sam Leo Horowitz The Horowitz Color Change 213
Sam Leo Horowitz The Fan Steal 214
Unknown Reversing Whole Pack - 1st Method 215
Unknown Reverse Sleight center to bottom 216
Unknown 2nd Method 216
Unknown A Fan Reverse 217
Unknown The Elbow Catch 218
Unknown A Card Juggle throwing deck from behind shoulder and kicking it upwards with shoe 218
Unknown Passing a Card Through the Crown of a Derby Hat 219
Unknown A True Cut with One Hand as in ErdnaseRelated to 219
Dai Vernon A Flourish Count 220
Unknown "Butting" or Interweaving the Cards 220
Theodore Annemann New Finishes for Card Tricks: 1. Card Dropping all cards except selection drops out of performer's hand 223
Unknown New Finishes for Card Tricks: 2. Adaption of the "Spring" Flourish cards are sprung in air singly, card at certain position caught 224
Henry Gordien Card under the Napkin 224
Unknown A Card Changes in the Spectator's Hand 225
Unknown Revealed by Fire name of selected card appears on card in flash of fire 226
Unknown The Spectator Does it All cards are put in pocket and one selected, performer divines number of pocketed cards and selection 226
Unknown A Mental Discovery - First Method by dealing 227
Unknown A Mental Discovery - Second Method by spelling spectator's name 229
Fred Heaman The Lie Detector (A Mental Discovery - Third Method) 229
Unknown Bottom Card Glimpse brief 229
Unknown Card Through Hat 230
Nate Leipzig The Flying Card when doing waterfall flourish, only selection drops to floor 231
Unknown Card in the Matchbox duplicate 231
Max Holden A Master Card Trick selection appears at predicted number 232
Unknown End Crimp 233
Carl Waring Jones The Three Pile Trick spectator notes position of mentally selected card, first card is key cardVariations 234
Unknown The Salt Trick deck divides at selected cardAlso published here 237
Unknown A Good Impromptu Trick value of top card is used to count down to selection 237
William H. McCaffrey A Self Working Trick using a no-touch force 237
John Northern Hilliard A "Think Stop" Trick Variations 239
Unknown Trick with Two Packs forcing two cards previously reversed in second pack 239
Unknown A Joker Trick 240
John Northern Hilliard A Few Words Anent the Joker uses of joker in pack 241
Unknown The Aces and the Criminal aces sandwich selectionRelated to 241
Unknown Obedient Cards 242
John Northern Hilliard Final Suggestions about impromptu tricks 242
Unknown The Fadeaway Cards plunger-pushing back forth a packet through deck until one remainsAlso published here 243
Unknown A Miracle Discovery hands off key card placement 246
Unknown Top Card Glimpse when looking at bottom card 246
Al Saal The New Torn Corner Card pieces placed in handkerchief transform in note with message, other card becomes restored card 248
Capt. J.E. Stone The Stabbed Card. New Version with darts on table 251
Unknown Card in Pocket. I performer finds spectator's card and vice versa 253
William H. McCaffrey Card in the Pocket. II Related to 255
Unknown Showing Trouser Pocket Empty 255
Paul Rosini Two Card Location two cards are caught on fingertips (friction toss) 256
Unknown Rub a Dub Vanish 256
Paul Rosini Saliva Sorcery. I peeked at card disappears and reappears reversed 258
Paul Rosini Saliva Sorcery. II card vanishes from packet and reappears in pocketVariations 260
Unknown The Magic Thrust. I spectator pushes card reversed next to selection behind back 261
Al Baker The Magic Thrust. II spectator pushes card reversed next to selection behind back 262
Theodore Annemann The Magic Thrust. III spectator pushes card reversed between two selections behind back 264
Theodore Annemann, Jean Hugard Relativity and Cards signed, one in pocket of performer, one in pocket by spectatorRelated to 265
Unknown Two Card Reverse 267
George G. Kaplan The "Impossible" Location cleverRelated to 269
Unknown "You Do as I Do" - A. The Sympathetic Cards stacked 270
Unknown B. A Second Example with a Prearranged Deck 272
Unknown C. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Part I 275
Unknown Wax Card 275
Unknown C. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Part 2 do as i do with thought of cards 277
Unknown D. Variation Without the Use of a Waxed Card 278
Unknown E. Domination of Thought three versions 279
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser F. The "J.N.H." Method 281
Rolland Hamblen Do As I Do 281
Unknown Prearrangement of Packs Eight Kings 283
George G. Kaplan The Five Card Problem two cards, stacked deck 283
George G. Kaplan A Brain Teaser card chosen behind back is divined, stacked deck 285
George G. Kaplan Modern Long Distance Mind Reading card put from one half into the other is located, clocking 286
Dr. Buell A Test Discovery one-way pointer cards 287
Unknown The Up-to-Date Prophet spectator names number, performer card at that position, stacked deck 289
Unknown "Tearing the Pack" Trick pack torn in half, card selected from both half, match and are previous selection 290
John Mulholland A Spirit Writes name of selection appears on another signed card 291
Al Baker The Migrating Cards odd backed, all at once in spectators' pockets 292
Jean Hugard "And the Spectator Blew" 293
William H. McCaffrey Color Changing Backs two decks with different colors, various selections change colors of backs and back 295
Frank Lane A Poker Deal 297
Unknown Turning the Deck 298
William H. McCaffrey Unique Bridge and Poker Deal shuffled deck, card called out as memory demonstration (stacking), then bridge and poker deal demo 298
Unknown The Perfect Poker Trick Tens through aces are removed and dealt out multiple times, performer wins 303
William Larsen The Four Ace Deal thumb riffle stacking 305
Unknown A Maneuver for Stud Poker buckling bottom card glimpse 306
Unknown A Si Stebbins System Wrinkle dealing Royal Flush from Si Stebbins 307
Unknown Two Card Monte with the Torn Corner Added 307
John Scarne A Card Mouthful Also published here 308
Unknown One Hand Quarter Fold brief 308
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Impromptu Method with Ordinary Cards "Lawrence Gray" 309
Unknown Placing Selection at Spelling Position spread or thumb count 310
T. Nelson Downs "The T. Nelson Downs Speller" three cards, stacked in three banks 311
Theodore Annemann Spell it Yourself duplicates 313
Commander Slayton Spelling a Card merely Thought Of: Commander Slayton's Method Variations 315
John Northern Hilliard J.N. Hilliard's Method thought-of speller, ten-card set-up 317
Charles T. Jordan Spelling a Number of Cards after a Genuine Shuffle: Charles T. Jordan's Method two riffle shuffles, named suit is sorted out and all values spelled to 319
Jean Hugard A Card Fairy Tale and Automatic Spelling two riffle shuffles, suits are separated and used to tell story, match values, spell to values, ...
a. The Fairy Tale
b. Matching Cards
c. Automatic Spelling
d. Super-Spelling
Unknown The "Perfect" Spelling Trick four banks of duplicates with thirteen cards 323
John Northern Hilliard A Suggested Routine of Spelling Tricks routine suggestion of tricks described in spelling chapter 323
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin With Unprepared Cards, Without Forcing card laid face down on table proves to be card mentally selected 325
Professor Hoffmann Table Edge Switch with Servante 326
Unknown Another Method card changes in any named card 326
Unknown A Palm Switch 326
Ralph W. Hull, Unknown The Three of Clubs card on table turns out to be any card named, different switchesRelated toVariations 327
Unknown Mexican Turnover 327
Arthur Leroy Breast Pocket Switch miscredited to Hal LeroyRelated to 328
Unknown Forcing the Mental Selection of a Card and Tricks Therewith by spreading, by rifflingRelated to 329
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin a. Effect thought-of card by one spectator is chosen by second spectator 330
Unknown b. Effect one to ten, thought-of card 331
Unknown Forcing the Mental Selection by Prearrangement two methods 333
Unknown Forcing a Corner-Shorted Court Card 333
Unknown Passing the Cards Before a Spectator 334
Unknown c. Effect stop trick with thought-of selection, two handlings 334
Unknown Forcing a Card by Springing the Cards forcing second card 335
Unknown Locating a Card After the Spectator's Cut 336
Unknown By Means of the Fan Spread a. Raising a Neat Fan
b. Raising a Ragged Fan
c. Spreading on the Table
d. Displaying a Reverse Fan
Variations 336
Unknown With Prearranged Pack - a. Memorized Deck card reversed in deck turns out to be any named card, ungaffed, stacked deck 339
Unknown Side Slip Reverse basically Future ReverseRelated to 339
Unknown b. With Two Packs stacked decks, card cut to and turned over by spectator matches performer's card 340
Unknown Short Overhand Shuffle of Stack 340
Unknown Psychological Forces - Red or Black red is more often named than black... 340
Unknown The Seventh Position 341
Unknown The Second (and Third) Card forcing a card in a tabled row of five 341
Unknown One from Five one from five memorized card is chosen and located by touchRelated to 342
Unknown The Third Card from a packet of ten cards 342
Dai Vernon Vernon's Psychological Force 343
Al Baker With Prepared Cards name of a red card is written on every black card in stacked deck 343
Ralph W. Hull By Elimination OOSOOM forerunner, using a psychological fishing without asking questions 344
Audley Walsh The Magician's Dream four banks of twelve cards, fishingRelated to 346
Dai Vernon With Unprepared Cards. A Method by Mr. Dai Vernon spectator selects card in other room, subtle crimp 347
U. F. Grant U-Do-It Ace Trick spectator loses aces in deck and deals out four hands to find them again, no-touch by magician (telephone trick?) 349
Sam Leo Horowitz The Four Aces double backer 351
Stewart James The Four Aces a bit convolutedVariationsAlso published here 355
William H. McCaffrey The Four Aces matrix layout 357
Jess Kelly The Four Aces 361
Dai Vernon Aces for Experts 363
Unknown The Short Card discussing Types of Short Cards, Cutting a Short Card 364
Theodore Annemann Annemann's Aces aces change to kings, reappear somewhere else and the queens show up as well, begins like a regular ace assemblyVariations 365
Unknown Method No. 1 cards freely chosen, no assistant, from glass 370
M. Laissus Method No. 2 cards freely chosen, no assistant, from glass 374
Unknown Method No. 3 cards freely chosen, no assistant, from glass 375
Unknown Method No. 4. The Book Houlette cards freely chosen, no assistant, from book 376
Unknown, Robert Heller Method No. 1. Packet of Duplicate Cards Concealed on the Table Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise, several variations and presentational ideas:
- With an Assistant and without
- By Fanning the Deck
- Pip Change
- Addressing the Queen
- Card Rises Reversed then Turns Around
- The Blank Card Gag
- The Broomstick Rise (by Robert Heller)
- With a Silk in the Glass
Unknown Method No. 2. Threaded Packet from Vest Pocket Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise, No Assistant 380
Unknown Method No. 3. With a Borrowed Pack Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise, No Assistant 381
Unknown Method No. 4. Card Rise Spontaneously from the Vest Pocket Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise, No Assistant 382
Unknown Method No. 5. Chosen Card Rises from Pack Held in the Hand Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise, No Assistant, hole through whole deck 382
Buatier de Kolta, Harry Stork Method No. 6. The All Rising Cards all cards jump out of class, card fountain, discussion of methods with details for some
- Buatier DeKolta
- Harry Stork
- third method
Unknown Method No. 7. The Swinging Rising Cards Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise, No Assistant, houlette is attached at string and swings back and forth 385
Unknown Method No. 8. The Joker Rising Card Trick ABC cards rise that spell out JOKER 386
Unknown Method No. 9. The Celebrity Rising Card Trick ABC cards rise that spell out a chosen celebrity 386
Professor Alberti Method No. 1. The "Alberti" Method Hair and Wax Pellet 387
Adrian Plate Method No. 2. Adrian Plate's Method Hair and Wax Pellet 388
Unknown Method No. 3. Card Rising from Hand to Hand Hair and Wax Pellet, card floats through air to other hand 389
Unknown Method No. 4. From a Glass Hair and Wax Pellet, card floats through air from glass to hand 390
Unknown Method No. 5. Tube and Thread Hair and Wax Pellet, tube with thread in it (weight on one end) is hidden in clothing 391
Unknown Method No. 6. The Wand and Rising Card Hair and Wax Pellet, hollow wand with thread in it (weight on one end) 391
Unknown Method No. 1. Card Rise from the Pack Held in the Left Hand 392
Unknown Method No. 2. The Little Finger Rise Related to 392
Sam Leo Horowitz Method No. 3. The Thumb Rise from fan 394
Unknown Method No. 4. A Comedy Rising Card not so deceptive, more a production 395
Unknown Method No. 5. The Fluted Glass hole in glass 396
Unknown Method No. 6. The Window Pack slit in whole deck 396
Unknown Method No. 7. Wand and Houlette ungaffed 396
Cardini Method No. 8. The Cardini Rise card jumps out of hat 397
Baffles Brush Method No. 9. Card Rising Through a Handkerchief ungaffed 397
Unknown Method No. 10. Card Rises from Card Case Tied to Performer's Hand 398
Jack McMillen Method No. 11. The "Plunger" Rising Cards with or without handkerchief, including an easier variation with wax 400
Unknown Special Cards one glued long card, handkerchief 402
Unknown With a Svengali Deck spectator pushed toothpick in side of deck and thus pushes out selection 403
Joseph Michael Hartz The Mechanical Pack brief description of solid deck with rubber wheels 403
Donald Holmes The Holmes Spindle little mechanism that's attached to rim of glass 404
Unknown The Card Case and Finger Tip case with slit, finger tip with needleRelated to 405
Unknown The Wand and Glass Houlette metall spring in wand that holds houlette 405
Unknown The "Lyre" Rising Cards trickling sand principle as mechanism, houlette 405
Unknown The Walking-Stick Rising Cards trickling sand principle as mechanism, houlette 406
Harlan Tarbell The "Sandu" Rising Cards trickling sand principle as mechanism, in glass on table 407
Val Evans The Tray and Houlette steel spring pushes up card 407
Henry Gordien The Gordien Rising Cards gramophone motor attached to table, thread 408
Unknown The Hand Houlette houlette and cards ungaffed, one gimmicked card 410
Howard Thurston The "Thurston" Rising Cards The Aerial Cards, floating across stage with named cards (assistant) 412
Unknown A Method for Parlor The Aerial Cards, floating card 413
Unknown A Second Method The Aerial Cards, floating card, no assistant 413
Unknown The Queen of the Air The Aerial Cards, card floating from one table to another 414
M. Guimard M. Guimard's Method fine wire loops at all cards 414
M. Ceillier M. Ceillier's Method card index 415
A.P. Neyhart The "Neyhart" Houlette fine mechanical solution 416
Robert Stull The Stull Rising Card Trick best for jumbo cards, electrical 423
Samuel C. Hooker Dr. Hooker's Impossiblities reprinted from "The Sphinx", description of performance 424
Dr. Jacob Daley The Card Windlass or Reel handling for the gaffed method (windlass or Thornton Reel), originally from "Art of Magic" 426
Burling Hull The Svengali Deck handling tips and getting into it from divided svengali deck 430
Unknown A Subtle Detection svengali deck, spectator finds his own card, ending clean 431
Unknown The Lady's Ring svengali deck, spectator finds his own card 432
Unknown The Spectator Makes a Prediction svengali deck, selection at any number by spectator 432
Al Baker A Prediction svengali deck, with half-deck clean-up switchAlso published here 433
Al Saal The Perfect Stop Trick svengali deck, cards put from one hat to another hat one by one until spectator stopsVariations 435
Unknown Another "Stop" Trick svengali deck 436
Unknown A Blindfold Detection svengali deck, spectator deals cards and performer calls stop while blindfolded 437
Burling Hull The Mene Tekel Deck construction and handling 438
Unknown Chosen Card Passed Into Vest Pocket menetekel deck 439
Unknown Three Chosen Cards Discovered from Shuffled Pack in a Hat menetekel deck 439
Glenn G. Gravatt A Curious Coincidence two selections from two decks are put in a glass and match, menetekel deck & normal deckRelated to 440
David Devant The Triangle twenty-six double facers 441
Paul Curry Infallible Prediction free selection is predicted written on other card, deck of double facers, double backer, "Touch"Variations 442
Unknown Two Card Monte Move double facer and backer 443
U. F. Grant A Pocket Change card in performer's and spectator's pocket change place, double facer 444
Sam Leo Horowitz The Princess Trick with three cards, double facersRelated to 445
Unknown Ivory and Air Cushion Finish halves from different decks with different finishes, divided deck locationRelated to 448
William H. McCaffrey Blindfold Multiple Detection blindfolded magician divines several cards, different finishes 449
Unknown Forcing Packs Three-Way Forcing Deck plus switch 450
Unknown Three-Way Svengali Forcing Deck 450
Dr. Ford Rogers Rogers' Ever Ready Forcing Pack short forcing cards glued on long indifferent cardsRelated toVariations 451
Charles A. Leedy Cards Plus Jugglery card travels from long-short glued forcing deck to pocket 452
Unknown Strippers - How to Reverse a Stripper Deck
- Half and Half Subtlety
- Bringing the Reversed Card to the Top
Unknown A Novel X-Ray Trick top six cards are named after shuffling, stripper deck 456
Unknown Another Method top six cards are named after shuffling and deck is cased again 457
Professor Hoffmann A Triple Discovery three selections are located twice, stripper deck 457
Unknown Two Good Wrinkles: Reversing the Deck turning a one-way deck 459