Written by Eddie Joseph
Work of Eddie Joseph
101 pages (Hardcover), published by Abbott's Magic
Illustrated with drawings by MEL
Language: English
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Eddie Joseph Introduction
Eddie Joseph Part One - Some Sl(e)ight Changes in Some Standard Sleights intro, on naturalness
Eddie Joseph Card Palming
Eddie Joseph Palming Cards on the Feet
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
Eddie Joseph How to Return Palmed Card into the Pack card transferred to other hand behind back while spectator is shuffling and replaced with other hand
Eddie Joseph Palming Cards at a Table one-handed as tabled deck is pushed forward
Eddie Joseph The Slip
Inspired by 11
Eddie Joseph Bottom Dealing left hand moves away at bottom deal, bottom cards slanted out
Eddie Joseph The Side Steal card not palmed, only held with tips of fourth finger and thumb
Eddie Joseph The Top Change left thumb does not push card off, back of right first finger does
Eddie Joseph To Turn a Card Over in the Pack during overhand shuffle
Part Two - Locations
Eddie Joseph A Queer Location performer's finger pushes out a bunch of cards from center and spectator remembers face card of bunch, apparently it is always the same card when done twice
Variations 14
Eddie Joseph A Double Location two-card version of previous location, with variations:
  • the two selections come next to each other
  • several men choose the same card, women also
Inspired by 15
Eddie Joseph The Jumping Location card cut to, remembered and replaced, deck hit on table and selection jumps out
Eddie Joseph The Riffle Location card hit through deck so it come out at inner end, located via short-card riffle then
Eddie Joseph The Palm Location
Eddie Joseph Replacement Steal top half replaced and bottom card of top half side palmed into right hand
Eddie Joseph Palm Take Switch card apparently take from deck in left hand, card from right palm taken instead
Eddie Joseph The Corner Riffling Location deck riffled and card replaced, gap seen
Eddie Joseph The "Nick" Location punch-like nick made in key card, deck in hand or on table with pointing motivation
Related to 16
Eddie Joseph Part Three - Tricks for All Occasions chapter intro
Eddie Joseph The E. J. Color Change with Cards color change sequence in which the face card is palmed one-handed before it is seen
Eddie Joseph Your Thought Read spectator cuts anywhere and remembers face card, which is divined
Eddie Joseph Another Card Discovery spectator counts off cards and stops, remembers card and replaces rest, either counting by ear or key card
Eddie Joseph Think of a Number three numbers counted to, cards predicted or divined, bluff count force (original top card)
Eddie Joseph Gesture Glimpse top card pushed off and back as hand gestures to spectator
Eddie Joseph A Test of Sobriety half card double facer to affect a transposition with apparently only two cards used
Eddie Joseph The Elimination Trick tantalizer type elimination in which the spectator has to eliminate the pile each time without his thought-of card, so no real effect, "The above should be worked rapidly and no time given to them to think."
Related to 21
Eddie Joseph Card Resurrection selection torn and card at named position noted, torn card restores into noted card and original restored selection is at named position
Eddie Joseph Thought Transference five card mental force, card to pocket out with four duplicates
Eddie Joseph Stop! Fire! several cards chosen, highest card noted, all cards written on billets and burned one by one, performer stops burning of highest card's billet and names it
Eddie Joseph High Card Force having only one high card in center of deck, spectator remembers highest card of bunch drawn from center
Related to 25
Eddie Joseph Sensitive Touch five cards on table, performer receives any card behind his back and names it, tiny paper shapes stuck to card
Eddie Joseph The Die Trick spectator rolls die and takes as many cards off the top, performer removes card with same value
Eddie Joseph A Quick Four-Ace Trick Aces "mixed" with twelve cards, four hands dealt, one gets the Aces
Eddie Joseph Gone Right Through top card of tabled deck lapped with handkerchief
Eddie Joseph Gone Beyond Recognition spectator peeks at a card with a knife, that card vanishes, reproduced from pocket
Eddie Joseph Wandaphone card chosen, another spectator choses a card of same suit and choses an amount of cards that matches the value
Eddie Joseph Simple Stabbing Force just taking cards above break
Eddie Joseph Your Age Will Find You Out spectator takes card at position of his age, card and age divined
Eddie Joseph One Out of Five card thought of, one of five, located with mediocre procedure and deck in pocket
Eddie Joseph What's in a Name spectator's name and prediction written on paper for three spectators, they spell to their names and find the predicted card
Eddie Joseph The Writing on the Arm named card appears on arm, index on arm
Eddie Joseph The Electrified Card selected card sticks out of deck after it is shaken, short card, dropping short card out of loosely held deck
Related to 33
Eddie Joseph The Tekka Card Trick four amounts of cards divined after lots of dealing and pile-making, Aces as key cards distributed in deck
Eddie Joseph Esta Kard Mystery three cards stopped at and tabled, they change into indifferent cards which are then sealed in envelopes, they transpose with the selections
Eddie Joseph End Grip Stop Force block taken when spectator says stop
Eddie Joseph Envelope Load and Switch card loaded into envelope from top of deck, card apparently put into envelope but left on top of deck
Eddie Joseph The Secret Out - Not Quite sucker trick in which you explain the key card but selection ends up next to another card
Eddie Joseph The Final Speller a few cards chosen, one of them though of, it is spelled to without adjustments
Eddie Joseph Quadruplication deck dealt into four piles, four cards chosen and moved to another pile, performer located them
Eddie Joseph The Hazelite Mystery card and position remembered, it is no longer at that position, located again with deck in pocket
Eddie Joseph The Cardiana Roll selection lost, deck hit and it splits at selection, using lead piece
Eddie Joseph The Hooded Hew deck with selection in handkerchief that is held like a bag, spectator stabs knife into deck through handkerchief next to selection, bent card
Eddie Joseph Sympathetic Bond three cards chosen from blue-backed deck, the duplicates of those cards from a red deck travel into the blue deck
Part Four
Eddie Joseph Daub Deception location tricks with daub
  • Preparation for the Daub
  • First Method of Daubing
  • Second Method of Daubing
  • Third Method of Daubing
  • Fourth Method of Daubing
  • Fifth Method of Daubing
  • Sixth Method of Daubing
  • Seventh Method of Daubing
  • Eighth Method of Daubing
  • Ninth Method of Daubing
  • Tenth Method of Daubing
  • Eleventh Method of Daubing
  • Twelfth Method of Daubing
  • Thirteenth Method of Daubing
  • Fourteenth Method of Daubing
  • Fifteenth Method of Daubing
  • Sixteenth Method of Daubing
  • Seventeenth Method of Daubing
  • Eighteenth Method of Daubing
  • Nineteenth Method of Daubing
  • Twentieth Method of Daubing
  • A Few Words of Advice
Eddie Joseph Part Five - Exquisite Experiments chapter intro
Eddie Joseph The Somersault spectator cuts off packet from tabled deck, remembers bottom card and replaces, deck hit off table edge into air, all cards land face-up except selection face-down near spectator
Related to 56
Eddie Joseph The Smacker different way to do "The Somersault" by hitting deck off spectator's hand
Related to 57
Eddie Joseph The Renegade deck tossed from hand to hand, selection jumps back into throwing hand on its own
Eddie Joseph The Prodigious Card card thought-of, deck spread on table, covered with handkerchief, spectator is told to lift handkerchief with one card, it is the selection
Eddie Joseph Psychological Riffle Peek Force in-jogged card affects slight pause at force card
Eddie Joseph The Sensational Card Restoration card torn in quarters and restored in spectator's hand except for one quarter which fits, then whole card restored
Eddie Joseph Torn Quarter Switch as fan with four quarters is handled
Eddie Joseph Hallucination selection lost, three cards against glasses, every one shown to be selection, then none, three duplicates
Eddie Joseph Handling Double Cards which are then leaned against glasses
Eddie Joseph Shirt Ditch double card shown, face card ditched in shirt with body turn
Eddie Joseph Card in Cigarette
Eddie Joseph The Pellet Test three numbered paper slips, three cards chosen and written on the slips, all mixed in hat, one chosen, performer divines card, ungaffed impression on deck
Eddie Joseph The Popinjay rubber banded deck tossed up and selection shoots out halfway, repeated with other selections
Eddie Joseph The Writing on the Wall card chosen and some personal information written on paper, card reverses and information divined, impression with daub
Eddie Joseph Fan Close Turnover
Eddie Joseph A Remarkable Coincidence two cards chosen from two decks match, repeat, two-way Mirage decks
Eddie Joseph Peculiar Passage two roughed red/blue menetekel decks, thought of or chosen card(s) transposes between red and blue decks, four methods
Eddie Joseph A Home-Made Cement for Card Work
Eddie Joseph Extra-Sensory Detection spectator thinks of a card with deck in his hands, risky
Eddie Joseph A Kute Kard Konception spectator cuts off pile, remembers card and replaces, card located after shuffle by appearing in performer's sleeve, two spectators hold both wrists of performer
Eddie Joseph The Raw Recruit card reverses repeatedly under strict conditions, duplicates
Eddie Joseph "A Letter from Satan" named card predicted in letter, index
Eddie Joseph Rapid Transit three cards selected, they travel into three envelopes (actually hanging behind), one duplicate
Eddie Joseph The Revolution rubber banded deck, card removed and put back, then it shoots out at right angle as in Impromptu Haunted Deck
Related to 83
Eddie Joseph The Mental Marvel silent code for medium with arrangement on stage of spectator, table, chair
Eddie Joseph Distant Thought Penetration silent code for medium to which is brought pad and pen
Eddie Joseph The Sticker large sticker attached to wrong card halfway, when card is pulled out of deck, it is now the signed selection
Eddie Joseph Two Old Horses in New Harness "Cards to Pocket", using rubber band around wrist to hold cards
Eddie Joseph Cards from Pocket to Pocket
Part Six
Eddie Joseph My Card System on memorized decks and memorizing a deck, see p. 99 for grid as help
  • My Table of Pictures for Memorizing Cards
Also published here 94
Eddie Joseph How to Prepare for a Series of Astounding Tricks Through "My System" knowing every card's position and vice versa in a memorized deck
Also published here 96
Eddie Joseph Formula to Find Out Where Any Particular Card Lies in the Pack knowing positions of cards after straight cuts
Also published here 97
Eddie Joseph The Card Fiend deck is cut and dealt out face-down in four rows of thirteen cards each, position of named cards are given, then spectator is directed to pick up cards, they are in new deck order
Also published here 100
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