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Written by Eddie Joseph
Work of Eddie Joseph
15 pages (Stapled), published by Abbott's Magic
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Language: English
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Eddie Joseph Introduction
Eddie Joseph The "Tobba" Mystery spectator removes some cards and remembers card at same position, deck cut, then performer counts basically whole deck before revealing card and number
Variations 2
Eddie Joseph Who Knows the Card? card chosen with counting procedure ends up and number named at beginning
Variations 3
Eddie Joseph Incredulously True two spectators remember a card and their positions, both found
Eddie Joseph Two Secret Thoughts two spectators remember a card and their positions, both found
Eddie Joseph Memory Phenomenal card and its position named as apparent memory demonstration
Variations 8
Eddie Joseph Over the Wire spelling of spectator's name to locate card
Eddie Joseph The Mystic Queen fair selection procedure, performer cuts deck a Queen, when this is spelled it leads to selection, five handlings (spelling different things, funny message on card)
Eddie Joseph A Tip for Using the Short Card how to locate it by riffling
Eddie Joseph One-Eye Joe Kings lost with cut and shuffle procedure and found again
Eddie Joseph The Expert Cuts performer cuts straight to selection, bottom card crimp à la gambler's peek
Eddie Joseph Can you see your Card? spectator peeks at a card, performer ribbon spreads the cards face-up and names selection, performed with one hand
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Eddie Joseph One-Handed Step Glimpse at break
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