Written by Eddie Joseph
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26 pages (Stapled), published by Abbott's Magic
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Percy Abbott Introduction
Eddie Joseph Cards in Confusion slop shuffle variations
  • Genuine Confusion (two methods)
  • Pseudo Confusion (two methods)
Eddie Joseph The Forerunner slop shuffle triumph to set a key card a certain position for later
Eddie Joseph Give Me Another Chance selection not found after slop shuffle, second selection made, then both found
Eddie Joseph Just Unbelievable two selections made, deck honestly shuffled face-up/face-down, dealt into two piles, selections at same position, spectators are supposed to throw cotton balls at each other when their cards show up
Eddie Joseph Confused Four Aces four Aces lost into deck during slop shuffle, deck dealt to separate face-up/face-down, Aces found (no Triumph part)
Eddie Joseph Everything Goes By Three shuffled deck, card chosen from one half put anywhere in spread of second half, slop shuffle, wrong card cut to, wrong card face-up in Triumph climax, selection spelled to
Eddie Joseph Triple Discovery three cards lost and revealed, slop shuffle triumph climax
Eddie Joseph Your Number card lost during slop shuffle, found at named number
Eddie Joseph Confusingly Simple false slop shuffle
Related to 15
Eddie Joseph The Personality Touch deck shuffled face-up/face-down, any face-down card chosen, it is divined
Eddie Joseph The Mystery of the Unknown Card deck shuffled face-up/face-down, any face-down card chosen and mixed with some face-up cards, it is divined by medium
Eddie Joseph The Magician and the Bridge Fiend deck shuffled face-up/face-down several time with slop shuffles, sorted behind back by performer, then bridge deal of one suit
Related to 17
Eddie Joseph Topping in Poker Too! follow-up poker deal from any prepared stack
Eddie Joseph A Discovery and Its Possibilities two cards face-up and face-down alternating after slop shuffle, principle of always cutting to either face-up or face-down card, sorting behind back and applications:
  • A Force
  • A Natural Trick (two-pile location)
  • The Two Cards (two spectators turn over cards in jumbled deck which are divined)
Eddie Joseph That's Your Card - Take It Away four cards chosen, lost, honest slop shuffle to mix cards face-up/face-down, performer cuts to cards
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