Written by José Carroll, Various
Work of José Carroll
287 pages (Hardcover), published by Páginas
Illustrated with drawings by Luis H. Trueba
Language: English
102 entries
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Laura Avilés Foreword
Juan Tamariz Farewell to Pepe Carroll
Also published here
  • La Dama Inquieta, May 2004
Amílkar Riega Bello Goodbye, Adopted Father about José Carroll
Also published here
  • La Dama Inquieta, May 2004
Camilo Vázquez Three Photos about José Carroll
The Madrid Magic School Circular
José Franco Experiences
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 49, 1979
José Franco The Mandrágora
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 55, 1979
José Franco FISM Brussels 1979
  • Blackstone Jr's Magic Show
  • Ricky Jay's Magic Show
  • Fred Kaps's Magic Show
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 56, 1979
José Franco Constructing Card Magic Routines
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 61, Jan. 1980
José Franco Mnemonicosis on José Carroll's own memorized stack
  • 1. Spelling
  • 2. Poker
  • 3. Poker - Gin Rummy
  • 4. Dai Vernon's Poker Formula
  • The Shift from a Stacked Deck to a Symmetrical Deck
  • 5. The Great Coincidence
  • Author's Note
Related toAlso published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 67, July 1980
José Antonio Sánchez The Great Coincidence one riffle shuffle, in the end twenty-six pairs are on table
José Franco The Presentation I
  • 1. Two Principles
    • Unity
    • Variety
  • 2. Classification
    • The Covering Action
    • The Presentation
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 71, Nov. 1980
José Franco Two Tiny Details about his surname "Franco" and his second surname "Larraz"
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 78, June 1981
José Franco The Presentation II
  • Theme Types
  • The Advantages of the Theme
  • Theme-Related Circumstances
Also published here 36
José Carroll Three Little Things about writing articles for the Circular
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 88, Apr. 1982
José Carroll Seven Travelers, Four Cities, One Magic about a US tour with Juan Antón, Antón López, Juan Tamariz and wife
  • New York
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 89, May 1982
José Carroll Seven Travelers II
  • Las Vegas
  • The Hotel
  • The Reception of the Congress Participants
  • The Opening Gala
  • The Contest
  • Siegfried and Roy's Show
  • Impromptu Magic (Roger Klause & Mike Skinner)
  • The Vernon-Slydini Talk
  • Close-up Galas (Michael Ammar, David Williamson)
  • The Final Gala
  • Magic in the Corridors
  • Compliments for the End
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 90, June 1982
José Carroll The Seven Travelers III Los Angeles & Magic Castle
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 91, July 1982
José Franco Leipzig's Stage Technique discussion of his act and effects
  • The Thimble Routine
  • Color Changes
  • Slap Aces
  • Card Locations
  • Stabbing Cards
  • The Twenty Card Trick
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 107, Nov. 1983
José Carroll Beauty and Ugliness presentation for two-card transposition
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 110, Feb. 1984
José Carroll One Gaze
José Carroll Colombia, or the Discovery of America
  • (1) The City of Bogotá or "Working Your Ass Off, Man"
  • (2) Cartagena or The Hard Life of an Artist
  • (3) Bogotá. The National Theater or The Incredible Success
  • (4) Juanito's Trip to Mexico or See You Soon!
  • (5) Call or The Budding Fifteen-Year-Old Girls
  • (6) Medellín or If Only It Had Been Friday!
  • (7) Videos or A Little Bit of Everything
    • The Magic of David Copperfield
    • Magic with the Stars
    • Doug Henning's Magic World
  • (8) San Andrés or A Few Boring Days
  • (9) The El Dorado Airport or The Sad Goodbye
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 119, Nov. 1984
José Franco An Opinion Piece
  • Entertainment
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 119, Nov. 1984
José Carroll About Verbal Presentation
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 125, May 1985
José Carroll The Five Senses examples on how the spectator's senses are provoked
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Hearing
  • Smell
Also published here
  • The MMS Circular, No. 132, Dec. 1985
Juan Tamariz Prologue to the First Edition of 52 Lovers
Also published here 68
José Carroll Conflicts
Also published here 70
José Carroll Impossible Color Changes introduction
Also published here 84
José Carroll The Card in the Glass No. A), card put in wine glass changes
  • Variation (unload on the deck)
Also published here 84
José Carroll The Card Wrapped in Cellophane No. B)
Also published here 88
José Carroll The Card Pierced by a Hatpin No. C)
Also published here 90
José Carroll The "Crystal Clear" Transposition
  • Impossible Transpositions A)
black card in glass, two cards in hand
Also published here 92
José Carroll A Transposition on the Verge of the Impossible
  • Impossible Transpositions B)
cards with one and two hatpins in it
Also published here 93
José Carroll Reflections four Aces change six times, Universal Card plot with Aces
Also published here 95
John Carney Versa Switch as addition and later as switch
Ditching from packet while sliding back pack on table
Arturo de Ascanio The Propellor turning double card between fingers
Also published here 103
José Carroll All Backs, or the Creation handling for beginning and end, tarot cards
Also published here 105
Pivot Toss eck tossed in other hand, top cards turn over, as transformation
José Carroll Card Pages deck of cards changes into notebook
Also published here 108
José Carroll The Economical Double Lift - and Something More D'Amico replacement
Also published here 112
José Carroll Variants handling for unloading and inserting card for ambitious card routine
  • The first one
  • The second move
Also published here 113
Dai Vernon Note One: "The Wave" Vernon push-off
Also published here 114
Fred Kaps Note Two first seen from Kaps, card flips over in air
Also published here 114
José Carroll Handlings with Help, or Handy Handlings double card handlings with open additional card
  • First: "The Assisted Snap"
  • Second: "Assisted Nail Twist"
Also published here 116
The Ambitious Card
José Carroll Torn Ambition ambitious card has a corner torn off, is torn and restored at the end (minus corner)
Also published here 122
Wesley James, José Carroll Coming Up in the World adaption of the move
Dai Vernon Paintprush Change
José Carroll The Cardculator ambitious card, card to number, stop trick, card folded to calculator
Also published here 130
Folding a Card into quarters under deck
José Carroll Triumph with Fans in the hands
Also published here 138
Reds and Blacks
José Carroll Red and Black full act, cards turn blank (pips fall off), red and black gloves change to white
Also published here 144
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight Switch
José Carroll Oil and Water in a Wine Glass vertical, 4&4, one color disappears as climax
Also published here 155
José Carroll Travelers through the Card Case signed Aces from cased deck to four pockets
  • Variations
    • The First Variation
    • The Second Version (The Lightning Version)
Also published here 166
Derek Dingle Card to Breast Pocket Load from deck
Lapelled Palm removing one of two cards from inner pocket while palming the other
Neal Elias Multiple Shift
Paul Rosini Outside Case Load
Norman Houghton Pocket Load here credited to Carlyle, trousers
José Carroll The Glass Wall cards through newpaper with transparent sheet
Also published here 179
José Carroll Blackbacked Card invisible through transparent sheet
José Carroll Thumb Palm Switch double, one card stolen
José Carroll Flying Aces gaffed
Also published here 188
José Carroll The Unwary Cheater, or the Nine-Card Monte ungaffed
Also published here 198
Fred Kaps Hamman Count Overhand Shuffle
S. W. Erdnase, José Carroll Erdnase Palm Handling here with small packet
José Carroll Suit Appearance suit produced, changed to other chosen suit
Also published here 206
Selfcutting Deck half the deck shoots in other hand, cuts at selection
Bill Simon, José Carroll Swivel Cut Production
Spin Flourish on top of deck, works with double
Gabriel Moreno Thumb Flip right thumb flips top card in air, works with double
Paul LePaul Faro Shake Out
Bruce Cervon Pivot Production two interlaced halves, card spins out
Friction Toss deck thrown, top and bottom card retained
Le Temps Switch
José Carroll Instructions signed card appears bound in spiral-bound booklet
Related toAlso published here 218
José Carroll Cannibals! elaborate routine involving fake mustache and teeth, half eaten cards...
Also published here 223
José Carroll Through the Looking Glass introduction
José Carroll Mir...ages
  • First Routine
reflection of chosen cards appears on four mirrors
Also published here 237
José Carroll Through the Looking-Glass
  • Second Routine
face of card is transferred into card shaped mirror leaving a blank card behind
Also published here 239
José Carroll Illusion, Reality, and Magic
  • Third Routine
mirror turns to glass, card appears in mirror
Also published here 240
José Carroll The Triple Tacker three selections nailed to board, when deck is thrown towards it
Also published here 242
Previously Unpublished Routines
José Carroll Poosha D'Poosha multi-phase routine
Inspired by
  • routine in "Hold-out Miracles" (Jack Miller)
José Carroll Preliminary Techniques
  • 1. The Loading of the Thumb Tip into the Left Hand
  • 2. The Insertion of the Handkerchief into the Thumb Tip
  • 3. The Stealing of the Loaded Thumb Tip from the Left Hand
  • 4. The Showing of the Hands
    • Before the vanish
    • After the vanish
  • 5. The Reappearance of the Handkerchief
  • 6. Color Change
José Carroll The FISM-winning Act: His Magic Touch! written by Luis Alberto Iglesias, FISM 1988 act, intro
José Carroll The hip-flask deck drink poured from deck
Related to
  • Magic up do Date, W.H.J. Shaw, 1896
José Carroll The Entradita packet of cards changed into dollar bills
José Carroll "Instructions" how the routine is incorporated into the FISM act
Related to 266
José Carroll Ambitious Aces
José Carroll Rollover Aces with color-changing back kicker
José Carroll Gaylord Ravenal - The Dice-Stacking Routine written by Luis Alberto Iglesias, story presentation, multi-phase routine
Alberto Inquieto Pepe Carroll's Humor about José Carroll's jokes and one-liners
  • Famous Catchphrases
  • Miscellaneous Jokes
  • Pick-up Lines
  • Audience-Teasers
  • Jokes about Hair Loss
Related to 286
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