Written by Michael Close

Work of Michael Close

52 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Chris Kenner, Homer Liwag.
Language: English

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Michael Close Introduction - Some Soul Searching
- A Sense of Conviction
- Paying the Price
- In the Auditorium of the Mind
- How to Learn from this Manuscript
Michael Close Rubik's Dollar Bill bill in folded playing card is penetrated with toothpickRelated to
  • Lou Gallo's "Rubik's Revenge" (Lou Gallo - The Underground Man, 1996) p.116-119
Michael Close The Theory of Penetration Effects 5
Michael Close The El Cheepo Magic Club signed business card to matchbox (folded) 14
Michael Close The Ring, Shoelace, and Straw Routine ring travels from hand to hand, penetrates string, string penetrates strawRelated to 20
Michael Close Dancers at the End of Time aces vanish from top of deck, trap kings, transposition with quartets, all change into jokersInspired by 29
Michael Close, Paul LePaul The Tuning Fork Inspired by 30
Michael Close Twenty-Six Cents Worth of Change transformation of pocket change 35
Unknown The Pinch and the Switch throw switch from tenkai pinch 35
Michael Close The Four Cent Bonus multiple coin transformation, using glued together coins 37
Derek Dingle Bounce Change using sleeve 39
Michael Close The MC Spread Double Lift hides back of bottom card throughoutRelated toVariations 40
Michael Close First Application of MC Spread Double Lift, as fake side steal to impress magicians 43
Michael Close Second Application MC Spread Double Lift from face-up deck 43
Michael Close As a Force and a Control MC Spread Double Lift application 44
Michael Close The Frog Prince card folded in origami frog transposes with selectionRelated toAlso published here 45
Juan Tamariz Double Crossing the Gaze Switch 48
Michael Close The Double Bar 52