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Written by Gabi Pareras
Work of Gabi Pareras
28 pages (E-book), published by GrupoKaps
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Language: Spanish
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Unknown Sobre estas notas
Gabi Pareras Sandwich Vallarino jokers placed on spread, spread is flipped over and jokers caught with right hand, selection is found sandwiched in between
Inspired by
  • Jean-Pierre Vallarino's "Jumping Sandwich" in "Genii", November 1993, p. 44
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Two Card-Catch
Gabi Pareras La Carta en el Estuche random card is placed inside card box, same card appears reversed in the deck and selection inside card case
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Gabi Pareras Sandwich al Número card from named number is found sandwiched between two jokers, then card is found at named number from the beginning
Gabi Pareras La Máquina del Tiempo time machine type effect, card placed in center transposes with card on top
Gabi Pareras Puro Tacto spectator thinks of a number and remembers card at position, performer cuts same number and finds card
Gabi Pareras Triple Adivinación deck cut in three piles, three card divination
Inspired by 20
Gabi Pareras Predicción Póker prediction of poker hand
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