Written by Dani DaOrtiz
Work of Various
1,139 pages (Paperback), published by GrupoKaps
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: Spanish
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Creators Title Comments & References Issue Year Page Categories
Ramón Riobóo Sorpresa, Sorpresa two decks, cards turned over and value counted, repeated until reversed card is found, when card are added up, same card is found at total in other deck
Vol. 8 No. 31 2016 1080
Amílkar Riega Bello Estudio Sobre la Técnica on technique
Vol. 8 No. 31 2016 1082
Raúl Jiménez Pinceladas de Históricas de Magia on magic history as inspiration for presentations
Vol. 8 No. 31 2016 1085
Miguel Gómez Nunca Seis seven card repeat, climax only selection remains
Vol. 8 No. 31 2016 1086
Roberto Mansilla Ases al Stop deck is shuffled and cards dealt, spectator stops performer and position is marked by a glass placed on top, next four cards are Aces
Vol. 8 No. 31 2016 1089
Rafael Benatar Sorpresa y Expectación on surprises
Vol. 8 No. 31 2016 1091
Dani DaOrtiz Editorial
Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1100
Miguel Ajo Cuadruple Preddición four card prediction, predictions appear on blank business cards, all other playing cards are blank
Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1101
Juan Luis Rubiales Sobre las Emociones essay on various the emotions
Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1108
Paco Agrado Tilt en Abanico fan control, to second position
Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1111
Javier Natera Asi Wind portrait of Asi Wind
  • El pintor
  • Si opinión
Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1115
Asi Wind El Suspenso del Oxigeno on suspense in presentation
Also published here Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1122
Asi Wind Transposición en Tres Fases biddle trick, thought-of card vanishes from packet and reappears reversed in deck
Also published here Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1123
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1123
Asi Wind Royo y Negor after one riffle shuffle, some cards are dealt and the colors divined by performer
Also published here Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1125
Miguel Ángel Gea Magia Automática y Manipulativa on magic with and without sleight of hand
  • Técnica
  • Cobertura
  • Comunicación
  • El gesto mágico
  • Puzzle o magia
  • La persona
  • Creación de ambiente
  • Visualidad versus intelectualidad
  • Admiración
  • Esfuerzo mental
  • Intercambio ingenio y manipulación
  • Lo bueno de cada estilo
Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1127
Miguel "MagoMigue" Puga, Pit Hartling Sandwich del Vago named card is found with sandwich cards in a deck, then in a second deck that hasn't been touched, invented independently by Pit Hartling
Related to Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1131
Juan Manuel Marcos Predicción para hoy cards total ten although one by one is removed, four cards as prediction used
Inspired by Vol. 8 No. 32 2016 1133
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