Written by Harry Lorayne
Work of Harry Lorayne
227 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Robert E. Lorayne
Language: English
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Harry Lorayne Foreword includes best-of of "Best of Bill-fooled" and "The Himber Hundred Dollar Book"
Harry Lorayne Handling the Himber Wallet how to flip it and other things
Harry Lorayne Any Bill Vanish one of two bills placed in Himber wallet disappears, also with cards (SBS)
Harry Lorayne Instant Money bill and paper checks change in Himber wallet, multiple phases
Harry Lorayne Bill-Fooled Bet prediction and card placed in Himber Wallet for switch
Harry Lorayne Money Talks two $1 and one $5 bills put in envelopes that are mixed, performer divines which is which and the serial number of one bill, switch with Himber Wallet
Harry Lorayne Any Number card at any number between one and twenty counted to, predicted, four-way out in Himber Wallet
Harry Lorayne Check It Out blank check gets filled out by itself, then changes into bill, both in a Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne Five Star Miracle spectator selects apparently any card, it's predicted, four outs in Himber Wallet, gaffed and ungaffed deck to force one of the four cards
Straddle Faro brief
Philip T. Goldstein Chainsaw spectator cuts cards and counts down according to cut-to value, that card predicted, four-way out in Himber Wallet
Harry Lorayne Interlude Richard Himber story
Harry Lorayne I'll Tell Your Fortune spectator choses a question from a list, the answer is predicted in Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne Maybe Twice five cards on table, one chosen, it's predicted (most of the time in Himber Wallet)
Doug Edwards Cut And Restored Ribbon cut in Himber Wallet
Harry Lorayne Which Is Where? observation test with Himber wallet, card put in pocket and in wallet, multiple phases
Doug Edwards Emergency Wallet making an impromptu Himber wallet out of credit card application paperwork
Harry Lorayne ESPecially for Bill-Fooled prediction of ESP card in Himber wallet
Albert Spackman, Al Koran DoublESP multi-phase prediction with Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne Interlude Richard Himber story
Scott Wells Second Impression photocopy of palm shown, card vanishes and travels into photocopy (Himber Wallet) and on this the card appeared as well
Inspired by 71
Harry Lorayne Choice And Chance two-card prediction with Himber wallet
Related to 76
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Stephen Minch School of Eventuality sealed prediction in wallet, two cards that match two selections, first card is stopped at and second selected by throwing a die, Himber wallet
Also published here 82
Harry Lorayne Do As I Do two cards chosen from two decks by performer and spectator are put in Himber wallet and then shown to match
Larry Becker Imagination invisible coin, prediction of heads or tails in Himber wallet
Also published here 89
Doug Edwards Angle Fold putting a folded bill in center compartment of Himber wallet for both sides
Philip T. Goldstein Currency Exchange five envelopes in wallet, one contains money, with prediction
Also published here 96
Harry Lorayne Oh, So Simple Currency Exchange
Inspired by 99
Harry Lorayne Interlude story about Richard Himber
Larry Becker, Harry Lorayne Mind Probe spectator thinks of a digit on a bill, it is predicted in wallet
Inspired byRelated to 105
Harry Lorayne Stud Poker Prediction outcome predicted
Harry Lorayne My Word! word made from alphabet cards is predicted in Himber wallet
Related to 111
Harry Lorayne Your Word! word made from alphabet cards is predicted in Himber wallet
Related to 115
Gary Lee Williams Bill Divin(Ation)
George Laing The HW Book Test multiple out prediction in Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne Six-Way Out with Himber Wallet
Lewis Jones, Harry Lorayne Isn't That Amazing!? card composed from suit of one and value of another card is predicted in Himber wallet
Inspired by 129
Harry Lorayne Interlude story about Richard Himber
Harry Lorayne Simple And Silly, But Okay Daley's Last Trick with Himber wallet, two extra Aces
Harry Lorayne Think Of A Number psychological force of number with multiple out prediction in Himber wallet, different odd digits or even digits
Wesley James Count-Revertable Aces Aces removed from deck, one travels to Himber wallet, repeat, then there are five Aces and one is put in wallet, repeat, red Aces remain, transpose with black Aces in wallet
Also published here 143
George Laing Special Object object predicted in Himber wallet, counting from left or right
Variations 149
Harry Lorayne Not-So-Special Object object predicted in Himber wallet
Inspired by 152
Harry Lorayne Better Than A Clipboard using Himber wallet to get information from spectator
Harry Lorayne Interlude story about comedian Fred Allen
Harry Lorayne Wide And Free card and coin predicted in Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne To A Startling End card predicted in Himber wallet, using Reverse Faro Ending
Richard Himber Polaroid Money bills change in Himber wallet
VariationsAlso published here 169
Harry Lorayne Lucky Seven one of seven cards thought of and placed in pocket by performer, rest in wallet
Harry Lorayne Signed, Torn, Restored with Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne For A Really Free Choice having eight or twelve outs in Himber wallet
Philip T. Goldstein Luciforce blue backed card put in Himber wallet, card chosen from red deck turns out to be same blue-backed card
Inspired by 189
Harry Lorayne Interlude story about Richard Himber
Harry Lorayne Poker Thing
Harry Lorayne Slitsville loading card into Himber wallet from underneath
Sam Schwartz Wild Jokers signed card transposes with joker in wallet
Harry Lorayne Basic Signed Card to Wallet Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne Entre Nous card travels between sandwich cards in Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne Flip To Clip card placed in Himber wallet, two paper clips are vanished, they reappear in wallet clipped to card, envelope variation
Harry Lorayne Clips Trip two cards put in Himber wallet, one with paper clips on it, they transpose
Harry Lorayne Sum Prediction And Book Test using Himber wallet
Harry Lorayne Last Word
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