Written by Nick Trost
Work of Nick Trost
274 pages (Hardcover), published by H&R Magic Books
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
131 entries
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Peter Duffie Foreword
Nick Trost Introduction to Volume 2
12 - More Coincidences
Nick Trost Quadruplication top cards of four packets match prediction after Poker Player's Picnic type dealing procedure
Inspired by
  • "The Dragon Prediction" (Jerry Lucas, Championship Card Tricks, Harry Lorayne, 1973)
Nick Trost Temple Patton's Coincidence
Inspired by 301
Nick Trost Suit-Ability pairs of matching suit in sixteen-card packet after mixing/switching procedure
Inspired by
  • "Noah's Lark" (Roy Walton, The Linking Ring, June 1986)
Nick Trost Al Thatcher's "Quadruple Match-Up" spectator counts to total of cut-off packet to find mate of prediction card, other two cards of same value found as well
Inspired by
  • "Quadruple Match-Up" (Al Thatcher, Precursor #VIII, June 1985)
Nick Trost Four of a Kind card selected, cross-cut force done with three thirds to find other cards of same value
Cut-Deeper Force
Criss-Cross Force
Nick Trost Four of a Kind - Another Version spectator selects a card from eight cards, then another one, they match, then other two cards of same value are found
Inspired by 308
Nick Trost Another Phone Number Trick eventually the spectator's phone number shows up
Inspired by
  • "Right - and Right Again!" (Jerry Lucas, Championship Card Tricks, 1973)
Nick Trost The Nines I coincidences with number nine, all Nines show up
Inspired by
  • "WAD Perfected" (Steve Pressley, Endless Possibilities, 1991)
Nick Trost The Nines II Nines are located by spectator with various count and cut forces
Inspired by 313
Nick Trost Coincidental Cut spectator cuts off packet, then selects card in rest, card on either side add up to number of cut-off pile
Inspired by
  • "How Many Card Did You Cut?" (Henry Bosworth, Linking Ring, Dec. 1970)
Nick Trost A Coincidence Combination two thirteen-card packets, power of thought, then all pairs match
Inspired by 316
Paul Curry Swindle Switch
Nick Trost A "Staggered" Routine two cards removed from two halves, when both halves are turned up in unison, the mates of those cards show up at the same time, three more phases until all pairs match
Inspired by 318
Nick Trost 13 - Hotel Mysteries credit information
Nick Trost The First Hotel Mystery Diaconis plot, two Queens on table, two Kings put on each, then two Queens are in one pile and all four Kings in other
Nick Trost The Second Hotel Mystery two Queens on table, two Kings put on each, then two Queens are in one pile and all four Kings in other
Inspired by 327
Nick Trost The Third Hotel Mystery two Queens on table, two Kings put on each, then two Queens are in one pile and all four Kings in other
Nick Trost The Fourth Hotel Mystery two Queens on table, two Kings put on each, then two Queens are in one pile and all four Kings in other
Nick Trost The Fifth Hotel Mystery two Queens on table, two Kings put on each, then two Queens are in one pile and all four Kings in other
Inspired by 332
14 - Divinations
Nick Trost Trost on "Scarne's $1,000 Card Trick" deck shuffled face-up/face-down, performer cuts and bets how many more cards are face up in one group than the other, repeat
Inspired by
  • "Scarne's $1,000 Card Trick" (John Scarne's Newsletter, Jan. 1976)
Nick Trost Weighing the Colors reds and blacks separated, spectator takes seven from top of both piles in any combination, then from face of both piles again, performer weighs correctly number of reds and blacks in each
Also published here 338
Nick Trost Rouge et Noire Divination performer matches red/black order of ten cards by spectator
Also published here
  • New Tops, Oct. 1994
Nick Trost Dr. Rhine, Outdone! red/black color matching and guessing
  • Phase One - Matching Test
  • Phase Two - Spectator's Test
  • Phase Three - Telepathy Test
Related to 342
Nick Trost Mental Fingertips spectator cuts off pile and pockets it, then pockets a card as well, performer finds two cards in his pocket that match the number of cut-off pile, then mate
Also published here
  • marketed in 1964
Nick Trost Red and Black Routine routine with ten red and black cards
  • CATO type routine
  • "Double Separation" (Wiersbe)
  • "Unmatch" (Fulves)
  • "Color Scheme" (Oscar Weigle)
Inspired by 347
Nick Trost A Divination Routine divination of number, color and suit in cut-of packet
  • Phase One - As Many As You
  • Phase Two - Color Sense
  • Phase Three - Suit Discernment
Inspired by
  • "As Many As You" (Walter B. Gibson, Magic Explained, 1949)
Nick Trost A Coincidence and Divination Routine two halves, spectator turn over a card in one half, when both are dealt in unison the reversed card finds its match, cards riffled together, performer can separate colors and suit under table
Inspired by 354
15 - The Four Aces
Nick Trost Lucky Aces performer and spectator each have half the deck and cut to two Aces via flip flop force
Brother John Hamman Flip-Flop Force
Nick Trost Quick Ace Opener deck made into four packets, Aces found
Also published here
  • New Tops, June 1966
Nick Trost Topsy-Turvy Aces
Also published here 363
Nick Trost The Magnetic Aces spectator and performer each deal through half the deck in pairs and stop, that card eventually locates two Aces on either side
  • Another Version
Inspired by 364
Nick Trost The Magic Thrust Repeated to locate the Aces
  • A Variation
Inspired by 366
Nick Trost Double Detection Doubled spectator cuts and faces deck below table twice to locate the Aces
Inspired by 369
Nick Trost Roll-Over Aces only Aces reversed, dealing procedure with sixteen cards
  • Roll-Over Poker (with Royal Flush ending)
Inspired byVariations 370
Nick Trost Another Roll-Over Aces with grid folding
Inspired by 372
Nick Trost A Poker Player's Puzzler Aces are cut to with counting procedure, royal flush appears as well
Inspired by 374
Nick Trost Shuffle Tracking the Aces Aces lost, then found with counting procedure and dice, deck separated in suits
Inspired by 376
Terry LaGerould Countdown Force backwards and forwards count combined
Nick Trost, Shigeo Futagawa The Trost Four-Ace Routine
  • Phase One - The Transposed Aces
  • Phase Two - Japanese Aces (2&2, Futagawa)
  • Phase Three - Flapjack Aces
Also published here 378
Nick Trost Chapter 16 - More Gambling Tricks
Nick Trost Improved Jack-Jack-Jack credit information
Also published here 384
Nick Trost Four Jacks Deal and Elevator Finish
Nick Trost Three Jacks and a Full House
Inspired by 387
Nick Trost A Stacking Demonstration three phase routine
Inspired by 389
Nick Trost The Perfect Bridge Hand - Revisited preliminary deal used to stack Spades, re-deal, group shuffle before first deal
  • Hearts Deal
  • Fan Tan Deal
Inspired by 392
Nick Trost Gilbreath Plays Bridge all Spades dealt in second dealing round
Nick Trost Brag and Poker Deal dealing winning hand in Brag followed by poker deal
Nick Trost Blackjack, Gin and Poker I
  • Phase One - Blackjack
  • Phase Two - Gin
  • Phase Three - Poker
Nick Trost Blackjack, Gin and Poker II
  • Phase One - Gin Rummy
  • Phase Two - Blackjack
  • Phase Three - Five-Handed Poker
  • Phase Four - Four-Handed Poker
Chapter 17 - Poker Deals
Nick Trost Deal and Duck Poker
Inspired by
  • "Four Queens" (Bill Simon, Mathematical Magic, 1964)
Related to
Nick Trost Double Power Poker two phases
Inspired byAlso published here 405
Nick Trost Twenty-Card Poker I four poker hands are made from twenty-card packet with unusual procedure, Müller/Avis Dealing Procedure
Inspired by
  • "Everyone In Poker" (Paul Green, Nothing Up My (Green) Sleeves!, 1997)
Related to
Reinhard Müller, Jack Avis Müller/Avis Dealing Procedure top four cards presented, chosen one dealt, rest placed underneath, repeated
Related to 407
Nick Trost Twenty-Card Poker II four poker hands are made from twenty-card packet with unusual procedure, Müller/Avis Dealing Procedure
Related to 409
Nick Trost Repeat Twenty-Card Poker four poker hands are made from twenty-card packet with unusual procedure, Müller/Avis Dealing Procedure
Related to 412
Nick Trost Flushed with Success Müller/Avis Dealing Procedure to get a flush
Nick Trost Exchange Poker spectator can switch cards around between hands
  • Phase One - Four of a Kind
  • Phase Two - Royal Flush
Inspired byRelated to 415
Nick Trost Exchange Poker - My Original Version spectator can switch cards around between hands
Variations 419
Nick Trost Five-Card Stud Exchange spectator can switch cards around between hands
Related to 422
Nick Trost Seven-Card Stud Exchange spectator can switch cards around between hands
Related to 425
Nick Trost Full-Deck Ten Card Poker
  • Another Handling
Variations 428
Nick Trost Poker and Bridge Routine
  • Phase One - Poker
  • Phase Two - Bridge
  • Alternate Handling - Poker Phase
Inspired by 432
Chapter 18 - More Predictions
Nick Trost Choice and Chance - A Double Prediction prediction of two selections
Also published here
  • New Tops, July 1982
Nick Trost Double Whammy Prediction prediction of two selections
Also published here
  • New Tops, Jan. 1992
Remo Inzani An Unusual Card Force top and bottom card milked off one by one and put to bottom
Nick Trost Gilbreath Value/Suit Prediction card predicted with two cards (suit and value)
Nick Trost Trost on Hamman's Value/Color Prediction two cards predicted with suit/value cards
Inspired by
  • unpublished Brother John Hamman routine
Related to
Nick Trost The Eleven Routine nine tabled pairs, spectator drops prediction on one of them, only that pair adds up to predicted number eleven, two more phases
Inspired byRelated to 445
Nick Trost Miraskill with the Equalizer Shuffle two phases
Inspired by
  • "Simple Miraskill" (Bob Longe, The Magical Math Book, 1998)
Nick Trost Miraskill and Psychic Ability face-up/face-down Miraskill, two phases
Related to 451
Nick Trost Psychic Ability with Gilbreath
Nick Trost Lineup and Psychic Ability
Inspired by
  • Lineup (Nick Trost, 1997)
  • "Pre-Deck-Ability" version (Aldo Colombini, marketed 1996)
Nick Trost Triple Climax Clock Trick only red card is chosen and predicted one
Chapter 19 - More Transpositions
Nick Trost The Sub-Trunk Mystery sandwiched card transposes with another card, happens in deck
Inspired by 465
Nick Trost The Jacks Come Back Again 2&2, oil water with four Jacks, transformation into Aces
Inspired by 467
Nick Trost The Ambitious Jacks Jacks and indifferent cards are alternated on top of the deck, Jacks come to top, repeat, then small packet handling
Nick Trost The Mystery of the Penthouse
Inspired by 473
Tom Hubbard Tom Hubbard's "Kings and Commoners"
Inspired by 475
Nick Trost A Triple Transposition with three fours-of-a-kind
  • More Elaborate Version
Inspired by
  • "Triple Cross" (Jerry K. Hartman, Trickery Treats, 1999)
Nick Trost The Out of Place Aces Aces lost in deck, spectator names any Ace, performer does twisting with four cards, Kings turn over one by one but fourth one is named Ace, suit matches missing King
Inspired by 481
Nick Trost The Slippery Aces four Aces vanish from between red Jacks, appear between black Jacks in middle of the pack
Inspired by 482
Chapter 20 - Pinochle Puzzlers
Nick Trost Triple Wedding Ceremony marriage routine with eight Kings and eight Queens, uses Pinochle deck
Nick Trost Pinochle Marriages Routine I eight Kings and eight Queens, uses Pinochle deck
  • Phase One - Odd Couples
  • Phase Two - Regular Couples
  • Phase Three - Cupid Takes Over
Inspired by 486
Nick Trost Pinochle Marriages Routine II eight Kings and eight Queens, uses Pinochle deck
Nick Trost Pinochle Marriages Routine III eight Kings and eight Queens, uses Pinochle deck
Related to 494
Nick Trost Pinochle Pentaquin selection matches coincidence when two piles are turned up in unison, uses Pinochle deck
Inspired by 498
Nick Trost Pinochle Deal uses Pinochle deck
Nick Trost Gilbreath Plays Pinochle uses Pinochle deck
Nick Trost Exchange Pinochle spectators can switch cards around, uses Pinochle deck
Inspired by 502
Nick Trost Pinochle Poker Deal uses Pinochle deck
Nick Trost ESP + Pinochle cards are shuffled and distributed, performer knows who has a pair in his cards, uses Pinochle deck
Inspired by 506
Chapter 21 - Packet Tricks - Part 2
Nick Trost Fool's Mate small packet McCombical Prediction
Also published here
  • marketed in 1974
Olram Subtelty similar to Green Mirror Count
Nick Trost Mississippi Poker five phases
Also published here 512
Nick Trost Card Cloning two Joker and a Five of Hearts, three more Fives of Heart appear, then Joker also become two more Fives
Inspired by 518
Nick Trost Twisting 1-2-3-4 front and backs change
Nick Trost Razzle-Dazzle five back changes
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • marketed in 1981
Flushtration Count
Al Thatcher Al Thatcher's Presentation of "Razzle-Dazzle"
Inspired by 526
Nick Trost 4-Gone Conclusion four Kings and four prediction cards with letters, King chosen, it is written on each prediction card, then King travels to prediction packet which now spells GONE
Nick Trost 4 Flush! wild card routine with six cards, blank
Also published here
  • marketed 1970
Nick Trost Ace in the Hole poker hand changes, half face/back cards
Related to
  • "Jack Pot" (marketed by Harry Stanley in 1955)
VariationsAlso published here
  • marketed 1974
Al Thatcher Al Thatcher's Routine poker hand changes
Inspired by 539
Nick Trost Horsin' Around cards with parts of pictures, pin-up girl and horse gag
Inspired by
  • advertisement for "Horse Play" (Supreme Magic Company, 1971)
Chapter 22 - ESP Cards - Part 2
Nick Trost Triple Match by Design
Nick Trost ESP Jumbo Split packets cut off and counted, card at that number remembered, at the end a coincidence happens, credit information
Inspired by 550
Nick Trost Face-to-Face Coincidence three face-to-face pairs made with help of spectator, they match
Inspired by
  • "Carter's Fooler" (Peter Duffie, Hidden Agenda 2, 1994)
Also published here
  • Precursor #LXV, Sep. 1988
Nick Trost A Matter of Design after some dealing, the top cards of four piles match a prediction
Nick Trost A Five-Symbol Mystery five cards chosen from ESP deck match
Nick Trost Trost on Hen Fetsch's "Symbologic"
Nick Trost ESP Paradox of Pairs
Related to
  • "The Lonely Pair" (Bob Longe, Easy Card Tricks, 1995)
Nick Trost ESP Swindle matching with Swindle Switch
Nick Trost Symbol Sense divination routine, cyclic stack
Nick Trost Triple ESP Divination
Inspired byRelated to 563
Nick Trost The Ultimate Cidentaquin using swindle switch
Inspired by 566
Nick Trost ESP Double Thought with ESP cards
Inspired by 569
Nick Trost Triple Synchronicity two ESP decks, three cards exchanged, they turn out to be three pairs
Inspired by 570
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