35 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Jamie Masterson
Language: English
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Jamie Masterson Acknowledgements
Jack Carpenter Introduction
Jamie Masterson Preface
Jamie Masterson Section One - The Core Routine the basic "Shadow & Shake" routine
Jack Carpenter Getting into the Core Routine featuring add-on to packet
Jack Carpenter Phase One - Above and Below Instant Change red Aces on top and black Aces underneath, they instantly transpose
Jack Carpenter Phase Two - Double Visual Change two black Aces face up, red Aces face down, black ones change visually one by one into red Aces
Jack Carpenter, Edward Victor Visual Change No. 1 - The Sweep Change injogged card changes visually
Inspired byVariations 6
Jack Carpenter, Baltazar Fuentes Visual Change No. 2 - The Shake Change face card of left-hand packet changes while waving packet in right-hand end grip above it
Variations 7
Jack Carpenter Phase Three - Slow Motion Under Hand Transpo extra card, Aces transpose one by one
Related to 10
Jamie Masterson Section Two - Advanced Handling Options
Unknown Options in Phase One
Jamie Masterson Instant Change in Fingertip Display red Aces on top and black Aces underneath, they instantly transpose
Unknown Options in Pase Two
Jamie Masterson The Open Wave Action technical variation
Inspired by 14
Jamie Masterson Shake Change Adjustment technical variation
Inspired by 15
Jamie Masterson Drop & Shake technical variation
Inspired by 16
Unknown Options in Phase Three
Jamie Masterson Alternate Pip Mis-Show a Three as an Ace
  • Fingertip Option
  • Simulated Shake Sell
Jamie Masterson The Original Snap Mis-Show a Three as an Ace
Unknown Section Three - Optional Endings
Jamie Masterson Optional Ending 1 - Spectator Turnover Aces
Jamie Masterson Square-Up Turnover secret flop with packet
Jamie Masterson Optional Ending 2 - The Signed Card Climax as finale after Daley type routine
Related to 24
Jamie Masterson Hamman Switch Variation for Signed Card routine
Related to 25
Jamie Masterson Final Thoughts
Jamie Masterson Section Four - Visual Changes for the Last Ace
Jamie Masterson The Perpendicular Pip Show Change one of two cards changes
Jamie Masterson Full Frontal Shake Change one of two cards changes
Jamie Masterson References
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