Written by Peter Kane, Oscar Weigle
Work of Peter Kane
151 pages (Hardcover), published by Magico Magazine
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman, Mitchell Dyszel, Al Mann
Language: English
48 entries
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Bob Ostin Introduction
Peter Kane Mister-ee Five by Five one suit added to a deck to make a 65-card deck, selection matches coincidence when two piles are turned up in unison, faro, constant stack
Inspired byVariations 7
Peter Kane A Glass Balloon and Card Sequence balloon sits on mouth of glass, deck balanced on top, balloon is popped and deck drops onto glass, selection found folded in glass
Peter Kane The Eightsome Reel selection spelled to, but wrong suit shows up, repeated three more times until finally selection shows up face-up
Inspired by
  • "Double Spell" (Wilford Jonson, But Not to Play, p. 55)
, Peter Kane An Ancient Coin Con Game stack of coins sits on table, betting on orientation of bottom coin
  • With Cards (deck shuffled face-up/face-down, betting on orientation of bottom card)
Peter Kane Any Four Different Coins Across international, one extra coin
Peter Kane A Glass and Coin Sequence coaster placed on glass, coin penetrates coaster into glass
Inspired by
  • Jack Griggs's marketed effect with gimmicked coaster
Peter Kane A Coin, Glass and Handkerchief Sequence glass wrapped tightly in handkerchief, coin penetrates and is heard in glass
Peter Kane A Glass and Card Sequence card appears folded in glass
Also published here
  • An Audio Card Session with Peter Kane, Magicassette, Martin Breese
Peter Kane The Dustbin Box at the end of Okito box routine, a lot of various items are dumped out of it, close-up production
Peter Kane A Coin Penetration shot glass held on deck of cards with larger glass over it, copentro with that set-up that is held in the hands
Peter Kane The "Sleeper" Routine copper coin in one hand, three silver coins in the other, silver coins join copper one by one, last silver transposes with copper
Peter Kane The Elongated Lady
Variations 40
Peter Kane My Complicated Trick spectator remembers small number and card at that position in one half, then position of that card after a shuffle, both halves faroed together and sum of both numbers counted down to, that card predicted
Peter Kane Cards as Calculators
Peter Kane A Very Attractive Lady ungaffed, eight black spot cards and a Queen, spot cards change to Kings and Jacks
Inspired by
  • "Watch the Ace!" (Peter Kane, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 19 No. 8)
Peter Kane The Thumb Switch drag switch
Inspired by 56
Peter Kane Passing the Alternation two packets with each four red-backed and blue-backed cards, one packet separated and one alternated, that state transposes
Peter Kane Four-As-Four Concealing Two Count end grip
Peter Kane The Four Flusher poker hand with four Spades and a Heart, changes into four Hearts and a Spade
Peter Kane The Three Silver and Three Copper Transposition one by one, shell
Inspired by
  • Paul Rylander, The Sphinx, Vol. 49 No. 11, 1950
Peter Kane Son of Tetradism mates of selected card are at the same position in three packets
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 71
Peter Kane The Expanding Deck playtime deck in case, changes to poker-sized case
Also published here
  • lecture notes "A Real Live Card Session with Peter Kane"
Peter Kane The Growing Deck small deck stretched to regular size
Peter Kane The Red/Black Blues after a riffle shuffle the deck is separated in packets, red/black distribution predicted
Inspired by 77
Peter Kane The "Kabbala" Aces four Aces signed and lost, reproduced and last Ace from wallet
Peter Kane Glide Variation with break and wrist turn
Peter Kane The Toss Switch coin dumped from shot glass onto table, changes visually
Peter Kane The Magic Eight number and card at that position remembered, ein eight-spot is seen face up and used to find selection
Peter Kane A Triple Coincidence three red-backed prediction cards match three cards chosen from blue deck
Peter Kane Alignment Move Variation
Peter Kane Second Place
Peter Kane V.C.C.P. duplicated
Peter Kane On a Shoestring Chinese coin penetrates Okito Box onto string
Also published here
  • Northern Lights magazine
Peter Kane The Piggy Bank Robbery or, How to Alienate a Small Child coin travels from piggy bank into glass
Peter Kane With an E.S.P. Deck
  • 1. assembly à la Card Puzzle
  • 2. esp divination
Peter Kane The Swindle Slice two pieces of paper are inserted in deck by spectator, section between them removed, number and a cards predicted, when counted down in that section the card lies there
Peter Kane Another Ring Off with fake ends
Peter Kane How to Make a Divided Card two-ended picture card
Peter Kane The Gossips
Peter Kane Rooms and Travellers eight cards are paired with Ace through Seven despite being one card too many, story presentation
Peter Kane The Nudest Nudist Deck with card case transformation kicker
  • Printing the Card Case
Peter Kane Chameleon Quartet Ace through Four of Clubs tabled, then Ace through Four of Spades found, Spades change into Clubs and Clubs into Queens
Related to 136
Peter Kane Just Four Aces additional Three as Ace
Peter Kane Spider Vanish with Card
Peter Kane The Fan Transfer card transferred from one hand to under small fan in other hand
Peter Kane The Court Jesters four blue-backed Jokers change to red-backed Jokers, red/blue double backer
Bert Allerton Two Card Monte Turnover
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