Written by Peter Kane
Work of Peter Kane
19 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Peter Kane The Magic Square Ace through Nine taken from deck, magic square build on table, then all backs have changed
Peter Kane Fiver! selection to pocket, then changes into bill, pocket card
Also published here 5
Peter Kane The Pincushion Lady marked card partially covered with business card and impaled with pen, shown unharmed
Peter Kane The Amazing Floating Lady Queen floats above deck, two methods (impromptu and gaffed)
Peter Kane Finga-Flinga card wrapped around second finger, card removed with finger which is then missing, finger put back
Peter Kane The Double Dropper two coins penetrate a card into a glass, sucker shell gag
Peter Kane Kane's Index rubber-banded deck with cards perpendicular every five cards, memorized deck
Inspired by
  • Ned Rutledge item in Hugard's Magic Monthly
Peter Kane Kane's Patent Card Finda special odd-backed card made from two hinged cards in deck, selection is found inside it, faro
Inspired by 14
Peter Kane Almost Triumphant incomplete face-up/face-down shuffle, halves stripped apart, selection is sticking out and seen to be five inches long when pulled out
Also published here 15
Peter Kane The Amex Aces 2&2 mini oil and water routine with Aces, then one Ace changes into a bill and the other in a credit card
Peter Kane Full Circle done with full deck
Inspired by
  • "Watch the Ace!" (Peter Kane, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 19 No. 8, Apr. 1962)
Bert Allerton The Allerton Turnover Move
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