Written by Jim Steinmeyer
Work of Jim Steinmeyer
34 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
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Language: English
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Jim Steinmeyer One Exceptional Card card selected from five-card packet, found after some counting procedure
Jim Steinmeyer, Walter B. Gibson Two-Way Switch two cards remembered with their positions in twenty-card packet, they eventually are found at opposite positions
Inspired by 4
Jim Steinmeyer Three Wishes spectator finds performer's card after some counting and down-under deal
Inspired by
  • Scarne's Miracle Card Finder
Jim Steinmeyer The "I Forgot of Something"
Jim Steinmeyer Blunt Force mixing process that only apparently mixes cards, ten cards end up in phone number order
Jim Steinmeyer Excessive Force fourteen cards are apparently mixed according to spectator's wishes, but end up in order
Jim Steinmeyer The Nine Card Enchantment top and bottom cards change places after spelling three words
Jim Steinmeyer Thurston's Coin two rows of coins or other objects, some are removed, final number divined by performer
Jim Steinmeyer A Pretend Magic Show verbal force of "elephant" with longer story
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Jim Steinmeyer The Instructions What Make it Work printed instruction sheet shown to three spectators who each think of a word which is eventually divined
Jim Steinmeyer The Poem What Reads Your Mind printed poem shown to three spectators who each think of a word which is eventually divined
Also published here 27
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