Written by Jim Steinmeyer
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40 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
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Jim Steinmeyer Introduction
Jim Steinmeyer Close Quarters performed over phone, four coins on table, spectator turns coins over and eliminates coins, final outcome and orientation divined
Jim Steinmeyer Crime Doesn't Pay three spectators on other end of phone, instruction game with bunch of coins, performer know which spectator has which coins
Related to
  • adapted from a (not named by JS...) trick from "The Book of Secrets" (Walter Gibson, 1927)
Jim Steinmeyer Welcome Change three piles of coin, some mixing, then number of coins in a pile is known by performer without looking
Inspired by 10
Jim Steinmeyer Zeitgeist three piles of cards, some mixing, then number of cards in a pile is known by performer without looking
Inspired by 12
Jim Steinmeyer Subversive Math
Jim Steinmeyer Tour de Force forcing one of ten cards, mathematical
Jim Steinmeyer The Lie That Tells the Truth
Inspired by 18
Jim Steinmeyer Red-Scarlet spectator has four red and four black cards, with some spelling and counting he eventually arrives at alternating cards, can be done over phone
Jim Steinmeyer French Dressing 3&3, no-touch oil & water
Jim Steinmeyer Four Your Next Trick performer doesn't touch the cards, spectator locates performer's thought-of card
Jim Steinmeyer Hoodwinked no-touch version
Inspired by
  • trick (unnamed by JS) in "Magic with Cards" (Garcia & Schindler)
Jim Steinmeyer The Deck That Knows deck on four strips of paper, Age Cards to find out thought-of card
Inspired by
  • trick (not named by JS) from "The Book of Secrets" (Walter Gibson, 1927)
Jim Steinmeyer Virtual Applause cards with word "Applause" chosen (with spelling) from four different cards
Jim Steinmeyer The Enigma Process Age Cards with lists of words
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