Spanish edition published 2010
Written by Ramón Riobóo
Work of Ramón Riobóo
356 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
70 entries
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Vicente Canuto Foreword
Ramón Riobóo Introduction
Ramón Riobóo The Good-Old Crimp Handling on corner crimp
Ramón Riobóo My Spelling System Spelling to any card in the deck when it is at position 12
Related to 5
Gene Finnell The Gene Finnell Free-Cut Principle
The Injog Cut Control Simple control to second from bottom
Ramón Riobóo My Bottom Palm
Ramón Riobóo The Optical Cutting Deception three-packet tabled cut, actually only a single cut
Also published here 20
Ramón Riobóo Strategy for Ascertaining One Card of Three How to reveal card when you know it is one of three cards
Related to 22
Ramón Riobóo Dribble and Packet Replacement Replacing cards into a dribble as a subtlety / card placement
Ramón Riobóo My Packet-Turnover Shuffle Mixing a face-up / face-down deck while keeping the face-up cards still face-up, slop shuffle style
Related toVariations 25
Ramón Riobóo A Dribble Variation
Inspired by 28
Ramón Riobóo My System for Showing Blue and Red Backs Handling to show red deck with blue cover card as a blue deck, and vice versa, used for The Red and the Blue by Alex Elmsley
Related to 28
Ramón Riobóo Cut, Shuffle and Restore To restore order of a packet either by counting and/or shuffling, concept to similar to a more complex Hunter Shuffle
  • 1. Counting to Alter and Restore Order
  • 2. Shuffle, Cut and Restore
  • 3. Count, Shuffle and Restore
Ramón Riobóo Reflecting On Our Magic
  • 1. Invisible Conditions
  • 2. Special Conditions
  • 3. Common Visible and Invisible Conditions
Ramón Riobóo An Adjusted Prediction Single card prediction, deal down sum of many numbers plus an adjustment card
Ramón Riobóo Klondike Poker Card location effect, card selected from poker hands, interesting placement principle, card is finally produced from pocket.
Ramón Riobóo Impossible Dribble Add number of cards from two freely dribbled packets, card at that number is mate of the prediction
Ramón Riobóo Shy or Showoff Many spectators, each spectator takes four cards, CATO Principle (Baby Hummer)
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Baby Hummer" (Nick Trost)
Ramón Riobóo Nuclear Weapons Deck mixed face up and face down, the cards can be separated into two halves, with same number of face down cards in each
Ramón Riobóo The Twenty-first and Whatever Card stopped on, value is counted down to find selection, shuffled deck, multiple outs
Related to 75
Ramón Riobóo Signed Card from Packet to Packet Signed card from red packet travels to black packet
Ramón Riobóo The Whispering Card Spell to card after card is selected via thought-of number
Related to 91
Ramón Riobóo Heart and Fortune Two spectators each think of a card, magician divines both
Inspired by
  • "The Mystery of Cabala" (Ramon Rioboo, Thinking the Impossible)
Ramón Riobóo Saint Rita and the Zodiac Spelling trick with twelve card packet, related to zodiac signs, spell to selection
Ramón Riobóo Cards That Manifest Themselves Self working Triumph, based on parity principle, cards mixed face up and down restore, leaving only the selected cards reversed
Related to 105
Harry Lorayne Non-Faro Faro Faro substitute
Also published here 106
Ramón Riobóo Fair Value Magician can name card at position in the deck determine by the sum of four random cards
Ramón Riobóo 21st Century 21 Card Trick 21 card trick variation, pseudo
Related to 117
Ramón Riobóo More Piles and Total Freedom 21 card trick variation, pseudo
Related to 121
Ramón Riobóo Free Cut, Spell and Reinhard magician finds three freely chosen cards by divination, spelling and with sandwich
Variations 125
Harvey Rosenthal, Reinhard Müller Three-Card Catch
Ramón Riobóo Magician, Method and Effect
  • The Importance of the Effect
  • The Importance of the Magician
  • Magic That is Too Perfect
Ramón Riobóo The Prophecy of the Absent Magician Based on Miraskill, prediction of competition between two spectators
Inspired by 139
Ramón Riobóo Controlling Chaos Cards mixed face up and down, magician can divine how many cards are face down, and can name every card that is face down
Related to 147
Ramón Riobóo Mysterious Divination Challenge card location, card chosen from many poker hands
Related to 153
Ramón Riobóo Same Number for Three The Three Hours, three spectators think of card at chosen number, magician divines
Also published here 157
Ramón Riobóo Grand Telepathy for Five Magician divines cards taken by spectators, stacked deck
Inspired by
  • "Telepathy to Order" (Ramon Rioboo, Thinking the Impossible, p. 213)
Ramón Riobóo Double Allerton magician predicts card stopped on
Inspired by 167
Ramón Riobóo Divination through Another's Touch Card selected and lost in deck. Deck held under table by spectator, spectator places cards on table one by one until magician correctly stops on selection
Ramón Riobóo A Magic Card and a Magic Number Card found using magic card and magic number
Ramón Riobóo Divine and Locate Divine one selection placed in pocket, locate another selection at its position in deck
Ramón Riobóo The Bad-Luck Card Spectator selects the only unpaired card in a packet of paired mates
Inspired by 185
Ramón Riobóo A Taste for the Ladies Locate four Queens after dealing cards into four piles based on audience personal data
Ramón Riobóo Magic and Knowledge
Ramón Riobóo The Underground Stop Using Vernon Transfer to force card
Related to 203
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer
Ramón Riobóo The Riobóo Lapping Techhnique
Related to 208
Ramón Riobóo Back-Color Transposition Back colors of two cards change places
Related to 215
Ramón Riobóo Impossible Prediction (One in Fifty-two) Free selection matches the prediction card placed in card case, with different back design
Related to 221
Ramón Riobóo The Black-Hole Principle When card is removed from a particular stack, you know about the characteristics of other cards at certain positions
VariationsAlso published here 227
Ramón Riobóo I Always Miss, So I Never Miss You divine selection by taking cards out of deck behind the back that always have the opposite characteristic to the selection
Inspired by 231
Ramón Riobóo Mr. Galasso and the Black Hole Divine card using "detective card", another deck has detective card next to selection
Inspired by 239
Ramón Riobóo Touch and Telepathy Magician divines card held behind spectator's back, also able to touch and sense identity of cards
Inspired by 247
Ramón Riobóo The Principle of Inverted Compensation Sum of cards is used to find card with same value as another card
Variations 251
Ramón Riobóo The Roulette Deck Audience finds mate of selection
Inspired by 253
Ramón Riobóo Swindle Deal for Three Magician divines three cards thought of at positions determined by selected numbers
Related to 261
Ramón Riobóo A Dissertation About This System (For Fanatics Only)
Related to 265
Ramón Riobóo Difficult, Improbable and Impossible
Ramón Riobóo The Stapled Card, without Jokers Signed selection appears stapled to a random card
Inspired by
  • "My Stapled Card" (Ramon Rioboo, Thinking the Impossible)
Ramón Riobóo Two Cards and Two Envelopes Cards placed in envelopes with predictions inside, they are shown to be mates
Ramón Riobóo Black Widows Black Queens each placed into one half of the deck, one Queen travels to the other packet to end up sandwiching selection
Related to 297
Ramón Riobóo Red and Blue Widows Same as Black Widows but with two decks
Related to 301
Ramón Riobóo Prophecy, Value and Suit Suits and values slowly eliminated by dealing through the deck, magician predicts outcome
Ramón Riobóo A Quick Trip Selection travels from red deck to blue deck
Ramón Riobóo Seen, Noticed, Suspected
Ramón Riobóo Double Magic Trip Selection travels from blue deck to red deck, then repeated by making selection (which is now signed) jump back
Ramón Riobóo Out of Touch Two cards touched in two different decks match, many different versions taught

  • 1. Double Facers
  • 2. Waxy
  • 3. No Wax, with prep
  • 4. Impromptu / Impromptu Double Backer
  • 5. Memorized Deck
Inspired by 335
Ramón Riobóo Premonition and Divination Divine a card, predict another card
Ramón Riobóo Guaranteed Premonition Prediction from blue deck matches selection from red deck, teaches version with regular deck
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