Written by Ken De Courcy
Work of Ken De Courcy
24 pages (Paperback), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings by Ken De Courcy
Language: English
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Ken De Courcy Introduction
Ken De Courcy "Age Does Not Weary Them" Deal number of cards equal to spectator's age, then deal into four piles, top four cards are Aces
Ken De Courcy Bottoms Up Magician splits deck into four piles, four Aces found on bottom of each pile
Ken De Courcy Two-Handed Catch Two-card catch, produces four Aces
Milton Kort Kort Aces Each spectator given packet of five cards, after following instructions, one reversed card in each packet, they are Aces, Vernon's Variant type of trick
Related to 7
Ken De Courcy Delayed Action Spectator produces Aces from their own pocket, Aces were loaded previously in context of a trick
Ken De Courcy Visible Changing Aces Change card at the face of the deck into Aces, one at a time
The Normal Color Change Clip card from back of the deck in thumb crotch, deposit on face of the deck
Ken De Courcy, Dropped Aces Drop deck, Ace turns face up. Do it four times, basically air-pressure turnover
Ken De Courcy Observant Aces Four cards change into four Aces, as a surprise climax to an observation test
Ken De Courcy Gliding Aces Fail to find selection four times. Eventually find selection, the four wrong cards become Aces
Ken De Courcy Blind Aces Blindfold peek to locate Aces marked on their backs
Ken De Courcy, Roy Baker P-A-T-E-O Aces Uses PATEO force to force packet of Aces on spectator
Ken De Courcy Any Which Way Slop shuffle triumph, deck is shown to fix themselves, red-black separation, except for four reversed Aces, cards are separated during slop shuffle
Ken De Courcy Slop-Shuffle Separation Separating deck into red-black while slop shuffling
Ken De Courcy Penetrating Aces Aces pass through handkerchief while deck is wrapped
Ken De Courcy Devil's Aces Shuffled deck dropped into Devil's Handkerchief, magician pulls out Aces
Related to 19
Ken De Courcy Changed Aces Deck dropped into Change Bag, magician pulls out Aces
Related to 20
Ken De Courcy Glass Aces Deck placed in glass, Aces rise out of deck, uses mirror glass
Ken De Courcy Down Under Down Under deal four times to produce four Aces
Related to 22
Ken De Courcy Australian Poker Down under deal five times to give spectator a poker hand, but you win with Straight Flush
Related to 23
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