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Ryan Schlutz Introduction
Ryan Schlutz RNG "Random Number Generator"
small card with numbers on both sides in a grid is torn, pieces tossed and the numbers showing are added, card at that position predicted
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Ryan Schlutz Business as Usual business card with writing in a grid is torn into eight pieces, spectator makes decisions until two four-piece piles are made, can be controlled by performer à la ten card poker deal
  • Caleb Wiles' approach
  • David Regal, John Guastaferro, Caleb Wiles and my approach
Inspired byAlso published here 14
Ryan Schlutz Intuition Test card suit, card value, number and coin toss written on business card, torn up in sixteen pieces, number counted to from both ends of stack, it leads to pieces with card suit and value which the spectator also cut to, with variations without cards
Inspired by 23
Ryan Schlutz Driver's Instinct card with three parking spots, car and parking sign torn into five pieces, parking spot selected, it's predicted on back of the piece
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