Written by Terri Rogers
Work of Terri Rogers
80 pages (Hardcover), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland
Language: English
26 entries
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Terri Rogers Introduction
Terri Rogers Sum Sum sum prediction with several number chips that are put in a 4x4 grid stand
Also published here 3
Terri Rogers Rope Disaster of 1984 routine in which rope is magically cut, then becomes longer, scissors appear knotted on it, it restores
Also published here 8
Terri Rogers Always in the Middle Monte Plus type
Also published here 15
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus
Terri Rogers Ring in Egg Timer ring inside hourglass
Also published here 20
Terri Rogers The Echo Count quick three way display
Also published here 23
Terri Rogers Mouse-Fish-Teers animal designs on cards
Also published here 26
Terri Rogers Hummerous Phoney Telepathy over phone
Inspired byAlso published here 30
Terri Rogers The Spirit Moves divination with Ouija Board and dry erase writing on it
Also published here 34
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Terri Rogers, Mel Stover Off Key Magic key off chain
Also published here 40
Terri Rogers Jiggery Pokery cards turn face up, cards change into card-sized poker chips, story presentation
Also published here 46
Terri Rogers False Witness sculpture made from two rings on table, two spectators describe it very differently
Also published here 50
Terri Rogers Kidnapped two signed cards placed between Jacks vanish, reappear under case
Inspired byAlso published here 56
Terri Rogers Grab Gamble coins in bowl, spectator reaches in and takes a handful of coins and pockets them in three-phase procedure, number of remaining coins divined
Also published here 61
Terri Rogers Squaring apparatus, disc with round hole in it visibly changes into square with square hole
Also published here 64
Terri Rogers Multable cardboard box changes into table
Also published here 69
Terri Rogers Try This collection of ideas
Also published here 74
Terri Rogers Carrier Pigeon origami fold as prediction, actual prediction written on paper
Also published here 74
Terri Rogers Trapped gag with ropes that apparently penetrate body
Also published here 74
Terri Rogers Master Mind
Also published here 75
Terri Rogers The Cut, Restored and Expanding Handkerchief
Also published here 75
Terri Rogers Single Handed Top Crimp top card crimp with one hand
Also published here 76
Terri Rogers Currency Cuts
Inspired byAlso published here 78
Terri Rogers In Closing
Also published here 79
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