Written by Chris Rawlins
Work of Chris Rawlins
36 pages (E-book), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Chris Rawlins Introduction
Chris Rawlins One Card Poker spectator shuffles, then takes top cards, as does performer, both are Aces, other Aces found on top and reversed in center
  • Ad Card Secrets
  • Reverse Approach
Variations 5
Chris Rawlins Spectator's Stock Shuffle spectator's Ose cut with shuffling of packets
Chris Rawlins Ose Cut Subtlety four packets
Inspired by 15
Chris Rawlins Add On to top of deck with wallet
Chris Rawlins A Change in Focus intro to further variations
Chris Rawlins Variant One cards at end of "One Card Poker" make up current date
Inspired by 20
Chris Rawlins Variante Two cards at end of "One Card Poker" make up spectator's pin or part of credit card number
Inspired by 22
Chris Rawlins Variant Three four chosen cards distributed in spectator's pockets and on table, video prediction reveals all four cards, four marked cards
Inspired by 25
Chris Rawlins Variante Four four chosen cards predicted
Inspired by 28
Chris Rawlins Variant Five after some shuffling of alphabet cards, the spectator's name is revealed
Inspired by 29
Chris Rawlins Things to Think About further ideas
Chris Rawlins In Conclusion
Chris Rawlins Credits
Chris Rawlins Bonus
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