Written by Mike Maxwell

Work of Larry Jennings

204 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(98 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Stephen Minch Foreword ix
Mike Maxwell Introduction xi
Larry Jennings Larry's Favorite performer cuts off named of number of cards, last card is selection, based on "Blackstone's Favorite" (probably reference)Related to 1
Unknown Packet Bridge 1
Larry Jennings Australian Poker ten cards, down under deal 5
Larry Jennings Double Revelation performer cuts to four Kings in four piles, they change to aces via Jennings RevelationRelated to 8
James G. Thompson Jr. Bottom Slip Cut in the handsRelated to 8
Larry Jennings Open Card Change card in spectators hand changes into selection 11
Larry Jennings Gambler's Cop management to cop off the bottom card of a double 11
Larry Jennings Long Distance Sandwich sandwiched card from beginning becomes later selection 14
Larry Jennings Secret Reverse one of five cards is reversed while they are displayed ala Biddle, with or without deck 17
Larry Jennings Royal Reverse Kings placed in deck, turn over at onceRelated to 23
Dai Vernon Packet Flip-Over 23
Larry Jennings Vanish an Reappearance of a Card visual 25
Unknown Face Up Tent Vanish 26
Larry Jennings The Daley Jennings (Dilly of a Daley) two methods, in one one color changes to kings 28
Unknown Small Packet Double Deal Turnover 28
Larry Jennings Birds of a Feather fair looking 2-card location with key cards 30
Larry Jennings Placement Cut cut that places top card next to selection, alternative to slip cut, in the hands 30
Larry Jennings First Impressions using turnover change, see page 168 for alternative for switch 33
Paul Curry Curry Turnover Change 34
Larry Jennings The Little Princess four aces, thought of ace is placed in pocketRelated to 38
Larry Jennings Lapel Steal card apparently placed in inside pocket is stolen back to deck 40
Dai Vernon Loewy Palm Cover instantly produced from inside pocketRelated to 42
Larry Jennings Princess in Waiting thought of card of five cards is placed in pocket 45
Larry Jennings Three as Four Count one by one on table 49
Larry Jennings Twisted in the Middle last ace vanishes and reappears in deckInspired by 54
Brother John Hamman, Daryl Martinez Two as Four Count 55
Larry Jennings One Simple Twist Related to 59
Larry Jennings One Thought Behind two cards, one-ahead 60
Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings Vernon Transfer from Center 60
Dai Vernon, John Henry Anderson Creeping Reverse 63
Larry Jennings Red Rover Aces 66
Larry Jennings T.N.T. Switch Take and Turn, used to switch a card from packet to packet 67
Larry Jennings Static Switch used here with small packet in left hand 70
Larry Jennings Slap Aces combo of Cavorting Aces, Leipzig's Opener, Slap AcesInspired by 73
Larry Jennings Mechanical Palm 75
Larry Jennings Gathering Add-On 78
Larry Jennings, Ellis Stanyon The Top Card Cover Pass 79
Larry Jennings Lost and Found three indifferent cards onto selected ace, other aces lost in deck 82
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition wedge break 82
Edward Marlo The Shuffle Palm original top cards 85
Larry Jennings Scoop Up Addition from Gambler's Cop as deck is scooped up 87
Larry Jennings Tip on Gambler's Cop for better angles 88
Larry Jennings Lost and Found Again three indifferent cards onto selected ace, other aces lost in deck 89
Larry Jennings Undercut Aces first Aces are cut into different places, then reversed together at center 91
Larry Jennings Erdnase Break Clip Reverse as deck is turned overRelated to 91
Larry Jennings The Jennings Double Undercut 93
Larry Jennings Larrollover Aces 96
Larry Jennings, Francis Carlyle Carlyle Turnover with Deck as secret deck turnover 96
Larry Jennings Cut Reverse I 98
Larry Jennings Spectator Cuts the Aces #1111 two methods 102
Unknown Gambler's Hold Out Position rest position with classic palmed cards 102
Larry Jennings Dribble Replacement 103
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 106
Larry Jennings Spectator Cuts the Aces Again 109
Larry Jennings Subliminal Aces three indifferent cards onto selected ace, other aces lost in deck 111
Larry Jennings Slow-Motion Larry 112
Larry Jennings L.J. Laydown 112
Larry Jennings Pressure Break Related to 112
Stuart Gordon Gordon Double Lift 114
Larry Jennings L.J. Pop-Up Palm also called "Snap Palm", for small packet 118
Larry Jennings Cloudburst Aces all aces vanish from T-formation and reappear in deck 122
Dr. Jacob Daley Alternative Ending - Daley's Vanish vanish of an ace from a packet 127
Larry Jennings Covers for the One-Handed Bottom Palm two covers, with description of technique itselfRelated to 129
Larry Jennings Immediate Bottom Placement 129
Larry Jennings One-Way Deck Techniques white border, two handlings for a small packet location routine 134
Larry Jennings Jennings False Cut straight cut to the table 137
Larry Jennings The Cream Always Rises Aces are lost, spectator touches four cards - the AcesRelated to 140
Unknown Pick-Up Transfer 140
Larry Jennings Stud Bottom Deal 143
Larry Jennings, Carmen D'Amico, Edward Marlo Snap Second Deal Applications featuring an alternative to the thumb count method (see page 151) and the following variants:
- The Snap Second Deal
- The Snap Stud Second Deal
- The Snap Second Turnover
- Seconds, Thirds, Fourths, Etc.
Larry Jennings The Snap Double Lift 148
Larry Jennings The Face Up Snap Double Lift 155
Larry Jennings Slow-Motion Card to Pocket gambler's cop 156
Larry Jennings Gambler's Cop Display management for cop, showing apparently empty hand 156
Larry Jennings Bottom Placement Kelly/Ovette alternative, also directly into left cop or right palm position 159
Larry Jennings Placement Trap 162
Larry Jennings Jennings Bottom Slip Cut transposes top and bottom card 163
Larry Jennings Multiple Trap 163
Larry Jennings The Tactile Change T.N.T type change, top change alternative, see third method of "Wrist Stroke Changes"Related to 165
Larry Jennings Double Shake-Out two peeked at cards (incomplete faro condition) slide out when deck is shaken 169
Larry Jennings Peppermint Twist color changing back climaxRelated to 172
Edward Marlo ATFUS 172
Henry Christ, Larry Jennings The Christ Twist 173
Larry Jennings A Logical Conclusion four Sevens and four Threes change to Ace through Eight of heartsRelated toVariations 177
Larry Jennings Rhythm Count 177
Larry Jennings Here and There three cards shown as Queen of Hearts, then Ace of Hearts, then four Aces 179
Edward G. Brown E.G. Brown Display Related to 179
Larry Jennings The Changeling four deuces change to other four of a kind multiple times when one card is exchangedVariations 181
Larry Jennings A Routine for the Mullica Wallet 183
Larry Jennings Structured card torn, appears restored in envelope in wallet, featuring the Jennings Wallet 188
Larry Jennings Hofzinser's Business Card Problem selection visible changes place with borrowed business card in Mullica Wallet 192
Edward Marlo, Larry Jennings BoTop Change Transformation to change card into business card 194
Larry Jennings Hofzinser Sans Wallet business card in pocket changes place with selection 196
Larry Jennings You Can Always Count on Your Wallet card placed in wallet is mate of stopped at card 197
Larry Jennings Copper to Silver Times Two two copper, one in each hand, travel to one hand, change to silver 200
Larry Jennings Pop-Up Method 203